Have you ever visited Raimatang (or Raymatang), an ideal offbeat destination in Dooars? Do you know why Raimatang will be one of the most attractive tourist destinations nowadays?

If you are looking for an offbeat destination in north Bengal mainly in Dooars, Raimatang is an exceptional option.

Raimatang attracts tourists with its vast natural beauty. People love to visit this spot to explore the undiscovered beauty of the Raimatang River, Bhutan Hills, and the green Buxa forest. 

Spending a couple of hours beside the river with the same name and enjoying it with your better half or beloved is an unforgettable experience. 

In winter, many people come to Raimatang for a picnic. Gradually this offbeat destination in Dooars is becoming an important offbeat picnic spot in north Bengal.

Raimatang and Its Prime Attraction its Location

Raimatang is located in the Kalchini block of Alipurduar District. It is at the lap of Bhutan hills. To some extent, it is almost the border between India and Bhutan. 

Being located in the Buxa Dooars, you can visit it from Buxa Jayanti as well. Though you can reach from Alipurduar, Hasimara, Rajabhatkhaoya, and even from Chilapata. 

Via Buxa feeder road, you can reach Raimatang by road. On the way to your dream offbeat, you’ll witness many tea estates. The green tea gardens add another feather to the beauty of Raimatang. 

Some of the popular tea estates are Bhatpara Tea Estate, Chuapara Tea Estate, Kalchini Tea Estate, etc. 

The distance between Alipurduar and Raimatang is around 45 km. From Hasimara you can reach this Dooars offbeat destination via Hamiltanganj. 

You can reach New Alipurduar Junction, one of the nearest stations to Raimatang. You can avail of a cab from Hasimara which takes around INR 1800 (bargain once before finalize) and around a couple of hours to reach this greeny Dooars offbeat.  

Raimatang is a small village. So you can easily explore the whole within a couple of hours. 

Why Raimatang is Trending

Raimatang is located in Buxa Tiger Reserve. The combination of Bhutan Hill, Raimatang River, Tea Gardens, and above all the ambiance attracts tons of nature lovers. 

You’ll find various shaped colorful stones on the riverbed. The river is almost dry in every season, but in monsoon, mainly in the late monsoon, the same will be dangerous. 

The only way to reach this beautiful offbeat Dooars is to cross the riverbed. So you can reach here anytime in the year except monsoon, mainly these three months; June, July and August. 

At the end of July and August, the dry river becomes wild. Even sometimes, due to heavy rainfall, the river becomes overflooded. 

The average temperature is pleasant. Though Dooars is not as cold as hill stations like Darjeeling or Kalimpong, rather you’ll get a pleasant temperature throughout the year. 

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the name Raimatang? According to a myth, the name Raimatang comes from the Nepali word Rai – Mia – Tung which means, the habitat of Rais (an ancient people of Nepal). 

Around 100 years ago, Several people died due to a sudden plague, hence the name of this place is “Rai Der Matang” which means the death of Rais. Since then, the name of this place is Raimatang. 

Whatever the story is, the beauty and atmosphere and above all, the less crowded offbeat village is becoming one of the major tourist destinations. 

Pure Offbeat Accommodation

Raimatang is a pure offbeat village ideal for spending a couple of days. You can spend your holidays with family and friends here. 

Being located in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, you may find limited mobile network coverage. As of now, wifi service is almost limited. 

Here, you’ll stay amid nature and enjoy the silence of nature. With a cup of tea in your hand, you’ll enjoy the chirping of birds, the herd of elephants walking into the riverbed, and the lifestyle of local people. 

As of now, very few families live here. You’ll enjoy the real beauty of nature in this offbeat of Dooars.

Though you’ll find some astounding trekking routes amid forest from here. 

However, you’ll not get any luxurious accommodation like Darjeeling here.  

Where to Stay

Raimatang offers various homestays and resorts to tourists to stay here. Though the homestays and resorts are limited in seasons. 

The best place to stay in Raimatang is the Raimatang Guest House. You have to get permission from the deputy forest office in Alipurduar. 

Apart from this, you’ll stay in many other homestays and resorts. The average rent for a day starts from 1000 including or excluding lunch and dinner depending on your booking. 

Raimatang is a popular picnic spot. Many tourists come to this offbeat Dooars to enjoy picnics mainly from December end to January beginning.

If you plan to stay on these days, inform the homestays and resorts a few days in advance. 

Organic and fresh vegetables, fresh fish, country chicken, etc are attractions here. 

Some Important Facts

Get ready with these important facts while you are planning to explore this beautiful offbeat destination in Dooars. 

As you have to cross the riverbed to reach Raimatang, you have to follow a specific route or track.


Here are a few reasons behind this. 

  • This is the international border area between India and Bhutan. 
  • The riverbed is the free-roaming space of the herd of elephants. 
  • You’ll get limited access to mobile networks (mainly Airtel and Jio, BSNL is quite better) and Wifi facilities. 
  • When you come to Raimatang, you have to pay the entryfree. This is common in every reserve forest.
    • For Indian adult – INR 150/per person
    • For Foreigner – INR 500/per person
    • For Fourwheeler – INR 480/vehicle
    • For Children – No fee under 5 years of age
    • Time of Travel – Sunrise to Sunset
  • Plastic is banned here, so please avoid plastics, mainly water bottles and food wrappers. 
  • Don’t throw garbage here and there, use a dustbin instead. 
  • Always try to keep the environment clean and peaceful. 
An Offbeat North Bengal Paradise

My Final Thought

If you are an explorer and want to explore the real beauty of an offbeat destination in Dooars, Raimatang (Raymatang) is an ideal place to go. This beautiful and tranquil offbeat location is getting the attention of the tourists. Many people explore this beautiful place from Buxa Jayanti and even directly from Alupurduar. Beautiful nature is the prime attraction here at this offbeat destination in Dooars. Enjoy the rich flora and fauna with your beloved family and/or friends. So, why are you waiting, make a plan and get ready to explore.