Have you visited Darjeeling many times? And now want to explore Offbeat destinations in the lap of North Bengal that give Darjeeling vibes? Then Lava is for you.

The natural beauty always hugs you at this Kalimpong offbeat. You will be spellbound by its unavoidable and praiseworthy climate as well.

If you plan to visit Kalimpong, don’t miss to visit this beautiful offbeat paradise.

This north Bengal hamlet is one of Kalimpong’s central and most hidden gems, no less than any European country.

While you explore this beautiful Himalayan hamlet, you’ll feel, you’re just in foreign country.

Now, Lava is becoming very popular among tourists.

Nature welcomes you here. You can spend your leisure time with your beloved one.

You should visit this popular Himalayan hamlet once in your lifetime.

This article is indeed a guide for you if you are planning to explore offbeat. 

What do you need to explore an unknown site?

Firstly, knowing how to reach and where the exact location is is necessary. Then, learn what is the best time. 

Most importantly you should have basic knowledge about its major and nearest attractions. You can have all that information. 

Just stay with us so that we can give you the best travel experience with memorable vives. We guarantee this tour will convey lots of unforgettable realizations. So, let’s go ahead.  

What time is best for a Lava Trip?

Lava is an offbeat Kalimpong destination in the lap of the Himalayas.

The pleasant weather makes it the best place to visit any time of the year.

The atmosphere remains pleasant most of the year. 

The temperature of the location is not too high or too low. So, if you suddenly travel to a hill station, this small hamlet must be in your bucket. 

Most hill stations become frizzy in Winter. In contrast, Lava is exceptional. It remains pleasant even in Winter.

Moreover, you can take a break from suffocating Summer by coming here. You know the reason already. 

How to reach Lava?

It would help if you encountered Siliguri or NJP Station. 

Are you planning to make the trip through the railway? Then, choose your destination at New Jalpaiguri/ Siliguri/ or New Mal Junction. 

Why don’t you take off at New Mal Junction? It’ll take you very close to Lava. 

Book a shared or reserved vehicle after stepping at NJP or New Mal Junction. 

The distance of Lava from NJP is barely 105km. And it’s only 58 km from New Mal Junction. 

The entire path is very scenic and plain. Roads are constructed so well by the government of West Bengal.

The unhindered way calls tourists to explore an exquisite ambience. 

Sebak temple and Sebak Coronation Bridge will come across to you during the journey. These two also must visit places during the Lava Lolegaon Trip. 

If you want to take a flight, then choose Bagdogra Airport. You can avail private cab or bus to reach this calm and quite, dream holiday destination.

You’ll get vehicles from the airport to take you to your destination. 

Let’s give you a chart of available trains and airplanes. We hope it will help you considerably.

By Airline

FromToFlight NameDeparture TimeArrival timeTravel Duration
CCU – KolkataIXB – BagdograAIR-INDIA EXPRESSI563408.259:451 hour 20 minutes.
CCU – KolkataIXB – BagdograSPICEJETSG378116:2517:451 hour 20 minutes.

By Train

Howrah Jn (HWH)New Jalpaiguri (NJP)12041 SHATABDI EXPRESS14:2522:558 hours 30 minutes
Sealdah (SDAH)New JalpaiGuri Jn (NJPN)13175 kanchenjunga06:5018:5512 hours 05 minutes.
Kolkata (KOAA)New Jalpaiguri (NJP)13181 KAZIRANGA EXP09:0518:559 hours 50 minutes

Lava Sightseeing Attraction

As a perfect holiday destination, Lava satisfies the soul.

The site is at the top of the hill in Kalimpong district. Situated 30 km from Kalimpong, the place has become a source of pride for Kalimpong. 

Lava is decorated very well with colorful houses and hotels. Various coloured roofs are situated at every step of the mountain. 

For some moment, you will forget it’s in India. It makes you realize stepping into a European country. Isn’t it amazing? 

You can call them an attraction of Lava. 

I think you’re now expecting to learn about other significant attractions in the location. 

Take a look at the mentioned details because I want you to know everything. 

View Himalayan Mountain Ranges

How can the widespread mountain ranges and Himalayan Peaks not be an attraction of any Himalayan Hamlet? 

Visitors and tourist can’t blink at its amazing hill views.

The snow-capped mountain underneath the blue sky looks great. 

The wooden seats are available at the roadside. It’s a pleasure to get rid of tiredness while roaming here and there in this place. Tourists sit there and wonder why they haven’t visited the place before. 

Sikkim tourists even view Lava during a tour to Sikkim.

Places like Parkha, Mamring, Linkey, etc showcase a clear view of it. 

Watch Himalayan Birds

Does watching birds make you happy?

Some people love birds for their nature.

Being free, flying high amidst sky and land, is a dream to most.

Describing Lava as a birdwatcher’s paradise would be appropriate. 

Many Himalayan birds made it their home for its widespread forest. 

The flock of rare birds can be seen throughout the location.

Are you excited to know which birds you can look over? Let’s make it clear to you.

Its home members are Himalayan birds such as Darjeeling, Crimson Breasted, and Bay Woodpecker.

Besides, you can see Patridge, Golden Throated Barbet, and others. 

Clouds in hand

Lava, a dreamland of nature lovers, is basically famous for clouds. 

Clouds in hamlets are common.

So why are we focusing on it? By mistake? No, I know what I’m writing. 

Do you love finding yourself amid cloud? Lava is one of those places where clouds turn around you.

You can touch them and take a piece in your hand. It happens because of its geographical location.

Standing at a very high altitude, it gets connected with clouds. 

Don’t miss the chance. Life might not give you another opportunity to touch clouds. 

Lava Monastery

Traditional Lava Monastery is a significant attraction for sightseeing. It’s also called Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery. 

At the entrance of Lava, the monastery welcomes you.

Close to the local Market, the shrine is a Buddhist Monastery. Goutam Buddha is worshiped here by locals. 

The Third Kongtrul Rinpoche Karma Lodro Chokyi Senge established it. 

The residents of this hamlets are (mostly) Lamas. This shrine is known as their educational institute. Local children take their academic and life lessons from here. 

Visit the monastery to calm your mind.

Many visitors say their minds automatically get calm once they step up to it. It would help you to meditate. 

Lava Church

After the Monastery visit, you’ll confront a small church. It’s just beside the Lava Viewpoint.

The small blue-coloured church is like a mirage.

Christians would be surprised to get a glimpse of it. 

Lava Viewpoint

Couples spending a couple of minutes at Lava Church go for an outstanding panoramic view.

It has a selfi point, “I Love Lava.”

You can capture your sweet memories with candid photography to make the journey remarkable.

There is a park near the viewpoint. 10-15 steps through the stairs will take you there.

Seats are available. Sit for a while and see the mountain ranges. 

Nature Interpretation Center

Nature Interpretation Center, a part of Neora Valley National Park, is just a kilometer from Lava Jeep Stand. 

It is a museum which is situated on Rishi Road. 

The Forest Department of WB maintains the centre. It’s one of the most stunning places to experience due to a Lava Trip. 

The display of Orchid and other flowers will please you. 

Calling Flora and Fauna as residents of the location is appropriate. It enhances the site’s beauty. 

Filled with lush greeneries, you’ll get fresh air.

Animal lovers hope to see the Royal Bengal Tiger by visiting the spot.

Eight years from now, the Royal Bengal Tiger was spotted here.

Since then, people always hope to witness it. If luck is in your favour, you can be that lucky person, too. 

Here, you’ll end up with Lava Sightseeing. Now, let’s explore the nearest attractions. 

Nearest Tourist attraction of Lava

  • TiffinDara Viewpoint
  • Changey Waterfall
  • Rachela Pass
  • Pedong
  • Kolakham
  • Rishyap
  • Hanging Bridge/ Canopy Walkway at Lolegaon

Why is Lava a must-visit place during a Dooars Trip?

Lava, a serene hamlet of Kalimpong, is a must-visit place on a North Bengal Tour. 

Known for its natural beauty, Lava is hidden amidst Flora and Fauna. 

Whether you love adventures, a calm atmosphere, treks or hikes, Lava won’t disappoint you. You won’t even realize how fast time goes at the hamlet. 

If you want fresh air and a pinging cloud on your hand, then it’s your place.

The monastery, mountain view, wildlife, and rare birds await you. Hurry up and make the trip now. 

Darjeeling is located at an altitude of 6,709 feet, whereas Lava is at an altitude of 7,200 feet. 

So, it can provide a different view than Darjeeling.

Where to Stay at Lava?

Though Lava is far from city life, it offers plenty of Western hotels.

Get all the facilities by staying there.

Everything is available in the western washroom: a couple-size room, a geezer, and AC. So you can easily access one of them. 

Personally, we want you to stay at Kolakham, another tour destination. Lava can be covered within 2-3 hours. 

If you want to visit another place in North Bengal to witness, you can spend your night there. 

Budgets are almost equal. 


Lava is known for its magical effect on tourists for its weather and scenic beauty mainly. The birds’ chirp is an attraction that pulls tourists here at Lava. Neora Valley is very close to this place.

You might have started reading the article casually. But now, doesn’t it seem like the place is calling you? It’s natural for its magical, serene ambience.

Every little detail has been shared with you.

The only thing left is to pack your bags and go for it. So please do it. Have some adventure in your daily hectic life.