Every wanderlust must make a Dooars tour plan in his entire life. Dooars is the natural wonder in North Bengal.

Dooars is the gateway of North-Estern and Northern India including Bhutan. Average height of Dooars is 1500-1700 meter.

Dooars is a beautiful place located in the outer foothills of Himalayas. The river Sankosh River divides this region into two places. These are eastern (which is in Assam) and western (which is in West Bengal) dooars.

Every year tons of tourists explore both the places. Here in this article I’ve covered the western Dooars i.e. West Bengal Dooars.

Do you want to make a 3 Nights 4 Days Dooars tour plan? Surrounded by wide forests, tea gardens, mesmerizing rivers flowing from uphills, and streams make you spellbound.

Animal lovers will have a memorable trip in Dooars. 

From Leopards, Indian Livet, Asian Elephants, and Pythons to Hyena, Elephants, and Bysons – you can witness each of them. 

Away from the urban world, from chaotic vehicle sounds to sweet birds chirping, murmuring waters – It’s the ultimate Dooars. 

How do you make a Dooars Tour Plan? What to see in Dooars? How much time will it take to have a complete Dooars Trip? Where to Stay? What Safaries can you enjoy? How to book Safari Tickets? Clear all these doubts from your mind by going through this content. 

The content is based on a 4-day and 3-night Dooars Tour Plan. Complete the article to know why Dooars will be your best Travel destination. Even you can enjoy the beauty of offbeat Dooars (little bit) in this tour plan.

Day 1: From home to Lataguri 

Day 1 will start from your home. From wherever you start the journey, make sure you stop at New Mal Junction. New Mal Junction is the nearest Railway station to Dooars. Once tourists reach New Mal Junction, the Dooars Tour Plan will start. 

First, book a private car that will take you to Lataguri. Lataguri is only 35-40 minutes away from the Junction. It’s close to the famous Gorumara Jungle. The first sightseeing is the Tea Garden in Dooars. 

The North Bengal Tour is incomplete without watching Tea Gardens. So, let’s start with that. You can walk through the Tea garden and meet locals to learn how they pack tea from Tea leaves. 

Then, choose a resort hotel or homestay close to most Dooars Tour Spots like Lava, Gorumara, Jaldapara, and Buxa Jayanti. 

The first day will end up knowing various details and making plans. The actual journey will start on the 2nd day. So let’s take some rest, have a good meal and a peaceful sleep. 

Day 2: Excursion from Lataguri to Lava

While planning for a 3 night 4 days Dooars Tour Plan, the first day is always important. The 1st day has passed. Now it’s the 2nd day of Dooars Trip. We are in Lataguri. Now we will start our journey towards Lava. The average distance from Lataguri to Lava is 78 kilometers. It will take 2-3 hours to reach the destination. 

Complete your lunch within 7 a.m. Please keep all your worries aside, and let’s explore the remarkable beauty of North Bengal through Lava. A thick Pine forest surrounds the entire road.

You can have a look at the animals crossing the road. Often, Hyena, Elephants, and Bysons give a glimpse of them. 

You’ll be unaware of the time to see the majestic beauty of Lava Road. Within 9-9:30a.m, you’ll end up in Lava. It’s a small Dooars’ Hamlet. It comes from the Himalayan foothills. Lava always mesmerizes the tourists with its amazing view and flock of chirping birds.

The first sightseeing is the Changey Waterfall. Go through the village, Kolakham. Get out of the car and walk down a few miles to explore the amazing beauty of Changey Waterfall. Its milky whitish water falls from a high distance. You can spend some time sitting on a rock beside the fall.

Once you spend enough time and take beautiful pictures of it, go for the next destination. But before that, remember to look at the Kolakham village, its local people and culture. The village showcases the Kanchenjunga view with a clear atmosphere. 

The next stoppage is Lava Monastery in Dooars Tour PLan. It was formerly known as Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery. Locals even call it Ratnarishi Bihar Buddhist Gumpa.

The Lava Monastery is a Buddhist Monastery situated in 1987. It’s a must-see attraction of Lava, i.e., Dooars. The authority maintains complete peace even with a large number of tourist visits. 

It’s a Tiven Monastery where a massive statue of Buddha is established. The statue surprises tourists. They look at it for hours, take pictures, and ask monks about ancient history. You can do these all if you are interested. 

Many prayer halls, ground, and sitting spots make the place a perfect tour spot. While getting back from here, try to visit the Lava Market. The market is at the entrance of the Monastery. You’ll have stores selling clothes, local handmade items, and more.

Complete breakfast in the restaurants if you are hungry. 

Then, reach Rishyap through Lava Road. Rishyap is a perfect honeymoon destination in Dooars. People visit the spot to take a look at Mount Kanchenjunga. In winter, Rishyap witnesses the snowfall. The altitude of Rishyap is 8,500ft. 

The Lava journey is almost over. The 2nd Day Dooars Tour Plan will be finished by exploring Neora Valley. Visitors get a Government lead to visit Neora Valley National Park.

The Park has the land of Red Pandas where tourists see Red Pandas from very close. From children to adults, everyone would love this adventure for sure. 

It’ll be almost 7 p.m. Now, let’s move towards the Hotel. Within 10p.m, the tourist will reach Lataguri Hotel. Complete dinner as soon as possible. Go to bed earlier to wake up early the next morning. 

Day 3: Lataguri to Jaldapara Dooars Tour

Today, we’ll look for the entire Jaldapara. Jalpara is an overrated tourist spot in Dooars. Dooars Tour Plan is incomplete without an excursion to Jaldapara. So let’s start the journey after having breakfast between 6:30-7:30 a.m. Go to Jaldapara National Park for a Jeep Safari. 

Be Alert: For all the tourists’ kind information, we announce that the Elephant Safari, Watch Tower, or Jeep Safari will remain closed from 15th June to 15th September. Do not make Dooars Tour Plan within this time as all the Safari will be enclosed. 

The entire day will pass over the Jeep Safari. The first sight is the Murti River. Murti is a famous river flowing down from Neora Valley National Park. Most visitors used to take a bath in it. The water surface level is below the chest, which is very safe.

The river’s prosody and the scenic water beauty of Murti are unavoidable. Besides that, the thick green forest and the murmuring of dry wood are something great to experience at least once in life. 

The bank of the river is tranquil and silent. Tourists have peace of mind while spending time here. Lovers can hold their beloved’s hand and feel loved for a while. A group of friends can enjoy a bonfire. Families can enjoy a feast. 

dooars tour plan - hungry tourer
dooars tour plan – hungry tourer

During a Jalpara Tour, the biggest attraction is the National Park itself. The forest spread more than 215 kilometers away. It has vast grassland with flora and fauna. The West Bengal Government declared the Park as a Sanctuary in 1941. The forest department works to protect Flora, Fauna, Rhinos, and many other species. 

The Jaldapara National Park is home to many species. Include this place on Dooars Tour Plan. It’s a must-explore spot in Dooars. The one-horned Rhinoceros, deers, Bysons, and elephants walk here. Apart from them, Tiger, Sambhar, and hog deer are seen on the land. It doesn’t end here. Various birds like eagle, partridge, and hornbill come and stay here. The entirety will pass by, watching nature, animals, and birds. 

Have an afternoon meal after the Jeep Safari in Jaldapara. Then, visit Bhutan on the same day. 

This is how the 3rd day of Dooars Tour Plan ends. Go for Phuntsholing. It’s the border area that adjoins Bhutan and Jaigaon.

The nearby attractions are Bhutan Gate, Amu Chu crocodile breeding ground, Karbandi Monastery, and Phuntsholing market. Cover as many spots as possible within the evening. 

Return to the Hotel and get a good sleep by having a tasty dinner. 

Day 4: A Full Day Dooars Tour Plan to Buxa Jayanti

On the 4th day of Dooars Tour Plan, the destination will be Buxa Jayanti. After breakfast, try to book the first slot on Elephant Safari. It increases the chance to watch over the forest animals. 

Start the journey toward the Jayanti River. Explore the small Hamlet of Dooars, Buxa Tiger Reserve. If you are keen to glimpse Tiger from close to your eyes, it’s a must-visit spot. Jayanti is known as the Queen of Dooars. 

Chilapata forest
Jayanti River, hungry tourer

The distance from Jaldapara to Buxa Jayanti is only 60 kilometers. It’ll take only 2 hours. In the middle of the path, tourists cross over the Chilapata Jungle. It’s the most attractive and thickest forest of Dooars. 

The paths are covered with the wide tallest trees. The roads are straight. You’ll enjoy this as a road trip for sure. 

Buxa Tiger Reserve is a national park. Numerous species of animals are the residents of Buxa. Lucky people witness Leopards, Indian Livet, Asian Elephants, Pythons, and more. So it’ll be appropriate to say that the Dooars Tour Plan in Buxa is quite interesting and adventurous. 

The car can go within Santalabari. Then you have to book a car from the authorities. You’ll reach Buxa within 3-4 kilometers from there. First, enjoy a trek to reach Buxa Fort. The Fort is located at an altitude of 2,844ft in Buxa Tiger Reserve. 

This particular spot has a history. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was imprisoned in the Fort during British rule. India is now independent. After 1947, this Fort was used as a Refugee Camp. The journey towards the Buxa fort is very adventurous.

Adventurous persons will surely love trekking. Buxa Fort has a watchtower. From the watchtower, one can look at the picturesque beauty of the entire village. 

Take some rest at the nearest homestay in Buxa. The journey is incomplete until you visit the Jayanti Mahakal Temple and Tunia Watchtower. These two spots are near the Jayanti River. The local guide will take the tourists there. In the whole Dooars tour plan, you’ll experience the natural treasure that rejuvenate your strength.

Jayanti River
Jayanti River, hungry tourer

My Final Thought 

So as we promised, it’s a Dooars Tour Plan of 4 days and 3 nights, the journey ends here. We hope the journey leaves good memories in your life. It’ll remain a memorable chapter for nature and animal lovers. The guidance will fulfill every tourist’s desire. 

The key purpose of our guidance in making the Dooars Tour Plan was to provide you with a safe journey in North Bengal. Contact us for making more Dooars Tour Plan and other North Bengal Tours. Let us know if you want to spend more or less time in Dooars. 

We’ll surely help you by having the best travel guide on a pocket-friendly budget.