Offbeat tourism is getting popular day by day. People love exploring offbeat travel destinations. If you love visiting offbeat places, this article is for you.

India is a hub of tourism. Offbeat tourism is a hidden treasure as well.

The northern India is a hub of culture, heritage, and a combination of natural beauty.

Have you ever experienced visiting any offbeat destination near Delhi?

If you visited, please share your experience.

If you haven’t visited offbeat destination near Delhi but ready to visit, this article guides you to fulfill your dream.

Offbeat tour gives a versatile experience. In some cases, visitors may face various challenges.

Whatever the situation comes, people love exploring undiscovered places. Delhi offbeat places may bring goosebumps on you if you a true nature-lover.

Stunning Offbeat Destination Near Delhi

Offbeat Destination Near Delhi attracts tons of visitors around the world because of many reasons. One of the major reasons is the elegance of nature.

You can spend a couple of days amid nature experiencing all pervasive allure of nature.

Here are some stunning offbeat destinations near Delhi you must visit if you are ready to meet the above. Here are top 5 places you must keep in your tour checklist.

  • The places are
  • Naukuchiatal,
  • Munsiyari,
  • Tirthan Valley,
  • Pangot, and
  • Binsar.

Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand (312 kms from Delhi)

Naukuchiatal is one of the must-visit places near Delhi. It’s a picturesque lake that you should explore.

Nainital is renowned as a city of lakes. Naukuchiatal is a wondrous lake in that location.

If you are looking for an Offbeat Destination Near Delhi, you must explore this amazing piece of nature. The lake is formerly known as the “lake of nine corners.”

Visitors also call it the green-blue lake. The water is so calm. It gives peace by staring at the water for a long time.

The place was undiscovered for a couple of years.

A wide massive hill forest with fauna and flora encircles the lake. Everything about the place attracts tourists.

Tourists can enjoy boating on it.

Do you love watching birds and taking photos of them? The place is waiting for you then.

You can see several species of astonishing birds with colorful wings. Then green and blue water, surrounded by hill forest, birds, and a calm atmosphere, made the place perfect for a visit.

You will feel mesmerized. Besides bird watching and boating, it offers angling. Some people are addicted to fishing. Catching fish is an outstanding idea to spend time. They can assume fishing is an outdoor activity.

If you are an adventurer, you will be fascinated. Paragliding, paddling, rowing, and etching are some amazing adventurous activities. The best part is that tourists can enjoy them from here.

Munsiyari, Uttarakhand (572 kms from Delhi)

Are you a mountaineer and looking for a place to trek near Delhi? Visiting Munsiyari can fulfil your dream. This village is a perfect spot to feel refreshed.

Are you looking for a way to live freely? You can spend a few days here. It will give you freedom from the daily hectic city life. The mentioned place is a pleasant village in Uttarakhand.

We must admit its beauty. Just like us, you will be unable to do so.

It satisfies visitors. As a visitor, your eyes will find ease. You can have it by looking at the five sister peaks excessively. You’ll be happy that people call Munsiyari “little Kashmir.”

The fact is undeniable. Munsiyari offers you the Kashmir view with the Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

This place is heaven for trekkers within budget.

Tourists count it as a great Offbeat Destination Near Delhi. There are some reasons.

The first reason is that it offers a Panchachuli peak view.

Secondly, it’s the pride of Uttarakhandians.

Thirdly, it is the beginning point of trekking with Milam glacier.

Fourthly, tourists hardly visit the place because Munsiyari still needs to be discovered by most.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh (319 kms from Delhi)

Tirthan Valley is the ideal gateway for the wilderness. The valley is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is a neighbouring state of Delhi.

People call it the land of gods. So everyone should view its beauty. It’s a must-explore piece of beauty. We suggest remembering to add this to your list. 

Let’s explain the beauty of the valley and the reason to visit the place.

The valley, Tirthan, is nothing less than a heaven for nature lovers. You can camp with a group beside the lake. There will be forests all around the lake.

The flowing sound of the water will be, on the other hand. Spending a night with friends in such an atmosphere removes all stress.

At night, you can feel the mountain’s cold air. Camping with a group of friends in such a location is still a dream to many. Some can’t fulfil their dream of money. In contrast, others can’t because they cannot find the perfect location.

You are fortunate to have found the perfect Offbeat Destination Near Delhi finally. You can camp here and enjoy quality time.


Our generation always searches for a calm environment. We want to escape the city life and break in the air.

Hill stations are perfect for taking a break from anything. You can visit Pangot to take a tour. It can be appropriate even if you need space from people.

We have already told you about Naukuchiatal. It is located in Nainital. Now another breathtaking Offbeat Destination Near Delhi is Pangot. The location is just 15 kms away from Nainital.

Do you want to explore it? Follow the lines to know why it’s a must-visit Offbeat Destination Near Delhi.

We can call it another paradise-like visiting place in Uttarakhand. Nature lovers and birdwatchers can’t ignore this place. Pangot is a village in the district of Uttaranchal.

The village sits on the lap of Kumaon Hill. The Hill is like its mother. Kumaon keeps the village on its lap, too, lovingly. It seems just like a mother keeping her baby on her lap.

You can see a wide mountain range from any corner. The mountain peaks get snow-capped.

Binsar, Uttarakhand (400 kms away)

There are a vast number of offbeat places near Delhi. Binsar is one of the major Offbeat Destination Near Delhi. Most of them are nearly 400 kilometres.

Are you excited to explore a breathtaking view? Then your wait is over. Binsar is so amazing. It is an ideal towering peak for predators.

Delhiites are just a few kilometres away from the imaginative world, and it’s surprising. Nature seems like a dream to us. The place is one of the tallest hill stations of Uttarakhand.

You can reach its peak and give a loud voice. Hill always accepts to listen to you and gives an instant answer.

Try this at least once in your life. If you haven’t tried till now, it’s your lucky chance.

Binsar is not only a visiting place. It has several corners to explore. The spot offers you uncountable outdoor activities. Try at least strolling and wildlife safari while active on tour.

Start walking through the forest in Binsar. The grounds remain white, and the green leaves touch the whitish snow a bit. No one can ignore its beauty. You can not even stop yourself from clicking pictures.

The fascinating and wonderful beauty of the place forces travellers to stay here longer. They stay even more than they plan.


There are lots of offbeat destinations near Delhi. However I’ve tried to cover 5 must visit places that attracts craziest visitors every year. You can reach any above mentioned places using multiple transports like Train, Bus, Private Car etc.

The distance of those places from Delhi has been mentioned earlier. Let’s explore the nearest picture-perfect places near Delhi.