How many times have you visited the Indian Museum? Every year tons of people come to Kolkata to explore the Indian Museum.

The Indian Museum is our pride and glory. Being one of the oldest museums in Asia, the Indian Museum is a prime tourist attraction. 

You’ll get every masterpiece there. From history to painting, from evolution to lifestyle, and more. 

In a word, the Indian Museum is an all-time favorite tourist destination. The Indian Museum is one of the heritages in India.

Today in this travelogue, I will disclose my entire journey and experience to explore our pride and glory, the Indian Museum. 

Before starting my travelogue, I have a question. 

Which museum is your favorite? Comment your answer below. 

How to Reach the Indian Museum

When planning to explore the Indian Museum, you must know how to reach the Indian Museum. 

First, you must know its location and nearest landmark. 

The official address is 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Fire Brigade Head Quarter, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016. 

The nearest landmark is Park Street Metro Station (Gate number 1). 

You’ll get many ways to reach the Indian Museum. Here are the best ways you can avail. 

Use Howrah Green Line Metro (New Attraction)

Howerah Green Line Metro is an attraction because it runs under the Ganga. It is around 30 meters under the Ganga River. 

For that, you have to reach Howrah Railway Station. Then go towards platform number 14 and you’ll see the Metro. 

You have to reach the underground station for ticketing and boarding the train. 

Right now the train is up to Esplanade station, then you have to board the Blue Line metro to reach Park Street. 

It takes around 15 minutes to reach from Howrah Station to Park Street. If you are from Howrah or near, this is probably the best route to reach. 

Other Route

The Indian Museum is near Park Street and Park Street is a very popular place. You’ll reach there from anywhere. If you come from Sealdah, you’ll get the bus, and cabs to reach Park Street. 

Even if you come outside Kolkata, or by Flight, you have to reach Dumdum Airport (Netaji Subhash Airport), then you can easily reach the Indian Museum by hiring a cab or via Dumdum to Park Street metro.  

In a word, you can reach the Indian Museum from anywhere in Kolkata and even the world. 

Timing of the Indian Museum

The time to explore the Indian Museum is from 10 am to 6 pm. You can enter anytime between that. 

The best part is, you can stay the whole day from 10-6. I suggest you reach as early as possible because if you want to explore the whole museum, it would take 3-4 hours. 

Monday is weekly closed. 

Apart from Monday, the Museum is closed on some occasions such as:

  • Republic Day – 26th January
  • Independence Day – 15th August
  • Gandhi Birthday – 2nd October
  • Dusshera or Vijaya Dashami
  • Diwali
  • Holi Festival
  • Id Ul Fitr
  • And some local issues like elections. 

Plan accordingly. 

Entry Fee

The entry fee is versatile for all. If you are an Indian adult, the entry fee will be INR 75. If you are a foreigner, the entry fee is INR 500.

If you use the mobile phone as a camera the charge will be INR 59. If you use an action camera, the charge is INR 118. For videography, the price is INR 5900. Here at a glance. 

  • Indian adult – INR 75
  • Indian child – INR 20
  • Foreigner – INR 500
  • Smartphone – INR 59
  • Action Camera – INR 118
  • Video Camera – INR 5900

Disclaimer: The entry fee may change, the amount I’ve mentioned as of 18th April 2024. 

Indian Museum Travelogue
Indian Museum Travelogue

Attractions of the Indian Museum: Ground Floor

The Indian Museum is one of the oldest museums in Asia. It was established on 2nd February 1814 under the guidance of Dr Nathanial Wallich. 

The primary attraction of the museum is its huge collections from history to inhabitants of the world. 

From ancient pottery to woven industry, everything you’ll get here. Never forget to visit these departments. 

But before that, the Indian Museum is of two stored buildings. You’ll see Gandhar, Bharhoot, Coins, DNA, and Evolutions here on the ground floor. 

The ‘Bharhoot’ is a department where you’ll see an ancient gate with terracotta. Its beauty and its ancient value put this department on another level. Though videography and photography are not allowed here. 

After that, you can visit the ‘Gandhar’ where you’ll get many collections of various historical periods. Some of them are unique and priceless. 

Evolution is another attraction here. You can explore the human evolution. When you enter the department, you’ll see a big DNA structure and many evolutional stages. 

Another important department is the ‘coin’. The coin department displays the butter system along with the evolution of coins in various ages and dynasties.

The minerals are also very attractive. You can see various stones and minerals here at ground floor. 

I’ve entered the Indian Museum at about 10. After spending a couple of hours at the ground floor, 

After a couple of hours, I went for lunch in the canteen. The starting price of a veg meal is 40. You can additionally take chicken, fish, and egg with extra payment. 

The arrangement of coffee and sweets is there for those. 

The First Floor of the Museum: Major Attractions

After a while, I went to the top floor. While you walk along, you’ll see some sculptures beside you. 

You can see these on the top floor. 

  • Egypt
  • Textile
  • Decorative Art
  • Fish
  • Bird, Reptile and Abphibia
  • Zoological Gallary
  • Invertebrate Fossils

The major attraction of the top floor is the ‘Egypt’. Though photography and videography is strictly prohibited there. 

An original mommy is there at the ‘Egypt’ department. You’ll see hyroglifics and some cultures of ancient Egypt.  

After Egypt, I entered the textile department. You’ll find some unseen clothes. Everything is superb and beyond speech. 

Decorative art is one of the major attractions that pull tons of visitors. If you love decorative art, you’ll love to spend a couple of hours here. 

After the decorative art, I entered the fish department. I have seen various types of fish and their nature. If you love marine life, you’ll love this department. 

Bird is one of my favorites. So I spend a lot of time here watching various birds, reptiles and amphibians. This is one of my favorite departments in the Indian Museum. 

The zoological gallery is very attractive. You’ll notice various zoological lives and where to find them. 

The last department is invertebrate fossils. This is one of the rarest collections I think. You’ll be amazed to see various fossils in various sizes and shapes. 

Best Time to Go

Winter and spring are the best time to go to the Indian Museum. Though you can go anytime in any season. 

The Indian Museum is beautiful. So in any season, you’ll enjoy it. If you want to avoid crowds, the summer vacation is an ideal time to go there. Because winter is crowded there.  

My Final Thought

The Indian Museum is one of the must-watch destinations. Here you’ll enhance your skills in history, cultures, socioeconomic lifestyle, zoology, fossils, and more. If you plan to explore Kolkata, you must keep the Indian Museum on your bucket list. This place enhances your knowledge and interest in various topics.