The West Bengal excursion is incomplete without Sundarban and Dooars sanctuary. Forest lovers have a massive fascination with these two spots. 

Today we will focus on an offbeat Dooars destination, Dalgaon. Dalgaon is a beautiful offbeat place with an incredible atmosphere. The mesmerizing mountain view amazes tourists. 

Dalaon showcases a natural engagement. Every view is realistic, no man’s creation. 

A tour is about enjoying a picnic in a greenery atmosphere, fishing, trekking, swimming, rock climbing, mountain views, bird seeing, etc. If you are willing to enjoy all these in a place, Dalgaon Viewpoint is your ultimate destination. 

We’ll cover the article with detailed information. It’s a travel guide for you. No matter if you have ever visited the spot or not. The article will portray the location. 

Let’s learn how you can reach Dalgaon. Then see the Sightseeing on the way to Dalgaon. After that, check for hotels or homestays to spend the holiday there. Lastly, do not forget to explore what things you can do in Dalgaon. 

How to reach Dalgaon Viewpoint?

Dalgaon Viewpointcomes within the Jhalong Bindu Road. You can reach the place in several ways. Those who want to reach Dalaon by flight should reach Bagdogra airport. It’s the nearest airport. Bagdogra is established in Siliguri. 

Most junctions have a direct train to Dalgaon. Visitors can reach the destination from anywhere. There are direct trains from Howrah or Burdwan, or New Jalpaiguri. 

If you want a friend’s tour, choose a car trip. It’ll be the best road trip. Multiple offbeat streams and wonderful sightseeing places come across the journey. You can enjoy everything, including the expansive pine forest, the rocky path, the abandoned road, etc. 

Where to stay during a Dalgaon trip? 

Dalgaon Viewpoint is located in Sinkona Resort. But the resort is still not usable for visitors. You may look for the nearest hotel or homestay to get some rest. 

As it’s an offbeat destination, staying in a homestay is more relaxed than a hotel. Book your rooms in Dalgaon homestay. It’s a tiny cottage but suitable for families and couples. It’s decorated with a light color theme. Several flowers and plants increase their beauty. 

Sightseeing on the way to Dalgaon Viewpoint

Dalgaon Viewpoint is the prime destination. However, it has several tourist destinations. The destination is mysterious to most people. But to explore it fully, you must determine every little thing that comes across its path.

Sankosh River divides Assam Dooars and west bengal Dooars.

The attractive spots surrounding Dalgaon Viewpoint are Paren, Dodak, Gairibas Viewpoint, Apple Stone, Dalgaon Viewpoint, and Bindu. Neora Valley and Gorumara National Park, Samsing, Jaldhaka Valley, is another best tourist destination in Dalgaon. We told you that you’ll be able to explore Hornbill in Viewpoint.

Visit Rongo to get a close panoramic view of the hornbill. It’s just a few kilometers away from Dalgaon Viewpoint.

Let’s get a brief representation of Dalgaon sightseeing destinations. 


The Jaldhaka River will be with you on your entire journey. The river is on your right side. You can take a glance at Bhutan Hill beside the river. 

Towards the Dalgaon Viewpoint, the first Sightseeing is Paren. Paren is only 5 km away from Jhalong. The village is established on the hilltop. The beauty of Paren attracts nature lovers. Only a few people live here. 

The village has a narrow path. It’s surrounded by greenery. Visit in the monsoon if you want to see a deep forest. A few streams catch tourists’ attention, and these streams increase Paren’s beauty. Stop on the road for a while to take pictures of the milky water of unknown streams. 

Visiting Paren is a must-visit offbeat destination. For whom? People who want to abandon natural places to feel peace. The village seems like a painting.

God has created and enhanced its beauty with bridges, small rocky rivers, and woods. It’s tough to describe its beauty in words. So you must be physically present here. 

Gairibas Viewpoint

On the way to Dalgaon Viewpoint, travelers explore several viewpoints. Gairibas Viewpoint is one of them. It comes on Khunia Jhalong Road.

We can consider it as a breathtaking Darjeeling offbeat destination. It provides a picturesque view of the Jaldhaka River. The bridge looks so amazing. Remember to take selfies or candid pictures.

Whenever you remember the place, go through the pictures. It’ll help you to feel refreshed through imagination. 

Nature always astonishes us. You can see the flowing river as far as your eyes go. Try to explore the small huts or homes on its bank. It is the village, Jhalong. 

Please stay on the spot until it satisfies your soul. Once you spend enough time exploring its beauty, go to Dalgaon.

You will see a turning point from Gairibas’s viewpoint to Dalgaon’s Viewpoint. However, it’s an unknown spot for tourists. We suggest stopping at the turning point for a while to get a fantastic view of the mountain hills. 

Dalgaon Viewpoint

Let’s see the Dalgaon viewpoint, one of the best Doars offbeat destinations. It’s 4-5 kms away only. Only this viewpoint in the area gives a 360-degree view. 

You must book a ticket to get to the entrance. The entry fee is nearly 25-30 rupees per head. 

Govt reserves Dalgaon. Cinchona Resort. The government took responsibility for managing the area.

Various Medicinal plants are cultivated here. The path from the Entry gate to the viewpoint is totally rocky. Try to reach the tower on your feet. Avoid riding any vehicle.

West Bengal Resort looks after the area. But the resort is not for public use till now. 

The variable mountain ranges, widespread river water, flower plants, and watching towers -make it marvelous. The view is impossible to remove from the heart. Far on the left side, The beautiful Paren can be seen. It’s genuinely a lovely offbeat tourist destination. 

Are you interested in exploring more Sightseeing? Let’s take you to the land of Bindu.

Apple Stone

On the journey to Bindu, there is a famous local sightseeing called “Apple Stone.” There is a restaurant on the spot. Food energizes us. Don’t you want something to eat after a long way of journey? Get some Chinese or Indian food from the restaurant. Then visit the spot, “Apple Stone.” 

The spot has a deep connection with its name. Let’s know that. Again you’ll get to see stream water flowing through rocky paths. A big rock is there which looks like an apple. It seems that someone has bitten its part. 

The cool air, widespread forest view, and bridge make it a local sightseeing destination. Please take a look at it. 

Now that you have explored apple stone, we should go for our destination, “Bindu.” So let’s go. 


Bindu, 8 km from Jhalong, is an outstanding, offbeat destination in Darjeeling. It is situated just before the Bhutan border. It’s the last hamlet in West Bengal. Every road and path ends here. The place expands the amazement of Dooars’ trip. The name “Bindu” is a Bengali term. It came from “Point.” 

One of the major attractions of Bindu is Bindu Barrage. The barrage connects Jaldhaka and Bindu rivers. It makes us feel that not every border hints at a war zone. It’s a peaceful place. People lead a peaceful life here. 

The depth of the river is shallow. The tiny river’s crystal clear river water flows without knowing its destination. Many small and big rocks are spread across the riverside. Get close to the water and choose a rock to sit on. You can have amazing photos here. 

How long will you be there? It depends on you. It depends on you how long you want to stay. But avoid being here at night. 

Now let’s take you to some stores. Travel is incomplete without shopping. 

Bindu Bazar is just a few miles away from the barrage. Locals maintain the shops. Everything is available here in winter clothes, bags, hats, and home decor. They are not branded objects.

Sometimes little simple things make us more happy than luxurious objects. Therefore we suggest getting at least something from here. 

What time will be best to explore the beauty of Dalgaon? 

We all are running through a survival zone. We work a month and collect our salary to buy things, have food, and travel the world. The next time you get money, make a tour of Dalgaon viewpoint (Dooars). It’s a small village surrounded by several hills. 

One of the most significant facts is knowing the ultimate time to visit the destination. Are you very busy and have only a few days to tour? In case you can visit anytime you want. But we prefer to visit the place in either summer or winter. Let me tell you why Summer or Winter is preferable. 

In winter, you can enjoy the sunshine, foggy rocks, and nature with dew. At the same time, the summer will help you feel refreshed. Dalgaon has several streams and bridges. Some streams will meet you suddenly. They are wonderful beauties with no fame or name. 

Things to Do While Dalgaon Tour

Dalgaon Viewpoint is a mystery. You can do a lot of things in this offbeat tourist destination. 

Everyone should add this tourist destination to their bucket for Dooars’ trip. Dalgaon is a true offbeat destination with some examples. First of all, you can explore nature from very close. 

Everything is natural here. The people who live here live a hard life. Still, they are honest. They lead a simple life and earn money genuinely. We are saying these to you for a reason. 

We live around toxic people. And such people make us disbelieve people. But the Dalgaon people will teach how people should be. Their respectful behaviors towards others, simplicity, and honesty are centric. So observing their nature is a priority in Dalgain. 

Dalgaon Viewpoint allows us to view the Jaldhaka River Valley. Jaldhaka Valley is one of the best Dalgaon Sightseeing spots. Sit on its bank for a while. Watch how it continuously flows through with unknown destination like human beings. It teaches us to go with the flow no matter what. 

The river is an adventurous tourist spot for various activities. Enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, and trekking here. Some stay for hours to capture the beauty of the river on their camera. 

Others sit on its bank with a trusted shoulder. It has a picturesque beauty which attracts tourists. 

A wide range of birds, like parakeets, hornbills, and khaleej, can be seen here. Be always ready to get surprised by them. Make your cameras ready to capture their astonishing moments. 

There is another thing you can do in Dalgaon. The local citizens used to perform their ritual (Chinta), which is notable. Watching them doing Chinta gives you goosebumps. 

Besides, you can visit Pine Forest to explore the interaction of shadow and sun rays. 


A tour of Dalgaon’s viewpoint is something that every tourist wants. If you want an atmosphere surrounded by greenery and flowing rivers, go for it. You have got every little info regarding Dalgaon viewpoint sightseeing. Enjoy the tour and guidance.

We tried to create a visionary image of the place. It will help you to imagine the picturesque view without appearing physically. If you want your dreams to come true, pack your bags and explore the destination.