My Buxa Jayanti travelogue starts from the Cilapata forest. On the 25th of November, 2023, I reached Buxa Jayanti around 5 pm.

When I was in Chilapata, I still needed to make plans to visit Buxa Jayanti. I thought of visiting the same place from Chilapata.

But you know the incident happened at Chilapata homestay. So, with some confusion and adventure, I started my journey.

The roadside beauty is speechless. The black pitch road, surrounded by dense forest on the sides, made me forget everything that had happened to me.

After almost 2 hours of journey by cab (rented), I reached my second Dooars destination, Buxa Jayanti.

The main attraction of Buxa Jayanti is its location. This small village, Jayanti, is located amid the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Another interesting fact I would love to share. Buxa Jayanti is the border between India (Bharat) and Bhutan.

I felt excited a lot.

I have a question.

Have you ever visited Buxa Jayanti? Which one do you prefer in Jayanti?

Sunset Kissed the Riverbed at Buxa Jayanti

It was an incredible view I had ever seen. The beauty of dusk kissed the beautiful Jayanti riverbed.

Before coming to Buxa Jayanti, I had no idea about that beauty. As I reached at dusk, enjoying the beautiful sunset was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

During the sunset, the whole Jayanti riverbed became shadowy—the Bhutan hill and the Stoney riverbed, oh! What a combination.

I enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the riverbed.

While I walked across the riverbed, I discovered (I thought I was Vasco da Gama) a beautiful rill (water source). It is the winter version of the Jayanti River.

However, the sudden darkness came. The atmosphere became more romantic.

I observed the beauty of the bright silver moon (because the 28th of November was a Full moon). The moon scattered its silver beauty everywhere in the riverbed.

The Bhutan hill opposite the Jayanti riverbed looked strange in the moonlight.

The still became more romantic, and everywhere was silver.

The beauty I can’t forget.

After almost 3 hours, I went to the hotel, nearby Jayanti Riverbed.

The distance between the hotel and Jayanti rill is around 0.400 meters.

I enjoyed the stoney riverbed with beautiful moonlight.

Let’s come to a shocking fact I have heard from one of the residents of Buxa Jayanti.

The riverbed where I enjoyed beautiful nature is the kingdom of elephants. Almost every day, a herd of elephants roam the Jayanti riverbed.

Though I was unfortunate, I didn’t see a single elephant there.

While I told that resident about my frustration of not being able to see elephants, he consoled me, saying that I was lucky.

Because the elephants are wild, not domesticated.

However, at night, I had dinner with Momo outside of Hotel Mohanchra, where I took the room.

Sunset at buxa jayanti
Sunset at buxa jayanti

Sunrise is More Beautiful at Buxa Jayanti

If you compare the beauty between sunset and sunrise at Buxa Jayanti, I can’t give you the perfect answer.

I prefer both, and I like both of them.

The morning I started at 5 when I woke up and went to the riverbed.

When I went out of my room, I heard many dogs were barking.

I didn’t know the real reason then. A surprise was waiting for me.

After a few minutes, I went to the riverbed of Jayanti, where I had enjoyed the previous evening.

I had a plan to capture the beautiful sunrise and some videos for my YouTube.

By the way, do you know my YouTube channel?

The channel has the same name, Hungry Tourer. You can search YouTube for Hungry Tourer.

Now, come to the topic. At around 5.30, the sun started rising on the horizon—the aura spread at the riverbed along with the Bhutan hills.

At rill, I enjoyed photoshoots. Many strangers enjoyed the beauty of the dawn.

The beautiful Stoney rivered became splendid.

After around 3 hours, I met a tourist. He showed me the paws of a leopard.

He saw the leopard’s paw in the early morning downstairs on the Jayanti riverbed while he came to enjoy the beautiful sunrise like me.

I told you that I had heard the dog barking while I went out of my hotel.

The dogs were barking, seeing the leopard.

I was just 20 meters away from that beast. Due to darkness, I could hardly see the leopard.

After 3 hours of non-stop enjoyment and exploring the beauty of the Jayanti River, I returned to my room and took my breakfast.

sunrise at buxa jayanti - buxa jayanti travelogue
sunrise at buxa jayanti – buxa jayanti travelogue

During breakfast, I planned to go to Raimatang, a beautiful offbeat destination in Dooars.

Raimatang: Hill Tea Garden and River altogether
Before sharing my experience in Raimatang, let’s share some information about Raimatang, which is close to the Bhutan border.

Raimatang is also a part of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. This offbeat Dooars village is a beautiful picnic spot for tourists.

Raimatang is located in Kalchini CD block in Alipurduar district. This village may be an ideal North Bengal tourist destination because of the hills, rivers, tea gardens and wildlife surrounding it.

Tourists enjoy this place, watching sunrise and sunset along with wildlife from the watch tower. To reach the village, you have to cross the river or drive across the riverbed.

At about 10 a.m. on the same day, I went out for Raimatang by Autorikshaw.

At first, I had to collect forest passes again. It took only 5 minutes.

During Dooar’s trip, mainly in Buxa Jayanti, every tourist (no idea about VIPs) has to pay an entry fee and the fare of their vehicle.

I add a chart here.

On the way to explore Raimatang, I was spellbound by the beauty of the vast tea gardens.

The beautiful hill in front of the black pitch road alongside the tea garden made my journey unbelievable.

I stopped many times to capture the beauty through my smartphone, Google Pixel 6a.

Not only me but also my co-tourists were taking photos and videos.

After almost 2 hours through the zigzag road, I reached before a riverbed.

I had come to know that to reach Raimatang village, the riverbed must be crossed.

It was a long riverbed because our Autorikshaw took almost 40 minutes to reach Raimatang.

The whole Stoney riverbed is itself an attraction. However, I reached Raimatang to quench my thrust to explore an unseen, offbeat destination.

One interesting thing I must share.

The road from the riverbed to the village of Raimatang is high. I explored that road walking. It was another attraction.

The Twitter network of that road made me hypnotized. I forgot where to go, what to do!

The driver’s call made me wake up from that situation.

From the riverbed, I reached the village of scenic beauty, Raimatang, around 15 minutes.

I stayed there for around 40-45 minutes. After some time, I started to return to that beautiful village.

buxa jayanti and raimatang vlog

Lunch at Rajabhat Khawa

Returning from Raimatang, I decided to take lunch by the roadside. The driver suggested I take lunch at Rajabjat Khawa, one of the most historic places in India.

Do you know the meaning of Rajabhat Khawa?
Rajabhat Khawa means “where the kings had a meal”. This strange name comes from an incident.

In around 1765 AD, after the accession to the throne, a tussle began between the thirteenth Maharaja Dhairjendra Narayan and the Bhutan Monarch over the plains adjacent to Buxa.

At that time, an annual banquet was arranged between the Coochbear Maharaja and the Bhutanese Monarch.

At the banquet, the Bhutanese commander Pensu Tome captured Maharaja Dhairjendra Narayan along with his brother Dewan Surendra Narayan in 1769 AD.

At first, they were captivated in Damanpur (at Buxa), but later, they were taken to Punakha, the capital of Bhutan.

During the turmoil at that time, the Coochbehar Maharaja family asked for help from the British East India Company.

Initially, the British East India Company was not interested in rescuing the king, but later, for the sake of commercial benefits, they initiated the rescue of the king.

On 25th April of 1774 AD, the Maharaja and his Dewan were released, and at Chechakhata in Buxa, they took rice (meal).

From this incident, the place was named Rajabhat Khawa.

I took Chinese at Rajabhat Khaowa as it was almost afternoon.

After lunch, I returned to my hotel Mohanchura.

Last Night at Buxa Jayanti

Returning from Raimatang at around 5 pm, I went to the riverbed again. Like the previous day, I enjoyed the beautiful moonlit kissed riverbed and the little rill.

As it was my last day at Buxa Jayanti, so I enjoyed the beauty of the riverbed and moonlight altogether.

Most interestingly, I observed the movement of the moon. I tried to understand how people could assume the right time in ancient times.

However, after spending a couple of hours, I returned to my room.

Before dinner, I met some local people and came to know that there were two “Mahakal” temples named “Boro Mahakal” and “Choto Mahakal”.

Both the Mahakals are located at Bhutan Hill. The way to reach there is the same riverbed.

I was excited, but as I had to return and had very little time on my hands, I could not go there.

At about 9.30 pm, I came back to the hotel and took dinner.

After dinner, I went to the road near my hotel and did loitering there.

After some time, I went to bed.

Last Day at Buxa Jayanti

I don’t know when I will go to Buxa Jayanti again, so I woke up early in the morning as usual.

I went to the riverbed again and enjoyed the rill there. I could not miss a single moment there.

The stones of the riverbed were my companion on those days. The water of that little rill was trying to say not to go.

However, I had to return. But before leaving the beautiful and mysterious Buxa Jayanti, I must say one thing: I will come again.

After a few hours, I went to the hotel and completed my packing.

After breakfast, I went out to New Alipurduar Junction, the nearest railway station to Dooars.

I was Repent

As I went there without planning and the internet connection was unavailable, I could not make proper planning to explore the whole of Buxa Jayanti.

I was repent. I missed two beautiful “Mahakals”. With, I didn’t go for Jungle Safari at Buxa Tiger Reserve.

The second one was planned, but the first one was unplanned.

However, next time, I will go and stay at Buxa Jayanti again.

Dooars is beautiful, so enjoying Dooars in only two days is impossible.

From New Alipurduar to NJP

Finally, adieu Buxa Jayanti. As my train was from NJP (New Jalpaiguri), so I had to reach New Alipurduar and then NJP.

On the way from Buxa Jayanti to New Alipurduar by train, I watched Mt. Kanchenjunga from the window of the train.

I stayed at NJP that day because my train was on the next day.

However, I reached NJP in the evening. The train was the Satabdi Express, and the time was at 5.50 am on 29th November 2023, from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) to HWH (Howrah).

Let’s share how to reach Buxa Jayanti.

You can reach the same destination via train through New Alipurduar Junction from Howrah and Sealdah. You can avail aeroplane as well. For aeroplanes, the nearest airport is Coochbehar.

My Final Thought

The Buxa Jayanti is a famous Dooars destination. Many tourists love to explore Buxa Jayanti for its natural beauty. The beautiful forest attracted me a lot. The calm and pleasant atmosphere and a combination of hill, river, forest and tea garden made my journey splendid. Anyone can spend time there with a cup of tea or coffee at the Jayanti riverbed.