Bengali love to travel. North Bengal is the perfect destination for tourists. October to May is the perfect time to visit hill stations. Have you made your plan for this winter? Or you’re still stuck in confusion?

You might have visited Dooars or Darjeeling many times. But do you know there are lots of offbeat places in North Bengal that are attracting travelers? Offbeat destinations are like beehives, and visitors are like bees. They are buzzing. 

We have found a sacramental destination for you. It’s like getting a touch of frost that’ll gratify the soul completely. The Panbu at Kalimpong in North Bengal is a hidden gem for travel lovers. 

It’s also known as Selfie Dara. The lone solitary atmosphere with the view of Kanchenjunga wearing the white dress is something gorgeous. It’s more than gorgeous. It’s just something unforgettable. 

Only a few hamlets exist that witness both the majestic sunrise and sunset view. At once, you’ll get both. The diversity of hills and Dooars, the Siliguri lighthouses, the Teesta River view – what else do you want? It’s amazing to get everything in one place, that too in a 360-degree view. 

Let’s take you to an unknown world, far away from turbulence. Going through the article will help you get each and every piece of information regarding the Panbu tour camp. Complete the article to know how to reach, what to do, why choose the sight over other’s hamlet.

What else does this article hold? Is it a question that is flowing in your mind? If so, then let’s go through it without ruining the time. 

How do you get yourself at Panbu? 

The destination is fixed for you. Now, the biggest task is to find out the easiest route to reach Panbudara. It’s one of the most amazing viewpoints in Kalimpong district, West Bengal.

The place is still a hidden gem in the soil of North Bengal. But nobody wants to keep their eyes away from such a beautiful place. Therefore, it’s natural for hungry tourists to reach the spot as soon as possible. So hurry up and discover it before anyone else. 

You can start the journey from any corner of India. There are three available routes – by air, by train and via the main road. Let’s discuss how you can reach the hamlet by air. 

By Air

Departure fromArrival atAirplane NameDeparture Time- Arrival Time
KolkataBagdograAir-India Express I55826:35- 7:55
By Flight

The nearest railway junction is NJP. Let’s check the list of trains that will take you there. 

By Train

Departure fromArrival atTrain NameDeparture TimeArrival Time
Howrah Junc.NJP22301 VANDE BHARAT EXP05:5513:25
SealdahNJP13175 KANCHANJUNGA06:5017:55
By Train

By Road

Once you reach NJP or Siliguri, you have to book a shared vehicle or private car. Reach Panbu or Samther via Kalijhora road. Between 2-2:30 hours, they will leave you at your dream destination. 

What is the ideal time to visit Panbu?

You can visit Panbu throughout the year. Whenever you feel the absence of mental peace or refreshment, you can plan a tour here.

October to March is referred to as the best time of arrival at Panbu. This time is considered as the time of nature. Nature holds an unbelievable beauty in this period. The place holds the stunning beauty of mountain ranges with a clear blue sky. 

The sight is a stunning viewpoint where you can observe how beautiful Teesta is. It touches the soil from a high peak and gets shattered in various arms. Teesta creates its own way.

If you wish to view the swelling of its water, then come before October. In the meantime, the monsoon doesn’t bid goodbye. The beauty of Teesta can clearly be seen at this time. But it can be risky as there might be a collapse. 

What to do in Panbu

In the hills of North Bengal, the only place that witnesses both sunrise and sunset is Panbu. This is the biggest reason for visiting the place. From the utmost of sight, you can see both the Sebak Railway Bridge and the Coronation Bridge.

River Teesta falls to the plain land from the hill peak. It’s a puzzle to find the place of origin and the end. It has a lot of branches. Everything can be seen from the destination. 

The wide-left forest of Teesta is the Mahananda Wide forest. The hills have various villages that can be seen from here. Even the small houses of Siliguri can be seen. The evening view is the most astonishing fact about the spot. 

As for sightseeing in Panbu, you can sit somewhere alone and explore the elegance of mountain ranges, valleys and lights from afar. This is the small hamlet that we are talking about. The roads are very clean.

You can walk along the path and explore the cultivated area. Locals produce rice, cardamom and some more. If you haven’t seen a cardamom plant, then we suggest you take a glance at it. 

You can either stay at a tent or homestay. Both are beautiful. There is a new cottage made by locals. It itself is sightseeing.

The cottage has a big lawn. A parking area is also available. One of the stunning parts of the homestay is the hanging watchtowers. There are so many hanging sitting areas. You can have a cup of tea in the evening and enjoy the sunset view.

Decorated in a good manner, the homestay has a lot of plants in the tub. All of these are something that is rare to see staying in urban areas. So we suggest not to miss anything. Spend an entire day at Panbu to explore its magic. 

Local attractions of Panbu you are suggested to unfold

The natural, splendid beauty of Pandu attracts tourists. It has been only a few months or years since visitors have uncovered the hidden gem of the sight. There are some more promising places near the point.

Since it’s in Kalimpong, you can see a few more hamlets and places. The notable places mentioned below are must-visits for visitors.


Barely 25 kilometers away from your destination, a magnificent place holds the soil. It is Lolegaon. The names are known to most for their immense beauty.

Located at an altitude of 1775 meters, Lolegaon portrays the beauty of snow-capped Kanchenjunga. The tranquility of a sleepy town makes the place a perfect getaway.

Admitting the place a natural heaven is appropriate. It showcases the farthest end of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Make a tour at Lolegaon to have a memorable North Bengal Tour. 


Lava and Lolegaon are adjacent. They are like twins. One completes the other. Again, it shows a similar mountain view, just like Lolegaon. Lava has two canopy monasteries that attract most tourists.

The Lava Buddhist Monastery and Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery are situated in Lava. They became famous for the serene beauty at the hilltop. You can have a short trek till the monastery arrives. 

The lush woodland surrounded them by sharing a magical widespread forest view. Merely 25 km away from Panbu, Lava is landed. Remember to visit the spot to have some amazing glimpses. 


Only 5 kilometers away from Pandu, a birdwatcher’s paradise is waiting. The place is named Charkhole. It takes only 40 minutes to reach. You can also directly come from Kalimpong at a distance of 30 km. 

Travelers love the spot, and it has become one of the best Offbeat destinations in Eastern Himalaya. Spend a night at Charkhole to taste the bonfire amidst the forest.

Birds like Ashley Prinia, Himalayan Bulbul, Green Backed, Pippit and more admit the village as their home. They are rare to find. So you must see how beautifully they settled down amidst nature. It can also be a private photography session. 

Watching the riots of changing colors on the surface of Kanchenjunga is a must-do thing to do at Charkhole. Let’s see what next surprise is waiting for you. 

Kolakham and Changey Falls 

The next destination should be Kolakham for those who choose to visit Charkhole. It is just km away. You can have a bath in the fall to have some adventure. You’ll find nicely decorated staircases. Start walking through it.

1.5 km of a walkway will take you to the Kolakham village. It’s on a hilltop. And a waterfall on the top of a hill feels no less than a campaign. 

Hence, we end up on the journey to Panbu. The entire journey from Siliguri or NJP or Kalimpong is a short tour. The Kanchenjunga peeps from everywhere. It seems that it won’t leave you alone. 


Thank you for choosing us to show the world with the best views and visions. Enjoy the panoramic view of Kanchenjunga, different cultural foods, sunrise and sunset views, and a tranquil atmosphere. 

At last, all we can claim is that Panbu is a magical sight. It’ll give refreshes, a comfort zone, mental satisfaction and pleasure. Have a safe journey.