Globally, people are becoming keen to know about what is medical tourism in India. The If I’m right, you are one of those who want to know what medical tourism is in India, what are its specialty and most importantly, why medical tourism in India flourishes the most. 

Having such questions on your mind is okay but getting their answers are more important. You’ve finally reached the somewhere correct place, which will vanish all your suspicion.

Do you know that the Ministry of Tourism has taken many steps to promote the scheme? Not only that, but they also included India as the Destination of Medical and Health Tourism. 

Isn’t it excellent for all Indians? Personally, I feel very proud to be an Indian. Let us share something with you. Do you have any idea about the last report made by the Medical Tourism Department?

According to their report, India has been promoted as the best media tourism destination for providing high-quality treatment globally at the lowest cost.

Many more are yet to know about medical tourism in India. Interested viewers are requested to complete the post with keen observation. 

What is Medical Tourism? 

Before discussing What is medical tourism, I have a question. Have you ever visited outside of your locality for medical checkup? Please reply your comment below.

Let’s come to the topic.

The definition of medical tourism varies for everyone. But we can provide you with its definition in a very way. When someone visits different places for medical or healthcare purposes, that’s called medical tourism.

The fundamental object of medical tourism is to provide needy people with the best healthcare destination at affordable prices fast. 

What are the benefits of medical tourism? 

When you understand what is medical tourism, then the importance of medical tourism can’t be expressed. You should ask someone who suffers from a deadly disease and survives due to medical tourism. That’s who can show you the fundamental importance of it.

  1. But it provides affordable quality health care anywhere in the world. 
  2. People are given a lot of opportunities and flexibility to book flights easily. 
  3. Instant medical service is available, and more. 

Why is Medical tourism in India flourishing? 

It’s not easy to provide world-class treatment and become the best medical tourism destination. According to the 2020-21’s report by Medical Tourism Association, India ranked 10th out of 46 countries in the world. Isn’t it something most fascinating for proud Indians? 

Do you know which state of India is leading in medical tourism? Well, it’s very obvious that Chennai is the one. The whole Tamil Nadu is one of the leading tourism destinations for both medical and heritage tourism.

It is actually known as “The Health Capital of India.” The state offers multi-super specialty hospitals at the lowest cost; that’s what attracts patients globally. You can easily understand what is medical tourism and how it widens scopes.

Each year, Medical Tourism is growing more than 30%, and that’s why everyone should know why is India emerging fast in medical tourism sector? Let’s learn about those facts that make India one of the best Medical Tourism spots. 

High-Quality Health Care at a Low Cost

While discussing on what is medical tourism, and why is it getting popular, you are at the right place. Everyone gets high quality and low cost medical support in India in comparison to many other developed countries.

It’s very high. But here, India has become popular in Medical Tourism. The affordability quality treatment at a low budget is available here. India provides high-quality health care at a low cost. 

As an example or proof, anything you say, we can show you what India does compare to US or UK. India takes only one-tenth compared to US or UK, and it’s true. Let’s provide you with more clarification.

If you go for bypass surgery in UK or US, they will charge you approximately 1lakh 30 thousand, whereas India only takes approximately Rs. 8 thousand. One central basement is its low-cost treatment fees compared to other competitive countries. 


In some developing countries takes a long time for major surgeries. But India takes a minimum duration to provide major surgeries to patients. Time matters a lot for a patient.

Only a second can snatch away an emergent patient’s life. It is one of the major reasons how does medical tourism works in India.

Easy Travelling

Do you know which place in india is famous for medical tourism? The answer is straightforward and is recognized by everyone. It’s Mumbai; Mumbai has been working fastest to be the place for a medical tourism destination.

Even the traveling process is relatively easy as the MHFW (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare? And the Tourism Ministry is working very hard as they launched M-Visa for the purpose of Medical Tourism.

Through M-Visa, one can appear in India for a specific period. Only a few countrymen are allowed to arrive in India for 30 days. 


If you know what is medical tourism, the essential part of it is communication. Though India has various linguistic diversity, India has chosen English as the official language. The entire world can communicate in English. Communicating with foreign patients through the official language, English, worked. 

Based on the mentioned facts, if someone asks what the best country for medical tourism is? We can name India without any stoppage or breakage.

India got outstanding achievements, from curing cancer patients to organ transportation or bypass surgery. More than 1 million medical tourists have been attracted by India’s healthcare system this year. It’s repeating every single year.¬†

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Medical tourism is trending in India.
Medical tourism and its benefit

What is the status of medical tourism in india?

If you are doubtless on what is medical tourism, the scope for all helps you a lot. We are responsible for showing you the current status of medical tourism in India. You may assume the given facts why medical tourism in India is taking the utmost place. 

  • If you are in Indian Medical Tourism, you should not waste time or wait for more medical treatment. No matter how extensive the surgeries are, it takes a deficient time.
  • The western part of India, i.e., Mumbai or Bangaluru, is increasing its popularity faster as a Medical Tourism. 
  • Both world-class hospitals and doctors are available in India. 
  • More than 50 super specialty hospitals are available in India that are working under Medical Tourism. 
  • Medical Visa/ M-Vsa has introduced a new scheme for foreign tourists. They can visit India for some specific purpose through M-Visa. 
  • India is working on the most ancient treatment process, i.e., Rejuvenation Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, etc. Most foreign tourists come to India for Ayurveda Treatment. 

How does medical tourism help the economy of a country?

Medical Tourism can be acquainted as the summit of the tourism industry. Undoubtedly medical tourism is helping any country to improve its economy, as India has become a destination for medical tourism.

People are visiting the country for medical purposes. But this way, more people are booking flights to India and staying at hotels. That’s how lakhs of hotels are being built in india, and the country’s economy is increasing daily. You can easily witness what is medical tourism in India.

How to improve medical tourism in india? 

No one can deny the improvement of medical tourism in India. But it can improve more by accepting more awareness. Let’s describe them below. 

  1. The first or most obvious way is to advertise medical tourism in India in a better and improved way. 
  2. Secondly, the current improvement should be shown to those abroad so that more people can visit India. 
  3. Indian authorities should accept foreign currencies. 

Final Words

I hope you can understand what is medical tourism! With lots of facilities, India is becoming a popular medical tourism hub in Asia. Health can not be compromised at any cost, which is why medical tourism is improving daily. Globally recognized Medical Tourism is helping people to be cured at an affordable price.