There is no denying that India has a rich history. This history reflects India’s culture, traditions, rulers, and other factors.

In the previous centuries, India was under the control of several kings. Each king had a remarkable impact on the population of their kingdom. The kings arranged their domains following their preferences. Because of this, India is home to a large number of palaces. The palaces speak well of the architectural brilliance and styles of the people who lived there in the past.

After gaining freedom, these little kingdoms unite to become a democracy. The ruling families’ ancestors wanted to maintain the palaces and keep them in good condition. The majority of the monuments and palaces fall under the category of heritage landmarks. People transformed several of the palaces into opulent hotels. So visitors may experience the life of a King. 

What considered best palaces in India to explore

The Best Palaces in India are the subject of this article. We will also provide you with information on a few categories:-

  • City of Palaces
  • Largest Palace in India
  • The most beautiful palaces in India
  • The most expensive palaces in India
  • The best palace hotels 

City of Palaces

Before going to the main topic of Best Palaces in India, Let me tell you about the two cities that are known as the City Of Palaces and a state known as the State of Palaces.

Kolkata is also known as the City of Joy and Palaces. The “Culture capital of India” and the “City of Furious, Creative Energy” are a few other names to describe Kolkata. The Capital of West Bengal is Kolkata, which lies on the Hooghly River’s eastern bank. Many structures were constructed under British rule in Kolkata during the 19th century, which made the city known as the “City of Palaces.” These structures, which have been well-maintained until this day, serve as physical reminders of our nation’s long history and battle for independence.

Kolkata developed in terms of architecture and became the center for British people. Roman, Gothic, and even Mughal influences on some buildings. Many of these structures are heritage sites and have been well-preserved up to this point.

Mysore in India is another city with lots of palaces and is also known as the City of Palaces. There are three palaces in Mysore: Rajendra Vilas, commonly known as the summer palace, is located in the Chamundi Hills; Jaganmohan Palace has recently been transformed into an art gallery. Lalitha Mahal, now a hotel, and Jayalakshmi Vilas, presently located on the grounds of the University of Mysore.

Rajasthan includes several cities filled with palaces and might be called “cities of palaces.” It is known as the state of palaces, instead.

Biggest Palace of India

One of the biggest palaces in the world is the Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Additionally, it is the biggest palace in India. Taj Hotels is in charge of one area of this palace. It bears the name of the grandfather of the current owner, Gaj Singh, Maharaja Umaid Singh. The palace, which contains 347 rooms, served as the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family’s primary home. There is a museum in the palace. It is also one of the Best Palaces in India.

Maharaja Umaid Singh laid the foundation stone for the structure on November 18, 1929, and the building’s construction was finished in 1943.

The Most Beautiful Palaces of India

The palaces are part of India’s unparalleled cultural treasure, inspired by a history that spans several millennia. The most well-known palaces are those in Rajasthan (North West India), with its picturesque and romantic settings; nonetheless, there are several additional “palatial gems” dispersed throughout the Indian subcontinent. It is my pick for the most beautiful palaces in India. Hope you visit them.

1 – Amba Vilas, Mysuru, Karnataka

The Mysuru (Mysore) Amba Vilas is unquestionably one of the most beautiful palaces in India. This Indo-Islamic building, seen in Karnataka, South West India, was built in 1897 with a contract from Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV to British architect Lord Henry Irwin. The “Durbal hall,” which is decorated in blue and gold, is imposing, and the palace is beautifully lit up on Sundays and other festivals. This features keep Amba Villas under the best palaces in India.

2 – Taj Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

The Taj Palace in Udaipur hovers above Lake Pichola is one of the Best Palaces in India. Its actual name is The Jag Niwas, and Maharana Jagat Singh II constructed it as a vacation palace in 1743. This beautiful palace with an 83-room structure has been transformed into a 5-star hotel. If you can afford it, the only way to visit is to reserve a room there. Unquestionably one of India’s most beautiful palaces and even the entire world.

3 – Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad (Telangana)

Hyderabad, a city in the central Indian state of Telangana, is still relatively unknown to tourists, despite having an Indo-Persian culture under the Muslim emperors Golkonda and Nizam. One of the outstanding representations of this king’s heritage is the Chowmahalla Palace. One of the Best Palaces in India having first instances of neo-classical European architecture in Hyderabad, its architecture seamlessly incorporates several architectural influences, which makes it one of the most beautiful palaces in India.

4 – Palace of Amber, Rajasthan

The Maharajas of Jaipur had their historic capital at Amber, also known as Amer. The Maharaja Man Singh I constructed the Palace of Amber on a mountainside. It features lovely entrance porches decorated with exquisite floral themes, symmetrical gardens, and romantic pavilions. The “Sheesh Mahal” (palace of mirrors) contains tiny floor-to-ceiling mirrors. We can readily picture the setting’s enchantment when lit by many candles. The Palace of Amber is a perfect palace to celebrate something grand as it falls under the Best Palaces in India. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful palaces in India.

5 – City Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Maharana Udai Singh began construction of the City Palace, the city of Udaipur’s main palace, in 1559. It is a vast complex made up of eleven minor palaces. After escaping the Mughals’ invasion of Chittorgarh, he set up his main house. This amazing ensemble, constructed in height on Lake Pichola beach, blends Rajput and Mughal architectural traditions. Every descendant has helped this castle, which is 250 meters long and 30 meters high, grow and become more beautiful. That’s why it made its spot among the most beautiful palaces in India and among the best palaces in India.

6 Best Palaces in India
6 Best Palaces in India

The Most Expensive Palaces of India

Wonderful palaces and mansions are a relic of India’s many dynasties and regal past. 

While many buildings have been destroyed, several still survive today to illustrate India’s lengthy history. Best of all, a few have been transformed into lavish palace hotels, each with its distinct charm and personality. Here are a handful of our favorite palaces that are expensive and one of the best palaces in India.

1 – The Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

The Taj Lake Palace is located in the center of Lake Pichola, with the Aravalli Mountains serving as its background. The Taj Lake Palace, constructed between 1743 and 1746 as a royal summer residence, is the ideal place to end a tour of Rajasthan. The interiors are equally beautiful as the exterior. The Chandra Prakash Suite is distinguished by beautiful gold moldings, marble columns with intricate carvings, and exquisite fretwork screens that even amazed the Maharaja who held court in this chamber in the 1930s was amazed.

2 – The Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

The Maharaja of Jaipur formerly lived in the magnificent architectural marvel known as the Rambagh Palace. The palace, located in the center of Pink City, offers 47 acres of meticulously maintained gardens and a haven from the city’s bustle. Just from how the Rambagh palace is kept and everything it provides, we can say it’s one of the best palaces in India.

3 – Nadesar Palace, Varanasi

Since 1845, royalties and politicians have stayed at Nadesar Palace, which is situated in one of the world’s oldest cities. There are just ten rooms, so it exudes exclusivity. If you’re feeling regal, pull up to the door in the hotel’s vintage horse and cart. Given its intimate scale, the service is a refuge to return to after seeing the hectic Ganga Aarti down by the revered River Ganges each night.

4 – The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which was opened in 1909, is not quite a historical palace. It is one of the Best Palaces in India. Still, it is nevertheless an opulent hotel with a fascinating architectural style and a long history. As you go through the hotel’s hallways, you can see the many renowned people who have stayed there in the past, including presidents, music stars, Bollywood superstars, and prime ministers.

5 – Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace, a structure made of golden sandstone, is perched high above Jodhpur, a city in the Indian desert. With its 347 rooms, this former royal mansion in Jodhpur has plenty of capacity to accommodate a lavish hotel! Enjoy a game of tennis, a dip in the indoor pool, or spa treatment while you unwind in your opulent room. Visitors to the gallery may view the royal family’s valued collection of vintage cars.

Best palace hotels in India

Palace hotels immerse us in a bygone age rich in history and tradition while bringing us closer to luxury and elegance. And that’s why we adore them so much. They transport us back in time, and if you want to do the same while surrounded by splendor and architectural wonders, keep reading because we will tell you about the top palace hotels in India that you must go to for a lavish and culturally significant stay!

1 – Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bharatpur

The palace will bring you closer to the heritage of India. With Royal suits and flamboyant courtyards to take you back in time, Laxmi Vilas Palace is a place that needs to be on your radar. You can relax in their lavish pool or a jacuzzi or take that morning tea on the deck soaking in the first ray of light. 

2 – Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad 

Not your typical palace hotel, the Taj Falaknuma Palace is unique. This one is unique because the staff makes sure you feel like royalty from the moment you set foot into the building. This venue will make you all “heart-eyed” with its horse-drawn carriage, a stately staircase that will take you directly to the castle’s center, a stunning multi-cuisine restaurant, and an expansive courtyard. Without a doubt, you won’t want to leave this charming accommodation which makes this palace one of the best palaces in India.

3 – Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur

Rajmahal Palace is one of the greatest additions to palace hotels since it perfectly blends traditional and modern design elements. This beautiful location includes beautiful gardens and a swimming pool in the manner of the art deco era where you may unwind. They will also provide you with healthy dining options, delectable treats, and eateries with various themes. 

4 – Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

The sixth-largest private mansion in the world, Umaid Bhawan, will astound you with its splendor. The palace provides an expansive view of the blue metropolis, opulent apartments and rooms, and, of course, delectable Rajasthani, European, and Mediterranean cuisine. A magnificent spa, wellness center, and lush surroundings may help you relax and unwind. 

5 – Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace doesn’t require an introduction, it’s just one of the best palaces in India to ever exist. Visitors from all over the world have been drawn to this iconic resort for the finest stay cation ever. The Taj Mahal Palace is the destination you must go to for that great stay since it is the ideal fusion of classic and modern elements. You may choose a private dinner or boat party in addition to the mouthwatering Indian, European, Middle Eastern, and Oriental cuisines served at their equally charming restaurants.


Well, I have provided you with all the necessary information you will need to decide which are the best palaces in India. Make trips to the palaces and decide for yourself if these palaces are the best or not. The above palaces are all on the must-visit list for everyone. If you get a chance and stay at this palace, you will be one of the few lucky people.