Uttarakhand is home to Ranikhet. The finest natural beauty and magnificent vistas are in Ranikhet. The ideal retreat for someone who needs to de-stress their thoughts is Ranikhet. Ranikhet is in Uttarakhand’s Almora region. It provides everything needed to calm a city dweller’s worries.

This charming hill town boasts a serene atmosphere. It has a magnificent view of the majestic Mountains. Ranikhet has some of the most exquisite gardens. The gardens have apple orchards, apricot orchards, and pine trees. There are thick woods and gushing waterfalls that enchant tourists with their beauty.

12 Top Visiting Places in Ranikhet

You may travel to Ranikhet at any time of the year since it always has tropical weather. Visit Ranikhet between March and June or September and November. At these times, Ranikhet is neither too hot nor too cold. Twelve visiting places in Ranikhet will make your trip wholesome.

Chaubatia Orchards 

Ranikhet’s most popular tourist destinations are the Chaubatia Orchards or Gardens, famous for their apple orchards covered in beautiful vegetation. Chaubatia Garden covers 600 acres. It is 10 kilometers away from the center of Ranikhet. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

The orchard is home to more than 200 different kinds of fruit and flowers, and it is bursting at the seams with delicious apples, peaches, apricots, and plums. The orchard gives tourists sweeping vistas of the magnificent Himalayan ranges and the snow-capped peaks of Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Trishul, and Nandaghunti.

The orchard is a lovely picnic spot in the middle of nature. Unquestionably one of Ranikhet’s most popular tourist destinations, Chaubatia Garden, also contains the Horticultural Research Institute of India. Guests may purchase local goods and discover more about the town’s agricultural sector.

Jhula Devi Temple

One of Ranikhet’s most well-known tourist attractions is Jhula Devi Temples. It commemorates the goddess Durga and is noted for its assortment of exquisitely carved bells. This temple was built in the seventh century, so the story goes.

The temple’s name, Jhula Devi, refers to the deity’s position on a jhula, which is Hindi for the cradle. It is nestled in nature’s tranquil and calming surroundings on Kumaon Hill. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

Folklore claims that the goddess guided a shepherd to the idol of the deity in his dream. The valley is protected by the goddess Durga, who the inhabitants revere. Another widely believed belief is that anyone who places a bell on a temple wall would, over time, be granted all of their requests.

Haidakhan Babaji Temple 

The Haidakhan Temple is present at Chidianuala in Ranikhet. The Haidakhan Temple is all about Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. Haidakhan Babaji built the temple. The folk tales say that he is a Mahavatar of Lord Shiva.

You will get a panoramic view of the Shivalik Hills from the Haidakhan Temple. Many people visit the temple to get rid of issues in the way of marriage. It is just 4.5 kms away from Ranikhet Bus stand. It will just take nine minutes to get there. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

It would be best to do a small trek to reach the temple at the top of the Hill. It would be best to avoid the monsoon months from June to August to visit there. It would be best if you visited the temple to have a peaceful time in the surroundings of the hills.

You can visit the Haidakhan Temple all days of the week, from sunrise to sunset. You do not have to pay an entry fee to visit it.

Upat Golf Course

Among best visiting places In Ranikhet, Upat Golf Course is another attraction. It would help if you could not visit the highest golf courses in Asia. Yes, we are talking about the Upat Golf Course. We also know it as the Ranikhet Golf Course.

You can easily visit it. It is just 6 km away from Ranikhet. The Upat Golf Course is present in the Almora district in Uttarakhand. It is also the second-largest gold course in India.

You can see the fantastic view of the Himalayan ranges from the green grass of the golf course.

Katarmal Sun Temple 

It is the second most famous sun temple. People also call it the Katarmal Sun Temple. It is over 800 years old.

It would help if you visited it to experience the beauty of one of the most ancient temples in Almora. You have to do a little but fantastic trek to reach the temple. There are also some 44 small shrines around the temple. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

The Katarmal Sun Temple is famous for its ancient and beautiful architecture. The beautiful structure and stone carvings attract tourists from all over India.


People call Dwarahat The Village of Temples. You can visit Dwarahat in the serene hills of Kumaon in Uttarakhand. You can get amazing views from Dwarahat town at 1,510 meters above sea level.

The name Dwarahat means ‘Way to Heaven’ in the local language. It is full of temples. The Katyuri kings built these temples. People from all over India come to visit these ancient temples.

The architecture of the various temples makes Dwarahat famous. The designs of the temples match the style of the Gurjari School of Art.

The breathtaking scenic beauty among the hills and temples is a perfect getaway for relaxation. The 55 ancient medieval temples are representative of the town’s religious past and rich architecture. It would help if you visited this historic place also to get the 

majestic views of Himalayan peaks, Kailash Mansarovar, Dunagiri, etc.

Dwarahat also has the most ancient deities. It would help if you went to see it before sunset. You can refresh your mind and soul among the hills from your busy life. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.


Majkhali is just 12 kms from Ranikhet. You can get a beautiful view of Sonya peak from Majkhali. It falls on the road to Almora and takes 30 mins to reach Ranikhet.

The incredible scenic beauty is a treat to the eyes. You will get lovely weather throughout the year there. It is also famous for the Kali temple. You can enjoy your time with your family at the various picnic spots around the area. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

You can also visit the forest nursery there. It is full of different kinds of flora and fauna. The beautiful atmosphere of Majkhali is a significant attraction for tourists.

Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum

The Kumaon Regimental Center Museum came into existence in the 1970s. The museum preserves the history of the Kumaon regiment and the Garhwal regiment. You can see various valuables, like the silver scepter of the queen of Jhansi.

There are also exhibitions of Chinese rifles from the war of 1962 and documents from the Kargil war. You may also see the Japanese wireless telephone used during the second World war.  

History and military enthusiasts must visit this place. The Kumaon regiment center Museum has the rich legacy of the Kumaon Region. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet. You will also see the soldiers’ medals, flags, stone tablets, and uniforms. 

Bhalu Dam

Bhalu Dam is an artificial lake 9 kms away from Ranikhet. It is a reservoir near Chaubatia of Almora. The dam quenched the thirst of a soldier during earlier times. 

The dam came up in 1903. You have to trek for 3 kms to reach the dam. Green forests surround the Bhalu dam. You can find the perfect picnic spots here to enjoy with the family. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

The beautiful ambiance with the natural beauty of valleys and hills, birds, and the breeze is a significant tourist attraction. You can go camping and picnicking near the Bhalu dam all year round. 

Mankameshwar Temple

Mankameshwar Temple is a Hindu place of worship. It is present near Narsingh Maidan at Ranikhet in Uttarakhand. The Kumaon regiment center built the temple in 1978. 

It is close to Rani Jheel in the army cantonment area. The natural beauty around Mankameshwar Temple makes it more soothing. There are deities of Ma Kali, lord Shiva, and Radha Krishna. 

You can also visit the Gurudwara near the temple. There is also a woolen garment factory to tour around the place. 

Tarikhet Village

The Tarikhet village holds historical importance. During the independence struggle, Mahatma Gandhi stayed at the Gandhi kufiya in Tarikhet village. The village also had many activities during the freedom struggle. It is one of the best visiting places in Ranikhet.

Tourists can easily reach the Tarikhet village by bus or car from Ranikhet. It falls on the Nainital road just 8kms from Ranikhet. The idyllic and calm village atmosphere is refreshing for visitors.

Ashiyana Park

Ashiyana park is a major attraction for kids. It is easily accessible for all. Ashiyana Park stands in the heart of Ranikhet. You may also know it as the ‘Devdar Udhyan.’¬†

It is the first and only forest theme park in Ranikhet for children. It would help if you took your children to the park.

It is the children’s wonderland with well-manicured lawns, colorful fountains, and herbal gardens.

You can also enjoy the incredible sights of Himalayan ranges from viewpoints of Ashiyana park. Standing on high hills and with a jungle theme, the park attracts children and their parents. You may visit Ashiyana Park from 7 AM to 7 PM. 


The above places are the 12 best visiting places in Ranikhet. You may attempt various things here if you’re searching for a good time. For the ideal adrenaline experience, consider trekking, paragliding, and fishing. The Upat Golf course has all the amenities necessary for a great round of golf. It is also nearby, where you may play. The preferred pastime of visitors to this area is Camping. It is for those who want to spend some time outside admiring the untamed beauty of nature.