Are you planning to explore the most stunning Visiting Places in Araku?

Have you ever visited any coffee museum and a beautiful sea beach together?

Do you love spending time on sea beaches?

Araku is undoubtedly for you. Here you can explore beautiful sea beaches surrounded by hills.

The dense forest, coffee plants, tribal museum on the other hand makes a next level of attraction.

Nature itself has decorated this beautiful Valley with all his beautiful paintings.

And if you are a reasonable observer of nature-portrait, this place will surely put a smile on your face.

Forests and valleys cover this place. And your adventure’s thirst will be fulfilled this time. 

Your skill with a camera will get a chance to show your talents.

If you are planning to explore a stunning visiting place on south India, Vizag and Araku valley is an ideal destination.

The winter is the best season to visit Araku.

The variety of nature makes you happy.

Enjoy special coffee with your beloved one, family or even lonely.

The crystal clear sky, long train tunnel, a combination of forest, hill, falls, caves make your holidays splendid.

Borra cave, a natural wonder, will give you some real enjoyment.

The blue sky and the vast greenery in the surroundings will make you love this place, Araku valley.

Don’t be upset because the waterfall will charm you and make you romantic.

The chilly winter with the cold breeze is the best time for tourists to visit this natural asset.

Green nature and the heartwarming nature of the local people can force you to stretch your vacation. 

Why These Visiting Places in Araku to Visit Once

These Visiting Places in Araku has consistently been shortlisted for tourists because of well connections and eases of going.

This hill station is waiting for you to serve the best comforts in the lap of nature.

Araku is one of the most popular travel destination in India famous for historical tourism as well.

If you want to visit Araku, this article is ideal for you.

Borra Caves

Borra Caves is one of the best visiting places in Araku Valley. These are situated in Ananthagiri hills.

These caves are millions of years old and a marvelous creation of nature.

You will be amazed to hear how these caves were formed.

Borra Caves were formed as the river waters flowed through a limestone area.

The calcium bicarbonate was washed out by running water.

And it turned out to be the largest cave in the country.

You know it is the famous shooting spot for Telugu Films.

If you are a fan of South Indian Films, you must visit this place in Araku Valley. 


Ananthagiri is a tiny hill station in Araku Valley.

Suppose you are a mountain lover. It is one of the best visiting places in Araku.

You can enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset on the lush green mountains.

The pleasant weather here will refresh your mind. 

Also, the Waterfalls and green valleys will welcome you. You know,

Ananthagiri hills are also famous for coffee plantations.

If you are a coffee lover, you must visit this place.

You can also see hillocks. This place is perfect for escaping from the heat of summer.

visiting places near araku
visiting places near araku

Chaparral Waterfalls 

Chaparral Waterfalls is the most famous visiting place in Araku.

The location is also called Dumbriguda waterfalls.

Green trees surround this place. This is a romantic place. It would be great to visit this place with your lover during winter.

You can enjoy and play with the water flow.

This is a famous picnic spot for tourists.

You know this is a preferable place for Telugu Films.

You can enjoy the grilled chicken and kulfi while watching the waterfalls.

The water is not deep, so you can take a dip.

The view of the sunrise and sunset will mesmerize you. It is a perfect weekend destination.

Tribal Museum

The Tribal Museum represents the tribal culture of Andhra Pradesh. Though this is not a traditional heritage museum in India, yet it is a real heritage tourism in India too.

It is a famous tourist destination in Araku Valley.

It was opened in 1996 by the Tourism Development Corporation. This museum is built of mud and clay and various metals. This is one of the most respected visiting places in Araku.

This museum portrays traditional tribals’ kitchen utensils, jewelry, and hunting tools.

Ten photographs display the wedding ceremony of tribal people.

The most exciting things are Mayur and Dhimsa dances. 

Katiki/Katika Waterfalls

Katiki/Katika waterfalls come out from the River Gosthani. It is near Borra Caves.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush green.

This is an ideal place for beginner trekkers.

The soothing sounds of Katiki waterfalls will refresh your mind.

This is a famous place for picnickers and nature lovers. 

The Bamboo Chicken and Coconut Water are famous here.

Do listen to the birds singing their tunes when you sit.

You can enjoy time with your family and friends while playing with water.

Katiki waterfalls will make your soul fresh if you are a nature lover. Then this is the must-visit place in Araku.

Padmapuram Garden

Padmapuram Garden is the most famous visiting place in Araku Valley.

The garden was established in 1942. Padmapuram Garden was used to supply food and vegetables to the soldiers in World War ll. Now this garden has turned into a Horticultural nursery and training center.

This garden is a home for rare flowers, orchards, and trees.

You can enjoy staying in hanging tree houses. You can see many stone sculptures.

You can also enjoy toy train rides. You know there is a rose garden.

If you are a flower lover, you must explore this Visiting Places in Araku.

Tamada Waterfalls

Tamada Waterfalls are the most beautiful visiting place in Araku Valley.

It is also known as Ananthagiri Waterfalls.

The best way to experience this beautiful place is by trekking.

The splashing water from 150 ft above will soothe your mind.

In the rainy season, it creates a beautiful view.

You can also take a bath in the flowing water.

This would be a romantic experience when you see from the top of the hills.

It is a fantastic view. Tamada Waterfalls is a famous picnic spot. 


Matsyagundam is a fish pool. It is the best visiting place in Araku Valley.

In the collection, there are various types of fish.

If you are a fish lover, visit this place.

Many fascinating folktales are heard about this stream.

You know there is a century-old temple. 

The name of the temple is Sri Matsya Lingeswara Swamy temple.

A long time ago, there was a big battle between Matsyarajuli (fish) and Singarajulu (snake).

Then the mother fish brought them to this place.

Till now, you can’t kill or eat any fish from here.

visiting places in araku
visiting places in araku

Araku Waterfalls

Araku Waterfalls is the most beautiful waterfall in Araku Valley. It is situated in Ranajilleda village.

That’s why it is also called Ranajilleda Waterfalls. No other season is as suitable as Monsoon for visiting a place.

If you love trekking, it will be fantastic to explore this place. 

You have to trek to reach its top. It will take 10-15 minutes.

The beauty of this place will make your soul accessible.

This is a lovely place to visit.

Araku Waterfalls is 3km from Padmapuram Garden and 6km from Araku bus station. 

Don’t skip this Visiting Places in Araku while you are planning to visit here.

Tyda Nature Camp

Tyda is a small tribal village situated in the wooded hills.

It is located between Araku Valley and Vizag in the Eastern Ghats.

Tyda is also called Jungle Bells. Suppose you are a forest lover or animal lover.

It’s an ideal place for you. In this nature camp, you can spend your time in a forest with animals and birds.

You can do lots of things here. You can go trekking, rock climbing, and shooting with a bow and arrow here.

It is a home for various birds and animals. You can also learn the language of the Jungle with guidance.

The place is one of the best visiting places in Araku Valley. 

Tatipudi Reservoir

Tatipudi Reservoir is a beautiful place to view greeneries and mountains.

Tatipudi Reservoir supplies drinking water to the city of Visakhapatnam.

It was built on the river Gosthani. This reservoir also provides water for Agriculture in Vizag. 

During April/May, many migrant birds come here.

At that time, this place looks more beautiful.

The view of the water coming from two hills is gorgeous.

You can go fishing and boating here. This is one of the most peaceful visiting places in Araku Valley. 

Coffee Museum

Are you a coffee lover? Have you ever visited any coffee museum before?

For coffee lovers, this visiting places in Araku Valley is must recommend.

In 1930 it was a coffee house. Prakash Rao started it in 1930 for tourists.

In 1954 he started experimenting with coffee. He grew unique coffee.

Now this place has become a coffee Museum. You must visit and test coffee here if you are a coffee lover. 

Galikonda View Point

The Galikonda View Point is a famous visiting place in Araku Valley.

In the Eastern Ghats, Galikonda View Point is the second-highest peak.

The greenery of this place will refresh you. Do you love photography?

Then you must visit Galikonda View Point. 

This is a beautiful place for photography.

This is not the end, and there is more to offer you.

The railway track on faraway hills is a fabulous view. What are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, go to this place and enjoy the view here.

Bheemili Beach

Do you love beaches? Bheemili, beautiful, long and ancient beach is one of the most crowded visiting place in Araku Valley is for you.

It is situated at the gathering of the Bay of Bengal and the Gosthani river.

The place has a touch of history.

You can see the cemetery and fort of the 17th century of the Dutch era. 

Suppose you want to spend time with family and kids.

Then Bheemili will be a great choice. Bheemili is a peaceful beach.

The waves are calm. You can swim and enjoy yourself. The lush greenery, salty weather, and pal groves make this place beautiful.


Lambasingi is a lovely small village in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Lambasingi is one of the famous visiting places in Araku Valley. This place is also called Korra Bayou.

Green forests surrounded this little village. This place will offer you beautiful hills, valleys, and chilling temperatures. 

Do you want to go to Kashmir?

But you can’t? Don’t worry! This place will offer you the beauty of Kashmir. Lambasingi is called ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh.’ It is the secret place of Andhra Pradesh.

Lambasingi gets covered with white snow. If you want to experience snowfall, you must visit this place in Araku Valley.

If you are an adventure seeker, this place is heaven for you.

You can go hiking, camping, trekking, and biking here. This village is famous for strawberry and apple farms and coffee plantations.

These Visiting Places in Araku brings a next level experience with the above. Additionally, you can see various animals, fauna, and flora here.

This place is perfect for enjoying the weekend with your family and friends. 

Sangda Waterfalls

Sangda Waterfalls is one of the favorite visiting places in Araku Valley.

It is situated in Sangda village in the Eastern Ghats. The milky white water falling from the hill looks fantastic.

The weather is delightful and peaceful here. This is the perfect place to escape from city traffic. 

The atmosphere will refresh your mind. The rainy season is the best time to visit Sangda Waterfalls.

The overflow of water and the volume of the waterfall will be a great experience.

You can explore this place with your family and kids. You can also come for a romantic date with your lovers.

As an eager traveler, stop thinking now if you are searching for a new peaceful place.

Araku valley spreads its beauty with the vast greenery ready to be at the top of your list.

Here Valley presents peace, waterfalls bring happiness, and streams throw refreshments. 

My Observation

This place wears the crown of Ooty of Andhra Pradesh and is well connected to major cities so that you can easily reach there. This is one of the best destinations in South India. People consider these places as top visiting places in Araku valley.

This place offers you a green nature which will refresh your mood. The local coffee will boost your energy. The weather will make your vacation memorable.