Have you any dream to spend a day in a offbeat hill station? If you wish that, Lamadara is an ideal offbeat destination for you.

Darjeeling, or Kalimpong, is a renowned hill station and tour destination for most travellers. Almost every year tons of tourists come to explore Darjeeling and its surrounding.

Time is changing. Over time, people are also changing. They are no longer interested in popular crowded places. Now, visitors look for offbeat destinations. They wish to spend some alone time amidst nature.

Hungry Tourer’s favourite visiting spot is now the offbeat destination of north Bengal. It’s a place where they can explore the incredible beauty of nature from very close. 

If you want to avoid crowded place, offbeat destination might be a great option.

Today, we have covered an ideal offbeat, Lamadara, located in Kalimpong.

The hamlet is in Samthar. It’s a viewpoint from where you can have a 360 view of Deorali village. It gives a widespread view of Mount Kanchenjunga.  

Let’s explore the mystery of the location with us. This article will cover all the info regarding the Lamadara Sightseeing. You can’t reach the corner without having a real-life guide.

Google Maps might end you suffering at the wrong destination. Therefore, we suggest you complete this post by the end. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey and the secret of the hamlet. 

How to visit Lamadara?

Lamadara is a peak point in Samthar village. It is located in Kalimpong district. The distance of the homestay from NJP is only 70 kilometers. No one can imagine such an enchanting place near NJP.

Darjeeling is known to everyone. Why don’t you enjoy a different atmosphere where nature is the only companion? No crowd, no hectic schedule; it’ll only give you mental peace and a soulful experience. 

It takes about hours to reach the hamlet from NJP, among Kalijhora. You can’t have any shared vehicle or corporate bus to come to the spot as it’s an unknown location.

You must get a private car. You can also book a private cab or car. They’ll take you there without any location difficulties. 

You don’t need any headache. You can sit on a window seat, lean out, and enjoy the North Bengal Offbeat Tour.

The running nature will be amusing. Though the destination is Lamadara, it’ll give you the enjoyment of the entire North Bengal Tour, including Kalimbong. 

A Brief Description of Lamadara Homestay

Lamadara is making a prosperous space amidst travelers’ hearts. The Homestay takes up 90% space. They are well decorated. The different colors of the cottages attract the most.

There are about 11 cottage rooms, including a western washroom. Twenty-two people can comfortably adjust themselves there. There is an assembly kitchen that visitors use to complete their meals. 

The inner side of the room is made of wood, where you can have a king-size bed and a wardrobe. Every wardrobe has two essential accessories: a towel and a blanket.

A massive lawn is covered with artificial grass. Children find themselves happy as there are a lot of small children’s rides like Slippery and more. 

You must leave the room and stand on the lawn to enjoy the 360-degree mountain view. Every room has a table and a couple of chairs just before the doorside. Not only that, they even have balconies which give an enchanting sight. 

Doesn’t it sound curious? No traveler can stop themselves from exploring the place. I can bet it, damn. 

When is the best time to explore Lamadara?

Now that you have a valid reason for visiting the place let’s learn the perfect time to visit Lamadara. Well, it depends on the individual—some love rainy weather.

Rain and hill ranges have a romantic combination. Monsoon is one of the best seasons to explore the hamlet.

The raindrops wash every drop of dust from trees. The forests get wider and greener. Moreover, the hide-and-seek game of clouds satisfies our eyes.

Even the Teesta River retains another look. It gets swelling up. If you have this serene atmosphere, then choose monsoon. 

Autumn is also a perfect time to visit this spot or North Bengal. The Homestay is decorated with several plants. The plants will have blossoms and flowers in their branches in Autumn. It expands the beauty more. So you can visit the spot in Autumn. 

Why is Lamadara called a hidden gem amidst North Bengal?

The location itself is a mystery. The hamlet is still a virgin spot in the top peak of Samthar. The area is represented in a way that it looks like a portrait. The beauty of Teesta, the various size of mountain ranges, and the sun’s rise from Mount Kanchenjunga is mesmerizing.

The tiny hamlet, is at an altitude of 1200 meters. The entire district, Kalimpong, is famous for cultivating various crops. Crops like rice, corn and lots of seasonal vegetables are produced here. Besides, ginger, garlic, and turmeric are seen here. We request you to see the process of farming in hill stations. 

These are some reasons why this tiny hamlet is called a hidden gem. The beauty of the place attracts souls. It will seduce you again and again once you step into the soil of Lamadara. 

What to do in Lamadara?

This place is all about feeling nature and the serene atmosphere. We can help you know how you can pass the time in Lamadara. However, we believe that beautiful circumstances dodge time. Visitors don’t even understand how time passes here. Let’s see what we can do during the the Tour. 

  1. You can sit in a group on the lawn and find those ’90s magical moments. That was a golden moment when we all used to gather and sit together without mobile phones. 
  2. At night, sit in front of a bonfire. The homestay staff will arrange everything. They will charge 500 rupees for that. 
  3. Rise early in the morning and have a cup of tea. Thus, you can observe the sunrise view from the summit of Kanchenjunga. 
  4. The morning is more friendly with the gurgling of birds and windy, hilly airs. Enjoy that because not everyone gets the chance. 
  5. Explore the local sights. 
  6. Walk around the Santhar village. Talk to locals to learn more about them. 
  7. Explore the cultivation process in that particular area. And learn what locals produce and how they survive from a distance of towns. 
  8. Visit the Kalimpong market and old bazaar for shopping. 
  9. Barbeque is also available in the lawn area. Ask the staff for that; they will even arrange 2kg chicken to make the evening more spicy. 
  10. The most enjoyable thing is playing nothing and enjoying nature just like aa lazy panda. 

Lamadara Sightseeings 

We came to know about it’s geographical location. It is in Santher, Kalimpong. It’s a tremendous offbeat visiting place in North Bengal.

Pedong is one of the best sightseeing spots in Lamadara. You can visit there. Charkhol, Deorali, and Lava are some more. Besides, we suggest you oversee the local monasteries Kalimpong market. They are great visiting spots in Kalimpong

If you have ever visited North Bengal, you must have heard of Neora Valley Park. It is just 44 km away from the town of Kalimpong. Visit there. It’s an ideal place to visit for birdwatchers or family tours.

There are some more tiny hamlets. It would help if you visited them as much as possible. They are mostly offbeat and surrounded by vast forests. Flora and Fauna are everywhere. Mount Kanchenjunga is a companion of most hamlets.

Do not miss any viewpoint or watch tower, including Santher Village itself. Thus, you can realize a great tour that holds a lifetime memory.


We hope you are very keen to explore Lamadara. So what are you waiting for? Even the time is perfect. Just ask your buddies or get out with your family members. Solo travelling is not that bad if you get the company of the village itself. It requires nothing at all. Just get some money and get some relaxation. Are you planning to explore offbeat Lamadara and make your trip completely different?