Offbeat tourism is trending. If you love exploring the real beauty, visit offbeat destinations.

Have you ever heard of Lepchajagat?

Lepchajagat is a tranquil hamlet near Darjeeling, the queen of hills.

It is around 7000 ft above the sea level.

Here nature hugs you.

The chirping of birds in daytime and song of cricket at evening fascinate you.

The pleasant and calm atmosphere silently talks to you.

If you have the eyes of beauty, beautiful place of Lepcha people (or community) will bring next level happiness.

Dense wild forest with pine, oak, rhododendrons, beautiful view point, and greeny atmosphere is the key.

Mt Kanchenjunga in the north eastern part is the prime attraction.

Make a plan to explore this unseen offbeat destination of north Bengal.

Lepchajagat is a small tranquil offbeat hill station near Darjeeling.

It is named after the region “Lepcha.” 

You’ll arrive at the location through a beautiful road surrounded by wild forest.

From the Lepchajagat viewpoint, you can see the mesmerising view of snow-capped Mount Kanchenjunga. 

Additionally, you can witness Darjeeling town as well.

Apart from the above, here are six breathtaking places to rejuvenate yourself with real beauty.

Let’s come, how to reach, when to visit, and what to explore!

Lepchajagat: Definition of Beauty

If you believe in exploring yourself, travelling is the best option.

Get rid of daily monotonous life, take a break and pack your luggage.


Where to go? Don’t worry! I am here to guide you.

If you are a true orophile, you can visit Lepchajagat once and explore these beautiful places.

The charming beauty of Lepchajagat viewpoint is the first attraction.

Lepchajagat Viewpoint

We should explore beautiful sightseeing from Lepchajagat Viewpoint.

The picturesque Kanchanjunga view along with Darjeeling town is the prime attraction here.

Only a 100 (around) meters trekking from the main road, you can reach there.

A combination of narrow pathway, chirping of birds, and mysterious wild forest welcomes you.

We request everyone to rise early. In this way, you will see the whitish peak view. 

There are some benches and swings.

Sit on the bench and enjoy a peaceful circumstance. Youths or children can enjoy the swings.

The place will satisfy you. The peak through the foggy runny clouds is impressive. The feeling is very peacemaking. 

We love waiting for something great.

One of the best feelings is finding a clear view of Kanchenjunga through clouds.

Mount Kumbhakarna is just beside it.

The next peak is Kabru South and Kabru North.

Mount Kanchenjunga is divided into three parts or peaks. They are South, Central and Main Kanchenjunga. 

Try to start Lepchajagat Sightseeing at the beginning of the Monsoon.

In time, the trees, bushes, or air remains refreshed. It will make you realize how nature heals people. 

Try to capture the moment as soon as possible because the clouds come fast. A little ignorance can again cover the mountain peaks with clouds. 

Now return to the same path to explore the next Lepchajagat Sightseeing destination. 

Wild Pine Forest

Lepchajagat became a stunning offbeat destination with several viewpoints.

You have learned about one viewpoint already. Now the second one is Pine Forest View Point. 

The forest has a series of Pine trees with no other trees.

It’s very thick and darker than other Lepchajagat Sightseeing destinations.

The reason behind the place’s darkness is the thickness and height of the trees. 

Be there for a while. See how beautifully clouds move from one direction to another.

The foggy forest is an actual picture of nature’s beauty. You can see the exact thing here.

The view is exactly like movie scenes. You’ll feel a cinematic view. 

Wait, if any birdwatcher is there who loves to see different species of birds?

The site is going to fascinate them with beautiful bird songs. It’s home to many birds. 

Go through the narrow path. It will take you to the middle of the forest.

Head a short photography session. It’ll lead you to a perfect candid.

Make this standing selfie or photo your dp. Every tourist visits the place. The parking area will give its proof. 

Are you done with the pine forest? If yes, then Jorpokhri should be your next Lepchajagat Sightseeing point. 


There is a bazar in Lepchajagat. Visit the market for a complete Lepchajagat Sightseeing.

It is Sukhia bazar, 3-4 km from the leading destination.

Sukhiabazar has two turns; take the right turn to reach Jorpokri.

The term “Jorpokhri” has two syllables with two meanings. “Jor” means two, and “Pokhri” means lake, as some know.

The location is named after these two lakes.

It’s a small lake with lots of natural decoration and a viewpoint.

In the middle of the water is a statue of a snake with five mouths. It’s the first noticeable thing.

The unavoidable scene of the lake is a massive group of swans.

The swans are very rare to find nowadays. You must take a minute to caption the fantastic scene. 

Go to its viewpoint to get a more captivating view.

You’ll be able to see the whole place and surroundings from here.

Dhupi and Pine Forest are their surroundings. The lake gives a romantic view. Sit on the benches beside the lake with your companion.

Sit for a while and talk to each other. From here, you can survive all mental breaks.

A perfect natural location and a companion are all we want. Jorpokhri gives you that chance.

You can have a glance at Salamander if you are lucky enough.

Jorpokhri was once the home of Salamanders. But now it has become rare to see them. 

Spend time in such a calm atmosphere as long as you want. 

Nepal Border

Do you want to experience the nation border very closely?

You are only a few steps away. From Jorpokhri, move towards the India-Nepal Border.

The border is also known as Simana. Nepal border comes across Lepchajagat Sightseeing. 

In the middle of the forest, there is a peach road.

The road will be ended up at Nepal India Border.

Be careful while you cross the road. Most often, visitors see red pandas here. 

Usually, people avoid the border. Some are interested to see what the border looks like.

Don’t worry border always doesn’t mean a war zone.

This border is very disciplined, calm and fearless.

There is only a road between India and Nepal. Within a few seconds, you can visit another country. Isn’t it funny? We think it is. 

You’ll indeed be surprised to see the border image. It’s different than movie scenes. 

Pashupati Market

Located just beside the Nepal Border, Pashupati Market is a tourist attraction.

You can find another Lepchajagat Sightseeing view here. 

Do you know the best part of the market? 

The best thing is that you can buy various cosmetics and other things here.

Most of them are from Thailand. Buy something as an art of Thailand.

The things will remain as a memory of the Lepchajagat Sightseeing Tour. 

The market is quite famous to both locals and tourists.

Buy Trekking gear from the market if you have hiking plans.

Surprisingly most tourists make plans all of a sudden after visiting Pashupati Marketing.

The accessories that the market holds motivate them. 

Winter wears, shoes, clothes, backpacks, tents and others are available.

But be very careful when you are going to buy branded items. Some sellers might cheat you with fake products. 

Nepalians are not allowed to access this market.

Only Indians are allowed. Borrow some id that admits you are an Indian citizen.

By showing the id, you can get entry into the market. 

Are you keen to learn about more offbeat Lepchajagat sightseeing destinations? Let’s explore another place.

Gufa Patal Viewpoint (Nepal)

Only 100 meters away from West Bengal, Gufa Patal Viewpoint attracts everyone.

Lepchajagat has lots of incredible tourist destinations.

They come at a short distance from each other. 

Gufa Viewpoint is one of the most beautiful viewpoints among other viewpoints of Lepchajagat.

It gives visitors an excellent feeling with greenery.

Move your feet towards the upside, and you’ll get a chance to see Nepal. 

Let me introduce you to an interesting fact. Lepchajagat is a tour in West Bengal.

So it is unexpected to visit a Nepal visiting place.

You heard the right. By entering Gufa Patal Viewpoint, you can reach Nepal. Gufa Point is located in Nepal. 

It’s a plain landscape with green grass.

Your eyes will be filled with joy to get a mountain view.

If you are visiting in the afternoon, wait until sunset.

Watching the sunset in a quiet area feels mind-blowing. 

Play your favorite music, or lie down on the grass and look at the front view.

You’ll forget all your problems for a while. That’s how powerful nature is. 

How to Reach Village of Lepcha? 

Village of Lepcha is the ultimate destination for everyone who loves nature.

You can hold three ways to reach the village.

Determine whether you will go by air, train, or road.

We’ll share every way to reach the hill station. But we prefer going by road. 

Reach By Airlines

So as we said, you can take a flight.

The nearest airport to Lepchajagat is Bagdogra.

The airport is located in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal.

It’s an international airport near Nepal.

The village, Lepchajagat, isis only 70-72 kilometers from the airport. 

The airport is operated by Indian Air Force (IAF).

You can visit any northern state or country through this airline. 

Visit by Train

Most travelers love to travel by train. Some even have dreams of traveling with friends or lovers by train. Fulfill your wish by visiting this destination through the rail line.

The nearest railway junction is Jalpaiguri. It’s the easiest and best route. Jalpaiguri railway junction is known as NJP. Do not get confused by two different names. 

The distance between Lepchajagat from Bagdogra airport and NJP junction is almost the same (70-72) kilometers. 

Reach by Road

Are you planning a road trip? Lepchajagat is a perfect hill destination. Enjoy the Lepchajagat Sightseeing by private vehicles or cabs. Hire a cab from Kolkata or a direct bus from Darjeeling. You can enjoy the mesmerizing offbeat nature view in your own car. 

From Darjeeling, Lepchajagat is just 20 km away. It’s nearly 650 kilometers from the city of joy, Kolkata. 

Best Time to Visit Lepchajagat

Are you planning a Lepchajagat Sightseeing tour?

Knowing when to visit is compulsory. 

Everything has a perfect time. Just like that, enjoying the Lepchajagat sightseeing has the ultimate time.

Do you know what that is? 

It’s a year-round destination.

So the time is upto you. Still, we prefer October-

April to be the best time to explore Lepchajagat’s beauty. 

Avoid the Monsoon season. It could lead you to an unenjoyable journey.

The rain can be the reason for your suffering.


Do you want to visit Lepchajagat?

Here in this article, I’ve tried to cover the most important facts including sightseeing, how to reach etc. If you are looking for a calm and peaceful hamlet and enjoy tranquility, this offbeat places near Darjeeling is for you.

Make a plan and pack your bag with your partner. Spend a couple of days to grasp the real beauty of nature.