The Taj Mahal is one of those seven wonders of India during Mughal times. It attracts most tourists, and millions of tourists come to India to visit Agra. Now that you are in Agra, you must know about the best visiting places in Agra.

If you are searching for wondrous places in Agra, you have landed on the right page. We will cover the article with five top and must-visit places in Agra. 

The city of Agra has a boundary of the wall, including six gates for the entrance. Only tourists who have visited Agra can be found as the city has a renowned World Heritage Site as per the declaration of UNESCO. 

Once you enter the post, you will learn about many fascinating places in Agra besides the Taj Mahal. So hurry up to see what places will be your next destination. 

Visiting Places in Agra

While planning to explore the best visiting places in Agra, Taj Mahal must be the first choice. Most visitors search for the best visiting places in Agra to take a glance at the Mughal architecture.

Five famous visiting places in Agra include the Taj Mahal, one of those seven wonders in the universe; Fatehpur Sikri, the capital of the Mughal Empire, is known as the city of victory.

Another best place in Agra is the finest Jama Masjid, the most splendidly constructed mosque in ancient times. It’s not only the biggest mosque in India but one of the most magnificent mosques in the world. 

After that, you can visit the only secret royal visiting place, Diwan-I-Khas. It was a royal palace made by Shah Jahan to discuss their private affairs. Agra’s last best-visiting place is Agra Red Fort; keep the opportunity from going from your hand to visit the last place we mentioned. The marvellous beauty of Red Fort will gratify your soul. 

The one and only Taj Mahal

While planning to explore the best visiting places in Agra, Taj Mahal must be the first choice. No one is there who hasn’t heard of the Taj Mahal. Whether it is from reading books, or social media, the wondrous Taj Mahal is everywhere. People believe the Taj Mahal is a symbol of love.

The Taj Mahal comes under the seven wonders of the world. So whether you are an Indian or another countryman, you must visit Taj Mahal once in your life. 

The place will always be remembered. You can’t forget its immortal beauty once you glance at it. It is not only a famous visiting place in Agra but one of the best visiting places in India and the world. 

Once you visit the place, you will know how many foreigners visit it to check on its beauty and historical views. The ancient history of the Taj Mahal is lovely. 

Want to discover beautiful places worldwide? You can start from your motherland India (if you are an Indian).

India has a lot of beautiful places, and the Taj Mahal in Agra is one of them for sure. 

The Indian Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the monument. He was unhappy after her beloved wife died. Then the Emperor decided to pay tribute to her by making Mumtaj Mahal. It took more than 20 years to complete the monument, and more than 20k laborers made it. 

One of the best parts of visiting the place is exploring the monumental garden with the calming water which reflects the Taj Mahal. Do you know where it is located?

The wondrous Taj Mahal is situated on the bank of the River Yamuna. Not only Mumtaj but the body of Shah Jahan is also under the Taj Mahal. 

A vast number of visitors come to take a glimpse of the famous Taj Mahal, and the people of Agra come to visit the place daily. So why not you become one of them?

Fatehpur Sikri

Are you looking for another must visiting place in Agra? Then another site is here for you, Fatehpur Sikri. After visiting the Taj Mahal, you can visit Fatehpur Sikri, just an hour from the Taj Mahal.

If you want to know the exact distance to Fatehpur Sikri from the Taj Mahal, then let us tell you it is just 40 km from the fascinating Taj Mahal.

Do you know who made Fatehpur Sikri? Well, it is another wonder built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1571. There are a lot of reasons why one must visit the place. Foremost we all know it’s a historical place.

So anyone will love to visit there with their family or friends. 

Visitors will love to know that it is another building made of red stone, just like some others. Do you want some more info? Then you should know that the building Fatehpur Sikri was styled or designed by the architecture of Parsian heritage, Indian heritage, and Islamic heritage. 

As a destination tourism spot, one must include the place as it’s considered one of the top visiting places in Agra. 

visiting places in Agra - hungry tourer
visiting places in Agra

Jama Masjid

The visiting places list in Agra can be completed without mentioning the Jama Masjid. However, it’s a religious place for Muslims, till everyone goes to the site to see its wondrous beauty with the naked eye. The monument has a tremendous and variegated look. 

Let’s know what the Jama Masjid is known as. If you ask what the biggest mosque in Agra or India is, the answer will be Jama Masjid. It’s not a lie; it’s true. The idiosyncratic

The architecture of the mosque made it a prominent place. A vast number of people visit the place daily. 

The people of Agra have an emotion with the mosque. They often visit the place to find inner peace and have a memorable time. Even people used to pray in the mosque during prayer time. One of the popular visiting places in Agra is Jama Masjid. The mosque is located just near the Red Fort. 

It’s one of the famous mosques made in the 17th century and formerly known as the Friday Mosque. Whatever you call the mosque, the immortal beauty of the place will be the same for everyone. Walking into the mosque will help you feel like you are at a Hollywood blockbuster place. 

Also, it’s one of the first praised monuments in Agra. The place is also among the world heritage sites declared by UNESCO. The devotees of the mosque claim the place as a pilgrimage destination. 


Let’s introduce you to another historical place in Agra. You must have heard about Diwan-I-Khas in the books of history; now that you are looking for the best visiting places in Agra, make your destination the Diwan-I-Khas. 

Architecture of Persian has been used to design the place. Now, let’s come to its history. In ancient times, the place was a private visiting place for private people. It was used to discuss the personal affairs of royal family members, and only the royal member could visit the hall. 

The roof of the building has four domes. Inside the Agra Fort, there is a garden named Angoori Bagh. Many monuments are established around the garden, and Diwan-I-Khas is one of them. You even know its location as the backside of Macchi Bhawan. It’s one of the heart-touching visiting places in Agra. Let’s take a view of this place to see what beauty is. 

Agra Red Fort

Are you looking for the best visiting places in Agra with historical touch? How can we forget the illustrious Red Fort?

To see the finest Fort nowadays, you must visit the Agra Red Fort.

It’s a gigantic place in Agra. Again it’s a beautiful creation of the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1556. We mean the visitors must always pay attention to the stunning creations of Agra. 

Though the Fort was built in 1556, its completion happened in 1573. The Fort is made of red stone with enclosed walls. In 1546, Islam Shah Suri made a fort named Salimgarh. The old Salimgarh Fort was converted into the Red Fort later. 

We hope you have a few pieces of information now. An amazing fact about the Fort is that it has four giant gates on every four sides. 


Agra has always satisfied everyone with its natural atmospherical view. So we expect you are also meeting your satisfaction. The breathtaking landmark Agra is an incredible city that you never imagine. Once you get into it, it will force you to visit Agra again and again. So many unique places come under the best visiting places in Agra, and visiting all of them is mandatory.