Have you ever spend a day in Rongo? Have you experienced a pure hamlet near Darjeeling?

The tiny hamlet Rongo is near the Bhutan border. Far from city, you can spend your holidays amid nature.

The altitude of this hamlet is 9,840 ft above sea level.

Do you know why this village is going to be your next vacation destination?

North Bengal means not only Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Dooars, but also various beautiful offbeat places.

This picture postcard hamlet in Gourbathan district of Kalimpong (27.0435°N 88.8335°E.) is an ideal tourist destination now.

Do you know why are we talking about this offbeat destination near Dooars over other North Bengal popular Tourist Spots?

Relax, we’ll explain everything.

Through the article, we’ll discuss how to visit Rongo, what to do, and what sightseeing awaits us here. 

If you are a true wanderlust, this article is for you.

In short, this offbeat village in Kalimpong district is a hidden gem of North Bengal.

Indeed, we call it heaven for nature lovers.

The comprehensive white cloud over the mountain peaks, the Valley of Jaldhaka and a Serene Atmosphere is the ultimate definition of the site.

You can enjoy the River Camping with Trekking amidst dense forests by visiting here. Let’s feel the refreshment and amazement through nature. 

Are you excited to spend your holidays here? Here is a short detailed guide that may help you.

How to Reach Rongo

The scenic beauty of the spot calls tourists to its chest. The prime focus of traveling is the process of reaching. As the hamlet is unknown to most, travelers must learn how to get there. 

You can reach the site in various ways. Start the journey from Siliguri or NJP or Bagdogra Airport.

It’s an around of 96 kilometers from Siliguri via NH 17. It takes almost 3 – 3.5 hours (depending on road condition).

Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Rongo. The distance is 107 km. So, you can easily reach via air from anywhere.

Even you can avail cab or bus to reach Rongo. Though being a hamlet, bus service up to your hotel or homestay may be unavailable. So, cab is better in this case.

New Mal Junction is the nearest Railway Station to Rongo. It only takes 2 hours to reach by shared vehicle or private car. 

From NJP, you’ll come across Siliguri. By crossing Chalsa, Malbazar, and Chapramri, reach Khuniamore. Take the left turn from here; it takes you to the Gourinibas. Again, turn left to reach your destination, Rongo Village/ Forest. 

Things you Must Do During the Tour

Rongo is one of the most found jewels of North Bengal tours.

You’ll get refreshed by spending time amid beautiful nature. Offbeat destinations’ beauty is enjoying uninterrupted nature with a cup of tea or coffee in your hand. If you are with your closest one, this trip will be memorable.

North Bengal is an emotion for most travelers. Rongo, a peaceful, offbeat destination in North Bengal, is ideal for tour lovers. Why it must be in your travel bucket?

  • A birdwatcher must visit here. The reason is quite simple. Being amidst nature with River Jaldhaka, various birds choose it as their home. Various species of Himalayan Birds come across the spot. Visitors and locals often see the colorful birds. These birds are scarce. So, you must visit the place if you are keen on watching birds flying freely. Photographers choose the spot for their photography. It will satisfy both your eyes and soul. 
  • Besides watching birds, another thing is evident for you as a visitor. Let’s know what it is. Colorful tiny village houses and cottages surround Rongo. The combination of the houses and the blooming flowers is unforgettable. Visitors realize they don’t need a mansion or luxury flats to lead a happy life. A peaceful soul can spend their whole life in tiny houses. 
  • Trees are one of the most prominent features of nature: the Himalayan blooming flowers, rows of trees and bushes spread here. Be close to them and feel the greenery. It’ll give you relaxation. 
  • You know what’s the most important thing to do here? It’ll be better if we say what we can teach here. It is said that a simple life is necessary to be happy. The local people’s lifestyle, behavior towards others, helpfulness and ever smiling face gives us a massive lesson. They don’t have enough money or have a luxurious life. Still, they know how to smile and be happy with what they have. And there is no fake smile, and it’s genuine. So you must meet the locals and chat with them if possible. 
  • The urban people are most unaware of rustic lifestyles. Most of them are busy with their office life. So they won’t get extra time to see what rural people do, how they earn or deal with life. Therefore we suggest you watch over their activities. 
  • Kids nowadays are busy with their phones. They don’t even go outside to play. The kids of Rongo are fond of outdoor sports. They spend their free time playing with each other. Kids playing their favorite sports are much better than kids with smartphones. You can teach your kid what they miss by spending time on a mobile. Moreover, some people love spending time with kids. So include this as an essential part of your trip to Rongo. 
  • Walk through the dense forest and village paths to feel the air and refreshment. 
  • River Jaldhaka is so close to the village. You can see its movement from the village. It attracts tourists. So save some time from the day to visit the riverside. Some even take baths in its water. It depends on your interest. 
  • Discover all the sights. The sightseeing spots are waiting for people to come and step their feet into them. 
  • Keep the last day for the nearest attractions. So many North Bengal Destinations come on their way. Places like Jhalong, Bindu, Rishop, and Dalgaon are some of the nearest places to visit in Rongo.
  • Youngsters nowadays mostly wish to go camping or camping with their buddies. Let me tell you Rongo is well known for its riverside camp. So, staying in a tent before a fire is a must-have thing in Rongo. 
  • It’s gaining its fame for the Medicinal plantation. It has become an important place to grow cinchona and other medicinal plants. So look over them as they are rare to see. 
  • There is a small waterfall in Rongo. You can use the place to spend your afternoon or evening. Spend some time on the rocks with your feet in the water. It’s very relaxing. 
  • Enjoy your nights in the homestay rooms or tents. Listen to your favorite song and watch the magical view of the mountains at night. 

What are the Tourist Attractions of Rongo?

You already know what you can do in Rongo. It includes local sightseeing. You should know its top attractions. Enjoy these sightseeing close to the village just by walking.

River Valley Homestay

River Valley Homestay is considered a place to stay. More than a homestay, it is one of Rongo’s best places to visit. It is made just beside the valley.

There is a small bamboo bridge which attracts people. You can reach the next corner of the place through the bridge. Local people go through it.

The stream water is the primary source of water supplement for the villagers. They collect water from here. Seeing them collecting water from natural resources is a beautiful image. 

Bhutan Border

Rongo is very close to the Bhutan Border. So we prefer you to visit the border. Naturally, we came up with a vibrant image of borders. It symbolizes war zones, the sound of bullets and fear in everyone’s face. But this border is unique. It’s peaceful, just like the place itself. 

From the border, you can take a glimpse of Bhutan. The site showcases the magnificent view of mountain ranges. It is situated 9,840 ft above sea level and offers a dense forest view with a Jaldhaka River view. The river view is very soothing. You can see the Valley of Jaldhaka. 

Rongo Monastery

Let’s take you to another visiting place in Rongo. Within 2 km, Rongo Monastery is a must-visit tourist spot in North Bengal. You can end up here by following the tiny path amidst the forest. The term “Rongo” defines peace. How can it not have a monastery? Monasteries are a sign of peace. 

It works as a retreat center where the monks or nuns help visitors to get meditation. It’s not that big. Some monks look after it. You can have personal counseling by talking to them. They never divert you into the wrong path. So be fearless while having a conversation with them. 

Rongo Market

A tour is a tour with shopping. Shopping is a necessary thing to do. Therefore, I want to introduce you to the local market of Rongo. The market is another best visiting place here.

Rongo Market is about 2 km away from the Monastery. It’s small. However, it satisfies travelers with basic life things. You’ll get some handmade things from here. It proves the talent of the villagers. 

Don’t forget to shop from the market. The purchased item from here will always remind you about the journey. 

River Valley

Next, you’ll be attracted to Rongo, the River Valley. Most visitors come to see the mesmerizing beauty of the valley. The flying birds, gurgling sound of water, cold air and rocks sinking half on it is nothing less than heaven. 

Some people only visit here to get the amazement of North Bengal river camping. Do you want the same? If yes, visit the valley site and enjoy the serene ambiance.


Offbeat destinations became the ultimate companions of lone souls. Most people seek somewhere far away from humans and daily hectic lives. That’s why we told you about Rongo, an unknown offbeat destination.

I hope you get clarified about the major attractions of the place. Besides that, the place is perfect for adventure lovers. There is a huge list of how you should spend your holiday here. Please follow the list to have a great, memorable North Bengal Tour.