Have you ever planned to visit offbeat Darjeeling? If you love pleasant atmosphere, tranquil hamlet, tea garden, river and large forest, offbeat Mimgaon is ideal.

If you are a true offbeat lover, don’t miss to explore the charming Mimgaon while you are planning to visit Darjeeling.

Darjeeling offbeat destinations are getting popular day by day because of many reasons. Magnificent natural beauty makes you love visiting offbeat places mainly near Darjeeling.

Mimgaon is a small calm hill station located near Darjeeling. It offers everything that an offbeat hill destination needs to have.

Everything is in one place, from Mountain ranges to the vast forest, from rivers to tea gardens, from a perfect nature view to the Kanchenjunga view. 

The place has something rare to find. The calm you find here is impossible to find anywhere else.

Mimgaon became outstanding for its simplicity. Rustic people’s lives here are straightforward and kind-hearted.

They will teach you how to be calm and behave properly without telling you a word. 

Travellers fall in love with the location. The beauty of the place took you there several times.

Explore the place through the article.

Here we showcase how you can reach. It will derive you to an imagery world to experience refreshment.

You can plan after going through the entire article.  

What to do at Mimgaon? 

Everyone wants an honest review with no lies and nothing. The best thing you can do at Mimgaon is to relax. The cloudy circumstances make it a comfortable destination.

Have you seen schoolchildren while returning home? The clouds look the same. They go from one direction to another without being disciplined. 

The location is so lovely. You can sit anywhere. This offbeat destination looks fantastic from every corner. You’ll get amazed by its beauty. The surrounding forest, tea garden, and mountains make it the perfect offbeat destination. 

Mimgaon holds a watchtower. The height is very high. Climbing on it seems adventurous. Go upside to see the unforgettable sunrise view of magical Mount Kanchenjunga. 

Mim tea garden is located within a few steps. Visit the tea garden. See the process of how tea gets packed. 

If you want to fill your soul with joy, sit on a garden bench. You can also walk on the abandoned roads. There is a tea factory. Lots of local people work there. Try to talk to them.

They will cooperate with you. Their behaviour is so good. You may have known them for years. 

There is a riverside in Mimgaon. It’s only a few kilometres away from the Homestay.

Visiting there comes on your doing list. Hire a car if you are tired of walking. The car will take you there. Among the tea garden and the forest, you will reach this beautiful north Bengal offneat  

Now let’s talk about night vives. We suggest coming back to the Homestay before 10. It’ll be safe.

Everyone suggests sleeping earlier. But I would like to recommend you to be awake. Plug your earphones in. Leave the phone on the bed. Look outside and see the Mountain views. 

It looks incredible at night. It would help if you did it once in your life. It will give an excellent feel, a fixed memory in the mind. 

How to reach? 

Mimgaon is located in Darjeeling. Take a flight and reach Bagdogra, the only North Bengal airport. Or you can start from NJP (New Jalpaigudi) station, the gateway of North Bengal.

You can reach using shared cab, rented car or even bu Bus. But for Bus, you may do split journey.

If you are at Darjeeling and want to explore offbeat Mimgaon, book a cab from Ghoom station. It’ll be on your budget.

Shared vehicles are available at a fixed time. So you must manage your time carefully. 

Reason to Visit

People want to get out of their burst busy life. Sometimes taking a break and discovering a calm attractive place can remove all the stress. Mimgaon is a perfect destination. It’s ideal for those who are searching for an utterly offbeat place. 

You can hardly see some tourists here. Only a few home stays are there. A combination of forests, small mountain rivers and tea gardens, along with calm atmosphere is a perfect holiday destination. The paths are rocky. It will be best to walk through the path. 

The flowers of different colours are amazing to see. Many butterflies and bees sit up to the flowers and do their job. 

We are afraid of getting a judgement by others. Some of us have a passion to do photography. After clicking so many photographs, we only get one perfect picture. Try your photography skill here. No one will be there to judge you. 

The riverside will satisfy you for sure. Sit on the rock, sink your feet in the white flowing water and see the greenery views. 

Walk 5 minutes from there; you will end up with an almost destroyed dam. People with good observation find beauty even in destroyed things. So you must be very careful to find out why you visit the site. 

Best time to Explore

The best time to explore the beauty of Mimgaon is February to April. Spring is the picking time of the first flush tea. The weather remains pleasant. Monsoon is another preferred time.

In the meantime, the rain may lock you in the room. However, it looks impressive when rain bathes the greenflies outside. 


Every offbeat place amazed us. Mimaon is one of the best offbeat visiting places near Darjeeling. Moving around the people, we get bored. All we need is a break. Visit unavoidable north Bengal offbeat, Mimgaon. Hug natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. This article may help you a lot if you are planning to visit this less crowded offbeat destination.

What are the nearest visiting places of Mimgaon? 

There are lots of attractive visiting places near Mimgaon. Lepchajagat, Mirrik, Pashupati, Sukiapokhri, Sandakphu are prime point. Remember to take a glance at them. 

How many tea gardens are in Darjeeling? 

Darjeeling is famous for its tea gardens. The world knows it. More than 80 tea gardens are spread around Darjeeling. Mimgaon is one of them. Travellers visit Mimgaon to see the tea garden to its production process. 

How is Mimgaon named Mimgaon?

A British lady once managed the Mimgaon tea garden. Her name was Mem. The term “Mimgaon” is derived from Mem.