Have you ever visited Mukutpanipur? Do you want to enjoy boating in a dam? If you love spending a couple of hours boating, Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) is an ideal destination for you.

Mukutmanipur became one of the most popular visiting places in Bankura, West Bengal. If you are looking for an ideal picnic spot with a serene atmosphere, then add this spot to your wish list. December is just about to come. So hurry up and learn more about your destination. 

Take a break from a hectic life and add some peace to your soul. The calm atmosphere with buzzing water flows is different. The amazement of boating throughout the river and ending up in the tiny islands inside it is adventurous. 

Do you have more details or more reasons for visiting the place? Let’s take you to an imaginary world where you can observe the actual beauty of Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) . You people call it “Queen of Bankura.” 

How to reach Mukutmanipur?

People all over India know Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর). It’s a very small, serene town surrunded by dams. You can reach the location in several ways.

The corporate buses are available daily. It starts in Kolkata and ends in Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর). So, make the journey safe and comfortable by riding a bus. It takes only 3-4 hours from Burdwan.

Are you looking for airways to reach the spot? Being India’s second-largest Dam, Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) has become a favorite to many tourists. People come from all over India. 

There are two nearest airports that tourists choose. The first one is Dumdum Airport (Kolkata). And the second one is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport (Durgapur/ Asansol). These two are the nearest airports.

After that, you can take a bus, taxi, cab, or private car for the arrival at Howrah Junction. From there, you have to reach Bankura Station by Train. Once you reach Bankura, take a public bus and explore Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর). 

Available Trains from Howrah to Bankura (Near Mukutmanipur) 

What if we describe the exact name of the train? What is the time of the train departure? Will it be convenient for you? We hope so. Check the following list of available trains from Howrah Junction. 

  1. 58011 HWH CKP PAS (23:05 – 4:10)
  2. 12883 RUPASHI BANGLA (06:28 – 09:56)
  3. 18627 INTERCITY EXP (12:50 – 16:38)
  4. 12827 HWH PRR SUF EXP (16:50 – 20:30)

What is an appropriate time to visit Mukutmanipur? 

It doesn’t require any particular time. Any time of the year is suitable for coming over. If you visit during monsoon, you will see the mesmerizing beauty of river water. The lock gates remain open at this time. So you can enjoy the force of water throughout the Dam. 

Choosing Winter as a vacation in Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) is ideal from a different perspective. Most tourists come here in Winter and choose the place as a picnic spot.

The weather remains cool. The wavy fog remains there. The Sunrise and sunset seem amazing. Therefore we suggest you always choose Winter. 

The rustic life is another attraction here in Mukutmanipur. You can explore Purulia from Mukutmanipur.

What things to do during the Mukutmanipur Tour? 

The confluence of River Kumari and Kangsabati is known as Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর). It even shares a border with Jharkhand.

Do you know what the atmosphere of borders looks like? In case you are unaware of it, you can visit the border. The border is not violent, as we see in screenplays. More than anything, it maintains peace. Let’s see what else we are supposed to do. 

  1. More than anything, Mukutmanipur is known as a dream destination for photographers. So photography is a must-do thing. Everyone must try. Capturing the best moment of your life does not ask you to be a professional photographer. Therefore, click photos without any hesitation.
  2. Boating is the utmost adventure you can have. Book the tickets and go ahead. Well, you can plan a date with your lover on the boat. This plan won’t disappoint you for sure. 
  3. Visit the locals and see their paintings on the mud wall. They are damn artistic. 
  4. As it’s a perfect weekend getaway, the serene natural beauty will remove all your monotony.
  5. Visit the place from February to March. In the meantime, Mukutmanipur gets an attractive look from the Palash Flower. We dare to give you a dare that you can’t stop yourself from capturing the frame. 
  6. We recommend making the tour within December-March. Arrange all the picnic accessories and enjoy the food, music, view, and company of your buddy all in one. 
  7. Sit on the river bank and take a glance at its whitish water. The waters are unaware of their destination, but still, they flow. It gives us a lesson to go with the flow. 
  8. Visit the nearest park, where you can see different species of birds and deer. 

Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) Local Sightseeings

Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit. The Dam is the second largest earthen Dam, as we said already. Many hillocks surround it. They seem like a “Mukut” (Crown).

A lot of tiny islands are built in the middle of the river by nature itself. The islands get overwhelmed during the monsoon. Let’s explore the local sightseeing and see if it made us fall in love with the place or not. 

Paresh Nath Shiv Temple

How will it be if we start our journey by visiting a temple? It’ll bless us for sure. So begin the journey by stepping towards the Shiv Temple. The name of the temple is Pareshnath. It welcomes everyone. Both locals and tourists admit the spot is pure. 

Several people come here during Mahashivratri. They celebrate the festival here and enjoy the unforgettable sunset view. The reflection of the half-sinking sun in the water is the best part. The sky becomes orange due to the dimmed light of the sun. 

Birdwatchers wait for the afternoon to come. In the meantime, birds fly in the sky while tweeting. The scenery is really wonderful. Some get busy enjoying the view. Others get busy capturing the moment on their phone or camera. 

We want to give you a few more details about the temple. While visiting the temple, you’ll come across several idols. Some of them belong to Jain deities. 

During the Dam’s construction, an idol was found while earth digging. Most people believe it is the evidence of Jainism. You can watch the idol in the temple. 

Bonpukuria Deer Park

If you are at Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর), then it is worth visiting the park. Take a rickshaw and explore the spot. Family outing requires such a place. Arranging a picnic in the park is indeed a good decision. 

The park is situated in the village of Bonpukuria. The area is tribal. Walk through the village and see the incomparable paintings on their hut. 

The deers welcome visitors on its path. Their eyes will surely make you fall in love with them. The park is home to deer. Not only deers but various seasonal birds also made it their home. 

The lush green forest roads within the forest are amazing. You’ll come across a path towards Deer Park, where the trees bend towards the road. Sunrays touch the earth through the branches. It looks like a painting of shadow and light. 

Kangsabati Dam

This tour is totally wasted without exploring the Kangsabati Dam. The Dam is a masterpiece. It had been constructed under the ex-chief minister of Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

The Dam length is 11 kilometers, which makes it India’s second-largest Dam. The height is 38 meters, and the span is 86 square kilometers. 

Book a rickshaw to travel over the top of the bridge. The confluence of rivers Kumari and Kansabati comes within 6 kilometers. Stay for a while and see how beautifully they lie together. 

There is a sole purpose of building the Dam. The authorities knew about the agricultural system of that area. The farmers couldn’t produce crops due to the lack of water.

The Dam became a savior for the cultivators. So it would help if you visited the spot. The roaring sound of water gives our ears satisfaction. 

Mukutmanipur Dam – Bengali Video

Ambika Devi Temple

Since you are here at Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর), how can we forget to visit the local temple? Yes, another local sightseeing spot is Ambika Devi Temple. It is just 2-3 km away from your destination. The temple is named after its village, Ambikanagar.

Goddess Durga is worshiped here for more than 700 years. Now you can imagine how old the temple is. Most people admit that “Maa Ambika” is so alive. So why don’t you try your luck? Go and wish whatever your heart desires.

A lot of tourists come to celebrate Durga puja. In this way, you can enjoy a tour. Besides, you can learn some knowledge of ancient rituals. 

Fill your heart with a glimpse of peace. Free yourself from the crowd of people. The simplicity of local people and their behavior makes us realize that “good people are still alive.” 

Musafirana Viewpoint

We hope you have seen the beauty of the Queen of Bankura. It is either from above the bridge or from the boat within the river. But don’t you wish for the ultimate beauty of the spot from a distance?

Are you now interested in the moon rising? You heard absolutely right. Everyone talks about Sunrise, and no one ever wonders how beautiful Moonrise can be. 

Let’s take you to the hillock top and show you the ambiance which you have never seen before. 

Musafirana Viewpoint, within 6 km of Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর), shares its mesmerizing beauty. Be a witness of the moon rising from the viewpoint. Its greenery surroundings and widespread calm water will force you to look at it with wonder. 

Imagine an afternoon with your loved ones. The full moon is rising from the sky blue water, its reflection within the water, isn’t it eye soothing? Well, I will definitely say yes. Now enjoy the cool and romantic environment until you get hungry and late for returning home.

Fun Fact About Mukutmanipur

The topmost attraction of the spot is line-by-line boats. Even the boats have their names. They are “Nadir Pakhi, Jhumur, Sabuj Sathi, Phulkumari, Lakshmi Narayan, Khokababu” and so on. 


Mukutmanipur (মুকুটমণিপুর) became a major part of West Bengal Tourism. Everyone knows her as the Queen of Bankura. The spot is a pride for all the residents of Bankura. The West Bengal Government Tourism Department has done its best to make it a perfect tourist destination.

Offering one of the largest dams in India, lush greenery forest, widespread river preview, Sunrise, sunset, and moon rising, it became a tourist’s favorite.