Have you visited Fikkalay Gaon ever? Do you know why Fikkalay Gaon is famous for? If you want to stay in an offbeat hamlet in Kalimpong, this place is ideal for you.

North Bengal is an emotion to all of us. It gives us a natural circumstance with hills covered with clouds.

Only 10 km away from Kalimpong, Fikkalay Gaon, a little and beautiful hamlet is waiting for you.

Surprisingly, both the name and the place are unknown to most. 

Today, we will discuss everything about the place. How can you reach the spot from most corners? What is the best place to stay while discovering the village? What sightseeing is waiting for us there?

What things can we do? What is the nearest tourist spot to Fikkalayaon? Everything will be covered in this article. 

Delo Hill surrounds the village. Therefore, visitors get a clear mountain view from here with the gorgeous Kanchenjunga View. 

The rising clouds from downwards to upwards seem like an artist made a picture. It can be called a picture-perfect place to remove all your stress. Let’s fill some energy in our lives by spending time here. 

The village is an Offbeat North Bengal near Darjeeling. It is untouched by most except the locals and a few tourist lovers. So, the ambience remains calm. If you love to spend quality time alone, then go for it. 

It’s even a perfect place to make a gang or family tour. To learn more about the site, you must continue reading the article. 

Let’s start with the reaching process. Then you will get other details one after one. 

How to reach Fikkalay Gaon? 

Take your step in NJP foremost. It will land you in the picturesque hamlet of Fikkalay Gaon. You can reach the destination directly. Let me tell you how you can strike here by a shared Vehicle.

A shared vehicle from NJP will take you to the Panitanki More, Siliguri. NJP to Fikkalay Gaon is around 81 kilometers. From Siliguri, you can depart for Kalimpong directly.

The distance from Siliguri is 76 kilometres (approx). Reaching Kalimpong is mandatory to explore the offbeat hamlet. It is just 11 km away from Kalimpong. 

People who have made a tour of Ramdhura have a great offer. Besides the Ramdhura Tour, you can have another one-day trip to Himalayan Hamlet. The hamlet is just 40 minutes away from Ramdhura via Bhalu Marg.

It’s the most accessible route to the hamlet compared to others. The roads are maintained particularly by the authorities and offer majestic mountain views. 

Book a homestay when you are just about to plan for a tour. Some homestays offer vehicles to tourists. In this case, you’ll have a safe journey without headaches from the reaching process. 

Where to Stay in Fikkalay Gaon? 

Staying at Homestay is best whenever you choose a village on the hilltop. The hill stations are detached from Luxury hotels. Being an Offbeat North Bengal Destination it offers only homestays to spend the night. 

Most of the houses of the village are decorated as Homestays. The balconies have lots of indoor and outdoor flower plants. We can consider the Homestay a tour destination for its magical outdoor views. 

So contact any Homestay for 1, 2 or more day and night packages. The package includes three times meals. You will get a storm-free head from arranging meals. 

Fikkalay Gaon Sightseeing

We promise to give you a detailed journey to Fikkalay Gaon. Darjeeling has so many offbeat destinations that are waiting to be explored. We have found such a place that is away from tounish life.

A short trip to the place will vanish all the dissatisfaction. It helps deal with a robotic life where everyone is running behind money.

The destination is at an altitude of 4500 feet. The village itself is a beauty to explore. The view from the Homestay is so glorious. You can spend the entire day staring outside. 

While trekking on a village path, you will get some fantastic sightseeing. The places are Deorali Dara Viewpoint, Gumpa, Pilpi Dara Viewpoint, Kundeling Retreat Centre or Monastery. Let’s see why you should visit the spots. 

Deorali Dara Viewpoint

Tourists come across a viewpoint while discovering Fikkalay Gaon. The viewpoint is named Deorali Dara Viewpoint or Devrali Viewpoint. It’s a scenic, offbeat destination in North Bengal.

In the Nepali language, the term has a meaning. “Deorali” refers to the mountain top. Whereas “Dara” means a peak to have a majestic view. 

Besides Fikkalay Gaon, Deorali Dara is also an offbeat spot. Slowly, the viewpoint is rising to fame for its outstanding nature view. It gives the Teesta View from a bird’s eye. 

We prefer to visit the viewpoint in the afternoon. Take a natural therapy by your feet through grassy land. Sit for a while with your favourite slow song. Spend time with your gang or favourite person while giggling at the music. The mountain view with elapsing Teesta water vanishes your worries like magic. It’s nothing less than magic. 

Stay there as long as you want. Make sure you have your tour partner or local people with you. Try to return before the dark falls around you. We are skipping the photography part as it’s conventional. 

Kundeling Retreat Centre or Monastery/ Gumpa 

From Deorali Dara, you can directly visit the nearest Gupa. It’s just a mile away. The Nestle looks so perfect. Birds made their nestles at the top of the tree. Just like that, This Gompa is nestled at the top of Fikkalay Gaon. Kundeling Retreat Centre is a must-visit tourist destination in Kalimpong. 

Do not miss the opportunity to relax while you are here. It helps people to meditate or concentrate. The authority of the Monastery helps people for meditation relaxation. It indeed offers yoga classes. The best part of the centre is the ayurvedic meals. 

There is a deep connection between nature and Monasteries. The Monastery is amidst the nature. The atmosphere offers tranquillity where one can get peace of mind. Most people nowadays have insecurities and struggle through life. We suggest them to have a conversation with the staff.

The staff are very wise. The staff’s friendly nature and experience made them perfect. You can ask for any advice or counselling from them. The teams are always ready to assist people to lead a joyful life. 

Look all around the Monastery; peace flags surround the entire Monastery. They are the symbol of the calmness of Fikkalay gaon.

Pilpi Dara Viewpoint

Again, we’ll come across a Viewpoint, Pilpi Dara Viewpoint. It seems that Fikkalay Gaon surprises tourists at every turn. While returning from the Gumpa, there is a point. One side has an expansive forest, and another is full of peace flags. 

The tiny path amidst the forest is nothing less than heaven. Having the magical view of mountain ranges from this path gives goosebumps. The bird’sbird’s chirping, flowing wind and desolate ambience is something that we search for day after day. 

Pilpi Dara’s Viewpoint is unexplored. Most tourist of Fikkalay Gaon goes through it. However, they are unaware of its name. You can ask locals, and they’ll let you know of it. 

Why choose Fikkalay Gaon as a Tourist Spot? 

Well, Fikkalay Gaon sightseeing is known to you now. But are you not wondering what activities you can do here? Let’s give you a brief description of what to do in Fikkalay Gaon and its nearby places. 

  1. Most tourists choose the spot for its village paths that offer tranquillity. So you can walk through its alleys and wonder about nature’s beauty. 
  2. The central point is the gorgeous view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The effluent clouds and sunrise view constitute a significant adventure to do in Fikkalay Gaon. 
  3. The Teesta River underneath the village is outstanding. Once you spend quality time in the village, go to the riverside to have a river rafting in Teesta. 
  4. People who are interested in hiking may be throughout the forest in the village. 
  5. Tourists can learn about the locals. Learn how they work, decorate the gardens and how they generate natural foods. 
  6. The Silk Route Tour is famous in North Bengal. Spend at least a night in the hamlet while having a Silk Route Tour.
  7. The village produces Cinchona. So, if you wish to look at the Cinchona Plantation, ask the homestay owner or locals to take you there. 
  8. Being a hamlet among nature, Fikkalay Gaon became home to various birds. Birds, including woodpeckers, Magpies, and Sunbirds, always welcome tourist with their tuneful songs. You can spot them in natural habitats. These are perfect for bird photography. So, Birdwatching is a must-do thing in the village.

Nearby Attractions of Fikkalay Gaon

Fikkalay Gaon is a small hamlet. It takes only 1 or 2 days to explore the village. Are you interested in the nearby attractions or visiting places of Fikkalay Gaon? If it’s yes, then you can look after the given spots. They are all within 10 kilometers from Fikkalaygaon. 

Kalimpong Town

The Kalimpong Town is just 11 km away from the hamlet. Therefore, tourists can visit the town and the nearest famous spots. The city is loaded with fame, history and culture. The town might not be more extensive than other tourist spots. But it has monasteries, churches, museums, markets, gardens and more. 

We travel somewhere and buy something that reminds us of that place. You can shop from the market. It offers unique and fabulous items like jewellery, handmade crafts, statues, clothes, and more. 

Shop from locals to have some benefits as they offer to bargain. Once you finish shopping, you can go for local sightseeing and trek to another hamlet. 

Pine View Nursery

Hill stations have a nursery. It’s very common. Today, we’ll tell you about a greenhouse renowned to all locals. The Nursery is a master in producing various shrubs, flowers, and indoor and outdoor plants. 

You can walk through the Pine Forest and reach the Nursery. They indeed have online stores. So you can order to get direct placement in your door. 

We prefer to ignore go with the online facility. It’ll separate you from discovering the actual beauty of it. So, if you have a little time on your hands, then step towards it.

Deolo Hill & Park

Kalimpong stands between two hills. One is Durpin, and the other is Deolo. Deolo is one of the two hills. It’s just 6 km away from Kalimpong Bus Stand. It’s the highest point of Kalimpong. It’s 1,704 metres altitude. So, while tripping to Fikkalay Gaon, you must visit Deolo Park. 

It offers a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga with surrounding mountain views. Choose this destination either for Sunrise or Sunset views. The moment the sun lightens the peak, your eyes will get satisfaction. 

Though the park is naturally made, the authority decorates it in their own way. It has a variety of flora and fauna. The fantastic natural atmosphere made the place a home to many Mountain birds. 

You can even make it a picnic destination. Spend the whole day in the park. Enjoy the picnic. Give some of your time in the photography session. Play your favourite music into the ears and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Deolo Hill and Park, known as Delo Park is entirely adventurous. It offers paragliding. Most of us have wished to enjoy paragliding. It symbolizes how strong we are to fly alone. But before the ride, ensure you have all the permits and safety. 

The best way to explore the entire surrounding is paragliding. We hope you’ll you’ll remember the journey forever. Besides, we wish you a safe journey. 

Kalimpong Science Centre

While enjoying the entire day at Deolo Park, spare a couple of minutes or 1-2 hours for the next destination. Another nearby attraction of Fikkalay Gaon is Kalimpong Science Centre. It’s only a kilometre away from Deolo Park. 

The Science Centre of Kalimpong is a mixture of Science and Technology altogether. It’s one of the great places to visit in Kalimpong.

Moreover, it’s one of the best Science centres in West Bengal. It is reconstructed, designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums. 

Science is a fabulous way to develop a country and communicate with the world. It would be best if you visited there to learn various unknown facts. The organization took 7 acres of land. Discover every corner with keen observation. 

It offers 3D movie theatres. So enjoy a 3D movie to pass some time. Besides, the centre provides live working models and several displayed scientific objects. 

The Science Centre also offers a view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. You can end your Fikkalay Gaon and Kalimpong Journey here.


Fikkalay Gaon is the ultimate destination to spend some alone time. The journey teaches tourists that being alone is also beautiful. The calmness hits another level of mental satisfaction. The entire tour is based on a calm ambience in nature. The only sound that seems melodious is bird’sbird’s chirping and the blown winds. 

We challenge you to fall in love with Hamlet. You can take it as a dare. Pack your bags to enjoy a North Bengal Tour this Autumn. Autumn is the ultimate time to tour hill stations.