Have you ever dream to visit most haunted place in India? Do you firmly believe in an afterlife? If so, there must be a chance that all the ghost stories we’ve heard throughout our childhood could be true. It’s possible that they are true, at least in part. 

Most of us have at least heard one ghost story, and these horrifying tales, which some claim are true, are certainly worth thinking about. Because of this, we have listed our 12 most haunted locations in India, which are definitely not for the weak heart.

Apart from traditional visiting places, like Bird Sanctuary in India, this article covers thrilling adventure if you really want to explore popular haunted houses.

List of Most Haunted Place in India with Unwanted Adventure

While you are planning to explore most haunted place in India, you may feel some unwanted adventures that you can’t even believe. The ambiance and atmosphere add another level of mystery there. Here are some famous haunted place in India one can explore to get another level of adventure.

1. Three Kings Church, Goa

Let’s start with the most haunted place in India. The Three King Church in Goa is a spooky location that is inhabited by the ghosts of kings who fought here. According to folklore, a rival who wanted to rule the kingdom for himself allegedly killed both kings.

The perpetrator eventually poisoned himself in response to the outcry from the public, but the ghosts of these kings still haunt the church.

A marketing executive named Dolly Prajesh visited the abandoned church in 2015 and claims that “locals report hearing noises and screams from this abandoned church as well as experiencing a strange ominous presence around the church too.”

2.  Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Shimla is one of the most popular hill stations in India among tourists. Though it is not about Shimla, rather it is about Charleville Mansion. A British officer named Victor Bayley and his wife rented this mansion in the year 1913. It was constructed during the British era. But later, he learned that a poltergeist lived in the house.

He locked the particular room where it was said that the majority of the haunted activities were said to occur in order to further test this acclaim. And when he once more opened it, the room was in ruins.

It is also somewhat unbelievable that the Bayleys and other residents who came after them both reported numerous other instances of this nature. According to public opinion, Charleville Mansion is most haunted place in India undoubtedly.

3. Dumas Black Sand Beach’s, Surat

Dumas Beach used to be a cemetery in the past. And possibly for that reason, some claim that this location is haunted. Several people have reported hearing whispers on the beach by themselves.

Additionally, there have been instances where the folks went for their nightly stroll but never came back. What happened to them? Nobody is aware! Strange, isn’t it? This incident make this as the most haunted place in India.

4. Tunnel No.33, Shimla-Kalka Train Route’

One of the spookiest places in Shimla is thought to be Tunnel No. 33, which is situated on the Kalka-Shimla train route. If we look back at the history of this location, we discover that a British engineer by the name of Captain Barog built it.

And it is said that his ghost particularly wanders the tunnel and even strikes up a conversation with any passing by who might see him. Consider conversing with a ghost for a moment. If you encountered such a circumstance, how would you handle it? 

5. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

Early in the 19th century, the Brij Raj Bhavan in Kota was constructed. In 1980, it was afterwards transformed into a historic hotel. But what is important to know is that it has been asserted that this location is the resting place of Major Burton’s benign spirit.

The Major is thought to have been slain by the Indian Sepoys in the Mutiny of 1857. Here’s something funny: if the legends are to be believed, this ghost prowls the streets and even smacks guards who are slacking off during their shifts.

6. Malcha Mahal, Delhi

In search of the most haunted place in India, the Malcha Mahal comes in the list. Particularly from the reign of Tughlaq, who was also one of the last members of the royal dynasty of Oudh, comes the Malcha Mahal in Delhi.

Furthermore, she drank grounded diamond to end her life. Her spirit is claimed to have remained in the vicinity of the royal palace ever since. Nobody actually knows if this is true or not, though.

7. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Did you know that one of the major film towns in our nation is Ramoji Film City? And if the locals are to be believed, at some point or another, spotlights have been spotted dropping off in this location, along with light men who had been assigned to them.

Therefore, in the midst of it all, many crew members have encountered some serious injuries. All of them, it seems, point to the location being haunted. Do you not agree or not? 

8. Ravindra Nagar, Hyderabad

A number of suicides in this area, especially in the year 2012, can be claimed to have given the impression that the location is haunted. Many families left this location in the wake of the multiple suicides.

The fact that many of the families left the light bulbs on when they left is what makes this house so eerie since it shows that they were in a rush to go. They must be quite anxious!

9. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwarwada Fort is rumored to be haunted by a 13-year-old boy’s ghost. He was allegedly the Peshwa Dynasty’s heir to the throne. The fact that some people even claim to have heard the boy’s voice when he cried out to his uncle for assistance in his final moments is really interesting to learn. 

10. Chandan Nagar, Pune

In search of the most haunted place in India, Chandan Nagar in Pune comes. In Pune it is definitely worth exploring is this one. A girl had perished ten years prior during the construction of a building in the Chandan Nagar neighborhood of Pune. People even claim to have seen a young girl clad in a stained-blood outfit. 

11. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The most terrifying beach in Gujarat is Dumas, which has black sand and was formerly used as a burial ground. Screams and whispers have been heard coming from this location among other haunted sounds.

Hemant Sharma, a HR executive, adds, “The dogs close by are said to bark all night long, sensing a paranormal presence.”

12. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

Without a doubt, we have all heard the spooky tales about the Bhangarh Fort someplace. It’s also rather intriguing to note that the Archaeological Society of India has warned visitors away from the area after sunset and even forbade them from doing so.

13. Morgan House, Kalimpong

Once upon a time people talk about Morgan house, situated in Kalimpong as one of the most haunted place in India. Generally, Morgan house in Kalimpong is now a tourist lodge. Though the atmosphere is truly haunted. If you search for Haunted Place in India, Morgan house is still in the list for its ambiance.

morgan house kalimpong, haunted place in India.
morgan house kalimpong

My Final Thought

If you want to change your taste and read something interesting, then this article comes. In this article I am trying to cover the most haunted place in India, and if you don’t consider yourself weak-willed, you must visit them. If you have any suggestion, please comment below.