Have you ever visited any places in West Bengal yet? Do you know there are many places to visit in West Bengal that will surprise you? Murshidabad is one of the best visiting places in West Bengal to the students of history mainly.

It’s a town in the Murshidabad district, is situated in North Bengal. The visiting places in Murshidabad are an example of old Bengal’s rich history and culture. This city was also recognized as the last independent capital of Bengal in 1717. The visiting places in Murshidabad are rich in mystery.

So many Nawab in that time ruled Bengal over here and decorated the city with palaces and monuments. The famous ‘Palashi Battle’ in 1757 between Nawab Siraj and Lord Clive is a significant part of the Indian history of battles.

The Hazarduari palace and Imambara have put this city on the world tourist map.

Besides the city river, Vagirathi has created its charm with the help of nature. The history and beautiful nature of Bengal serve the tourist’s adventure with vast knowledge. Visiting places in Murshidabad will leave a lasting impression on you and help you to know the history of Bengal.

Visiting places in Murshidabad

These visiting places in Murshidabad remind us of our glorious and powerful ancestors. But sometimes, when we remember Murshidabad, we feel a little sad because by betraying this Nawab of Murshidabad, Siraj-ud-Daulah, the British established our country’s two hundred years of rule. We are amazed to see all these visiting places in Murshidabad.

  • Hazarduari Palace
  • Kathgola Palace
  • Nizamat Imambara
  • Shopping places and stuff in Murshidabad
  • Jahan Kosha

Hazarduari Palace

Some people visit Murshidabad to see this Hazarduari Palace. This is one of the most famous visiting places in Murshidabad. Even Hazarduari Palace is one of the most popular palaces in India that reminds us of the royal lifestyle of the Nawabs. Hazarduari Palace is full of mysteries.

Do you know what’s surprising here? In the Palace, there are thousands of doors. All the doors are decorated with expensive ornaments. But, among the thousands of doors, 900 doors are real. And the remaining 100 doors are false doors. These 100 doors create an illusion.

Therefore, intruders will be puzzled. The Hazarduari Palace is established on the bank of river Bhagirathi. The craftsmanship and sculpture of the Palace will leave us stunned. The Hazarduari Palace is built on 41 acres of land.

The artworks of the Palace are made in Italian and Greek architectural styles. The Hazarduari Palace reminds us about the affluence and wealth of West Bengal. The grandeur of the Palace attracts people from all over the world.

In ancient times, the Hazarduari Palace was a Majestic residence. Nowadays, the Palace is turned into a museum. In the museum, many valuable things are owned by the Nawabs of Murshidabad. Do you know there are vintage cars? By these cars, the Nawabs used to go for rove. The enclosure surrounding this Palace is called Kila Nizamat.

There are many more places to explore within the Hazarduari Palace grounds. The Wasif Manzil, Murshidabad Clock Tower, Nizamat Imambara, and Bachhawali Tope.

These places include in the visiting places in Murshidabad. This Hazarduari Palace was created in 1837. That means thinking once how intelligent people were at that time.

Opening hours: Hazarduari Palace is open from 9 am to 5 pm. You can visit the Palace during this time.

Location: The Hazarduari Palace is 1 km from the Murshidabad city center.

Entry fee: For Indians entry fee: is INR 5.
For foreigners entry fee: is INR 100.

Required Time: Hazarduari Palace can be explored well in three to four hours.

Kathgola Palace

Our next destination is Kathgola Palace. The Kathgola Palace was built in 1873. Kathgola means a “house made of wood and bamboo .”I know you must be surprised to hear this. You may think how may it possible? Yes, everything was possible by the people of Nawabi time.

In those days, many Marwari Jain traders came to Murshidabad and settled here. At the same time, they tried to do business with the Nawabs.

This Kathgola Palace was the residence of one of them. Those who lived in this Kathgola Palace were members of the Dugar family.

After listening to the Palace, these questions are indeed coming to your mind, how will the place be like? Will the place be beautiful at all? Will the place be suitable for a visit? The answer is yes the place is one of the oldest and most amazing visiting places in Murshidabad.

The color of the whole Palace is yellow. After entering Kathgola, You will feel that the place is nothing less than a royal palace. The sculptures and art of the Kathgola Palace will mesmerize you.

Now the Palace is turned into a museum. The library, the bedroom, the drawing-room, and the billiards room are still decorated like the old days. Because of this, we can still taste the old days of living. There is a pond in front of Kathgola Palace. This pond doubles the beauty of the Palace. Various beautiful flowers bloom here in winter, which is like heaven for photo lovers.

Location: Kathgola Palace is three kilometers away from the actual city of Murshidabad. But once you go here, this distance will not seem like anything.

Nizamat Imambara
You know that Murshidabad was the kingdom of Nawabs. Therefore, the number of mosques along with the palaces is excessive. Nizamat Imambara is one of the famous visiting places in Murshidabad.

Many ages ago this mosque was built only for religious activities. Many say this mosque was arranged as a congregational hall for the members of the Shia Muslim community. There are many amazing stories behind this mosque.

Do you want to hear those folktales? Do you know Nizamat Imambara is the largest mosque in West Bengal? Yes, that’s why many people from different parts of the world visit this sightseeing place in Murshidabad every year.

This Nizamat Imambara was established in 1847 under the commission of Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. It is heard that the construction of this mosque at that time cost about six lakh rupees in Indian money.

Have you ever wondered how much 6 lakh rupees was worth in Indian rupees at that time? The whole place of Nizamat Imambara has three parts. In the first part, there is the Madina Mosque. Madina Mosque is also one of the famous visiting places in Murshidabad.

In the second part, there is Naubat Khana. In the third part, there is a primary mosque. Want to hear one more amazing fact about this place? Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah first created this Nizamat Imambara.

Unfortunately, the old Nizamat Imambara caught fire, and the buildings collapsed and were destroyed. Nizamat Imambara is built by Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. The artistry and structure of Nizamat Imambara will stun you. The white marble work and the height of the buildings will amaze you.

Want to hear one more interesting fact? I know you will jump for joy when you hear this. Hazarduari Palace and Nizamat Imambara are located side by side. Almost within the same boundary.

So here you are, getting the enormous opportunity because you can visit these two great visiting places in Murshidabad together in one place.

Location: As I told you before, Nizamat Imambara is near Hazarduari Palace. Nizamat Imambara is also 1 km away from the city center.

Shopping places and stuff in Murshidabad

Our next place in our visiting places in Murshidabad list is not a historical place. You will not know about any palaces, ancient history, or ancient people here. Instead, if you go to this place, you will get to know the current people and their current lifestyle.

Are you excited to know about this place? I am talking about the Murshidabad market. I know after knowing the name, you got excited. The place is one of Murshidabad’s most colorful, engaging, and unique visiting places.

In the Murshidabad market, you can find everything and anything. It’s a place where you can get the actual taste of West Bengal’s cultures and traditions.

Do you know that brassware is very famous in Murshidabad? When visiting Murshidabad, many people buy brassware and bells from here. These brass objects serve as a remembrance of Murshidabad. Are you fond of Sarees? Then I have found you the right place.

The collection of traditional Bengali muslin sarees and silk sarees will dazzle your eyes. Oh! How can I forget the Jamdani saree, the most beloved of Bengalis women? The artistry, texture, and gorgeous look of the sarees here will blow your mind. You will think about which one to keep and which one to buy. You will be in a dilemma.

We all know how creative Bengali people are. There are some kinds of people who make caneware and earthenware for a living. Here you can find rattan baskets, rattan baskets, rattan chairs, rattan beds, small rattan couches, and various other rattan products that are our daily needs.

The outstanding art and craftsmanship of making these rattan items are breathtaking. Now let’s talk about earthenware. Here you can find clay lamps, clay dishes, glass and bowls, beautiful clay showpieces, clay toys, clay pots, and many other clay items.

We are talking about West Bengal, and not mentioning sweets, that can never happen. Did you know that Murshidabad in West Bengal is very famous for sweets? Here you will find everything from ‘Sandesh’ to ‘rasgulla .’Please tell me which one you want. Here you will find many more sweet options as well. Many delicious and traditional sweets are available here. Now you say, you went to Murshidabad but you don’t go to an exciting place like this, is this possible?

Location: This Murshidabad market is 1km from the central city of Murshidabad.

Required time: take a lot of time when you go to such an exciting place. It should be explored in three to four hours.

Jahan Kosha

Do you love to explore historical places? And fond of historical things? Do you want to know how the war was made during the Nawabs? What weapons were used in the war? You don’t have to go far. West Bengal has brought us the answers to all these questions through visiting places in Murshidabad.

We know that West Bengal used to be a very prosperous state. All the kings conspired to conquer West Bengal. Even the British wanted to conquer West Bengal.

Did you know there is a whole cannon in Murshidabad as a memorial to this war? Many people visit this place every year to see this cannon.

Now, know about the history of this cannon. You will be surprised to hear that this cannon weighs about 16,880 pounds. And if you know the length of this weapon, you will be surprised. This weapon is about 17 feet long. It is said to be one of the giant cannons in India.

Now the question must be coming to your mind: how old can this weapon be? Although no one can give any information about the exact age of the cannon. But this cannon was constructed in 1637.

Another thing to know is that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan named this cannon “Dacca .”Janardan Karmakar constructed the cannon. Do you have this question coming to your mind about how much power this cannon can have?

You will be more surprised to learn about its power and understand why this cannon is so famous. You can put about 17 kg of gunpowder in the cannon. You will find that many inscriptions are carved into these cannons. All the rules of war of those days are written in them.

Location: Jahan Xhosa is 2 km from the central city of Murshidabad. Jahan Xhosa is located near Katra.


It is expected that the article has provided you with a clear picture of this town and its history. Visiting places in Murshidabad will help you to time travel to the past. Connectivity to this town is also effortless. And local people are also very kind-hearted, and you’ll get a warm welcome. Do you plan to spend a vacation in historical places with a low budget? So it’s time to pack the bag and witness the past glory.