Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand, shocks most tourists because its natural beauty has yet to be fully appreciated. This city has a feeling that is both warming to the heart and highly alluring because of its straightforward way of life and its focus on protecting natural balance. 

Ranchi is also referred to as “The City of Waterfalls.” Among the most blessed places on earth, Ranchi fully uses nature’s gift. Ranchi’s mountainous geography gave it the nickname “Hill station” under British rule. It is a paradise on earth because of its location and the dense surrounding trees.

The city is a terrific place to visit since several waterfalls, temples, and stunning views border it. To help make planning your trip easier, we’ve posted an extensive guide to the best Ranchi visiting places.

Exactly how do we go to Ranchi? 

The Ranchi airport is close to Hinoo. The airport is 7 km from the main city. There are frequent flights to Ranchi. Airlines connect Ranchi to Patna, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. The nearest international airport is in Kolkata, which is connected to many cities in India and other countries. 

In terms of distance, Hatia station is the closest railway station to Ranchi. Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has its station, which is connected to all the major cities in India.

Buses operated by the State Road Transport Corporation connect several places in both Jharkhand and Bihar, conveniently from Ranchi. Private tourist buses are another option for transportation from Kolkata to Ranchi.

Explore these 17 best Ranchi Visiting Places

  1. MS Dhoni’s Fabulous Farmhouse
  2. Dassam Falls
  3. Jonha Falls
  4. Hirni Falls
  5. Panch Gagh Falls
  6. Lodh Falls
  7. Murga Mahadev Falls
  8. Jagannath Temple
  9. Pahari Mandir
  10. Sun Temple
  11. Patratu Valley
  12. Rock Garden
  13. Tagore Hill
  14. Ranchi Lake
  15. Fun Castle Water Park
  16. Birsa Zoological Park
  17. Deer Park

These Ranchi visiting places welcome you if you come this beautiful place once. The natural beauty and ambiance is the prime attraction of this beautiful place. If you love to explore waterfalls in India, Ranchi must be in your list.

MS Dhoni’s Fabulous Farmhouse

People like to spend peaceful time with their families. They travel back to their hometowns. 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a cricketing legend, is one of them. The former Indian captain, popularly known as “Captain Cool,” has always valued maintaining ties to his heritage. As a result, he built a lavish home in Ranchi, where he was born, and spent precious time with his family. Everything is there at his expansive home, from luxury to tranquility. Thus, it is one of the Ranchi Visiting Places.


Ranchi is also called the City of Waterfalls. Let’s see the falls under the Ranchi visiting place. These falls will mesmerize you and make your time worth visiting them.

Dassam Falls

A magnificent waterfall called Dassam Falls is among the best Ranchi visiting places. It empties itself into the Subarnarekha River, which passes through the Taimara village. The 144-foot waterfall has a serene, quiet aura about it. An area is a great place for a picnic due to the dense greenery that surrounds it. You’ll have to climb a flight of stairs to get there. You might also pause to see the amazing beauty all around it.

The waterfall has changed over time into a nick point as a result of the transverse rupture in the steep rock. It is advised to avoid swimming or entering the water in this region due to the strong current and rugged terrain. However, the background noise created by the water’s trickling makes this Ranchi tourist attraction a fantastic place to relax and recover.

Jonha Falls

The Johna Falls are situated in an area surrounded by a dense canopy of lush vegetation. The water falls from a height of around 45 meters. The Ganges and Raru rivers’ waters combine to create these gigantic and scary waterfalls. The Gautamdhara Falls is another name for the waterfalls since a Buddhist temple is close by. Jonah Falls is one of the Ranchi visiting places.

Hirni Falls

Visitors may find the Hirni Falls, a natural beauty, in a forested area 60 kilometers from the city. These breathtaking waterfalls radiate calm, peaceful energy and are covered with untouched natural beauty. If it wasn’t thrilling enough, the top of the falls gives a spectacular view of the city and makes a spot in the Ranchi visiting places.

There are numerous ways to reach this gorgeous spot. You can take your car and travel there. When everything is said and done, you must take the Ranchi-Chaibasa route. There is easy access to vehicles and taxis, and the distance from Ranchi is sixty kilometers (km). There are only 20 kilometers of the journey if you begin your adventure at Khunti.

Panch Gagh Falls

Panch Gagh Falls is located close to the lovely village of Khunti. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word for “five.” The distance between Ranchi and Panch Gagh is around 45 kilometers if you travel by the Chakradharpur Road.

There are five waterfalls breathtaking Ranchi Visiting Places. These five waterfalls drop down towering, steep hillsides. A peaceful and lovely atmosphere is found in the area at the foot of the waterfalls. It makes it a great location for picnics and weekend getaways.

Lodh Falls

The highest waterfall in Jharkhand is called Lodh Falls. It is located close to Latehar, which is about 195 kilometers away from Ranchi. The 143-meter-tall waterfall flows over the River Burha in many phases. These phases are hidden within the Chota Nagpur Plateau’s dense forest. 

At this place, all that is necessary is to take in a natural beauty and the sounds that nature provides. It’s a terrific place to escape daily stress and reconnect with nature. Because of its spectacular views, Lodh Falls is a well-liked tourist attraction for people worldwide.

You must take a car or other private transportation to Lodh Falls from Ranchi. You will be traveling downhill and can watch the beautiful lush forest. You will understand why the journey and the falls come under the Ranchi visiting places once you visit.

Murga Mahadev Falls

The Murga Mahadev Waterfalls are around 261 kilometers from Ranchi. As one of the popular Ranchi Visiting Places, this pilgrimage destination has its true worshipers. It is seen next to a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. A temple is a famous place of worship for Hindus. In addition to the regular tourists that come to the region during the winter, the temple is especially crowded with worshippers. 

The distance between Ranchi and Murga Mahadev may be traveled in around 5 hours.


Ranchi also has a few famous temples that get devotees and tourists throughout the year. The temples which come under Ranchi visiting places are as follows.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple in Ranchi, which has a history dating back to 1691, is a well-known tourist attraction. It is smaller than the original Jagannath Shrine in Puri and is decorated with many different colored stones and geometrical patterns. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists gather to see the Rath Yatra. 

Although pilgrims come to the temple throughout the year, Rath Yatra is the busiest season since it is the only time the gods are taken out of their specific spot in the shrine.

The distance between the Jagannath Temple and Ranchi Railway Station is approximately 57 km if you travel by car.

Pahari Mandir

The Pahari Mandir is a temple where Lord Shiva is worshiped. It offers a stunning view of the entire city below from its elevation of 21,400 feet. There are around 300 steps leading up to this spot, but the effort is worth it to witness this amazing architecture and the breathtaking view. Every year, thousands of devotees from around the world gather for a magnificent festival during Shravan, making it one of the best Ranchi visiting places.

From Ranchi Junction station, a train departs in seven minutes towards the Pahari Mandir. From Ranchi Junction Railway Station, it is a 6-kilometer drive to Pahari Mandir.

Sun Temple

The Sun Temple is built in the shape of a massive chariot with 18 wheels and is drawn by seven horses. Its design is highly attractive. Within the complex of temples, there is also a sacred pond that Hindus hold in the highest esteem. We strongly advise that you visit the Sun Temple. It is situated in a serene and beautiful area. We are putting it under the best Ranchi visiting places.

Ranchi has great highway links to neighboring cities and towns and is 39 kilometers from the temple. Due to its convenience, commercial buses and jeeps may also depart from the Birsa Bus Terminal, making it easy to go from there.

Wonders of Nature

Ranchi has a few exceptional natural beauties other than the falls. So, here they are; these places are one of the best Ranchi visiting places.

Patratu Valley

Forty kilometers outside of Ranchi is the beautiful Patratu Valley. It’s an amazing adventure to drive down the Ghat. The Patratu Dam’s glistening water may be seen on one side of the road, while on the other, the road is bordered by dense, lush vegetation. But as night falls, you should avoid using these roads due to the prevalent Naxalite presence in the area.

Rock Garden

The Rock Garden in Ranchi is comparable to a short getaway where you can enjoy the local culture, natural beauty, and leisure activities. The Rock Garden is located on Kanke Road, around 4 kilometers from Albert Chowk Ranchi. The primary attraction is a tiny iron footbridge only held up by two little wooden pylons. The garden allows you to relax while taking in a spectacular panoramic view because it is set on a slope overlooking the Kanke Dam and surrounded by flora. Each visitor to Rock Garden Ranchi must pay a fee of Rs. 30. Parking a car requires an extra fee.

Tagore Hill

In Ranchi, there is a famous hill called Tagore Hill. It is also one of the best Ranchi visiting places. The hill summit often referred to as Morabadi Hill, has a colorful past connected to the renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore. The viewing point is a popular tourist site close to the city and is located at 300 feet. It’s a nice area for a picnic as well. 

Beautiful views may be found in every direction, entirely encircled by lush greenery. It is said that Tagore would go to this place frequently, taking advantage of the total solitude and calm that can be found at the peak and working on his works. Many of his well-known literary works were developed and written by him in this place. 

You may also engage in various other thrilling and heart-pounding extreme sports and activities here, such as rock climbing and trekking. You’ll discover the well-known Ramakrishna Ashram at the foot of the hill. 

The distance between the Ranchi Railway Station and Tagore Hill, which is close to Morabadi, is roughly 9 kilometers. The stairs carved into the hillside can be used instead of following the hiking route to reach the summit of the Tagore hills.

Ranchi Lake

Due to its accessible position, it’s an excellent place for boaters. The appropriate authorities keep this area up nicely, making it a great option for picnics and leisurely evenings. A well-known tourist destination in itself, Ranchi Hill’s summit offers a 360-degree panorama of the whole city. Ranchi hill is also home to a Shiva Temple at its highest peak. Given that the distance between Ranchi and Ranchi Lake is just 5 kilometers, the trip there from Ranchi takes around six minutes.


Having animal parks inside a state means they care a lot about the animals in their state or country. And there are few such parks in Ranchi. Let’s read about them briefly.

Birsa Zoological Park

Tigers, lions, and several deer types are just a few of the wild creatures that can be seen in the Birsa Zoological Park, also known as the Birsa Jaivik Udyan. This area, which is adjacent to Ormanjhi and is reachable by the National Highway between Ranchi and Patna, should be visited by everyone interested in wildlife. You may participate in the adoption program for this park by adopting an animal.

The Birsa Zoological Park is approximately 28 kilometers away from Ranchi Railway Station. Most destinations in Ranchi may be reached by car in between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on traffic and how far you are from Ranchi. It will take about 4 hours to explore the park thoroughly. Use one of the numerous electric rickshaws to navigate the park comfortably.

Fun Castle Water Park

One of Ranchi’s most well-liked amusement parks is the Fun Castle Water Park. It is located in the neighborhood of Ratu. In addition to dressing and locker rooms, food options, and other amenities, the park provides a range of entertaining activities, like aquatic draughting, thrilling water playground equipment, etc. 

The Ratu Road and Banhora crossroads are where Ranchi’s Fun Castle water park is located. You may take a bus or auto to Ranchi’s Fun Castle Water Park. The park opens at nine in the morning and lasts until seven at night. Entry costs are Rs 220 for adults and Rs 100 for kids. 

Deer Park

Among the best Ranchi Visiting Places, the deer park lists as most attractive. The deer park in Ranchi is located at Kalamata, around 16 kilometers from the Ranchi railway station. On a guided safari, you may observe hundreds of different species of deer living in Deer Park. This park is home to more than a dozen different types of deer, including the majestic Sambhars and stunning spotted deer. This park’s tall Sal trees and luxuriant vegetation make it easy to reconnect with nature. You may take a bus or an auto from Ranchi to go to Deer Park. 


There’s a saying, ‘Don’t Judge a book by its Cover.’ This saying is true for Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Ranchi has so many visiting places to soothe your soul. So, what are you waiting for? Make plans and enjoy the beauty Ranchi is providing you. To help you, we have provided you with 17 Ranchi visiting places. Good luck with your trips!


How to travel in Ranchi? 

You may reserve taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cycle rickshaws to travel the city. Another more cost-effective option for transportation is to share a car with someone else. The local transit options are efficient because this is the capital city, which is always busy with activity.

What season of the year is best for visiting Ranchi? 

The peak tourism season in Ranchi occurs throughout the winter. This time of year is good for sightseeing and other outdoor activities because the temperature rarely varies considerably.

What kind of climate can you expect in Ranchi? 

Jharkhand is one of the warmest states in India, with a daily average temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. But just a handful of the year’s months may truly be described as tropical and oppressively humid.