Why don’t you take a break this winter and go to Lamahatta? 

There are countless places to explore in winter.

But why Lamahatta? Is it your ultimate thought after going through the first line? Let us explain to you. 

People are now searching for peace everywhere and a peace in nature.

Nature and tranquility have a deep connection. Lamahatta, an offbeat place, is in the lap of a hilltop. 

Normalize having a North Bengal Tour without visiting Darjeeling.

Now, people want to explore offbeat Darjeeling more.


Because of the natural beauty, calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Lamahatta is one of the most popular Darjeeling offbeat destinations now a days.

Let’s get deep into and invent something out of reach to urban people. 

Always keep in mind one thing.  Investing your entire life into work or money wastes your energy.

The best part of having money is that it can show us the world.

We can travel with that money.

Money can’t buy happiness, but traveling with money can show us paradise.

This article can be a guide to the Lamahatta Trip. Learn where the place is, what to do, and how it is.

If you find it a perfect trip location, then learn about history. 

And finally, get detailed information on how to visit Lamahatta, where you can stay, and more. 

This article is full of mystery. Go till the end for the mystery revelation. 

First of all, let’s see why the place is calling you.

Key Attraction of Lamahatta

Merely 21 kilometers away, you can visit a small eco-tourism village, Lamahatta. It’s incredible. 

Experiencing this tour is a must at least once in a lifetime. 

List it as one of the best North Bengal Offbeat Places. 

The serene, quiet, and romantic ambiance is the major attraction of the spot. Lamahatta is calling you to provide refreshment and a satisfying soul. 

A small place surrounded by Pine Trees is Lamahatta.

In early 2012, the Honorable Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee was passing the road.

She stopped there for a while. She clicked a lot of photographs.

Exploring the vast Dhupi and Pine Forest, she went for the river view.

Then, she decided to develop the place.

As a result, the village was developed as an eco-tourism place. 

Let’s see what to do in Lamahatta. Check the to-do list and explore Lamahatta Sightseeing.

Lamahatta Eco Park

It has four to five sightseeing spots. Lamahatta Eco Park is the most attractive among them. It’s a roadside garden. 

The front has several homestays, tea, or starter shops. All credit goes to the government of West Bengal for making it a tourist place. 

On the other side of the road, the park is situated.

The combination of natural beauty and artificial creations makes the place elegant. 

The entry fee is only 15 rupees per head. The ticket counter is just beside the road.

A young lady sells the tickets. She also assists tourists in finding out about homestays. 

So let’s enter the park. The park gives an aesthetic vibe.

The little hamlet can be considered Mini Switzerland for Bengalis. 

The place is lovely for green, lush, and sky-high Dhupi and Pine trees.

Seasonal flower plants enhance their beauty.

The best part is the peeps of the sun through the Pine Forest.

What will you find at first glance?

Step a little and see a hut standing tall. It is made of bamboo and wood. Tourists also call it a watch tower. It showcases the majestic Kanchenjunga view if the sky is clear. 

The watchtower helps visitors to view the area as much as possible.

Locals call them Machan. Why must Machan ascend? Or what can you see from there? Is this question making you restless? 

Get a glimpse of some stunning places that Darjeeling offers from here. It gives a perfect picture, whether it’s snow-capped Kanchenjunga view, Tiger Hill or Namchi, or the Rangeet River. 

A row of colorful flags is decorated. They are prayer flags. 

Locals believe the bridge surrounded by flags is a pure place. Crossing the bridge gives peace of mind. 

The ethnic shades are known as a place of meditation.

It would be best if you took your shoes off for that.

Trek to the Sacred Lake, Jorpokhri

Lamahatta Eco Park provides a trekking experience.

There is a trekking route made through lunch Pine Trees.

The trail gives a perfect view for photographs. It ends with a small lake on the hilltop.

Known as Jolpokhri, the lake is considered sacred. It remains foggy most of the time.

The paths are steeped. So, trek to the lake and crave mindfulness. All the struggle seems nothing to its beauty. 

Take a bottle of water with you. After reaching the point, find a place and breathe for a while. Various seats surround the lake. 

Tourists are astounded by the spot. It’s still an offbeat destination.

But travelers are gathering here to have some fresh air.

How can someone miss such a beautiful sight?

Is it possible to know about the spot and not to visit? It’s not possible.

Go for Lamahatta Monastery

Within 1.5 km away from Eco Park, a monastery is standing. More than 500 years old, it is named Lammahatta Phunchock Rabten Gayphelling Monastery.

Are you searching for its location? Don’t worry since we are here to guide you. 

Between Lamahatta and Lopchu Bazar, you’ll end up at Takdah Forest. 

This forest leads you to a stunning sight. 

It takes only 20 minutes to walk from the Park. 

The interior of the monastery is simple, still transparent. Get inside and let a Lama help you in praying. 

This half-decade Buddhist Monastery is one of the best places to visit near Lamahatta. 

Explore Takdah

You already know the route to Takdah. It’s another charming, offbeat place in Darjeeling.

We are suggesting you visit Takdah. It’s just beside the Monastery. 

A short jungle trek is the best thing to do here. 

Takdah Orchid Center is known as a trekking place. 

The best time to visit the spot is February and March. In the meantime, visitors are allowed here. 

Take a look at Tinchuley Gumbadara Viewpoint.

Tinchuley is connected with Takdah. It’s like Lava-Lolegaon. One is incomplete without another.

3 and 7 km away from Takdah Forest and Lamahatta is ideal for sightseeing. 

Visitors used to spend time at the viewpoint to look entirely at her beauty.

You might be confused with the term “her.” Can you guess who she is?

She is no other than gorgeous Kanchenjunga. 

She remains a companion with all during the entire journey of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, or Dooars. 

Are you getting excited about the next attraction near Lamahatta? See the next and last sightseeing spot. 

Behold Lover’s Meet Point

Lover’s meet point is located in Tribeni.

We would like to include it as a significant attraction near Lamahatta.

Located close to Taktah, the point is 10 km away. 

A series of questions might come to your mind.

Some wonder if it is a part of the garden where lovers can spend time. At the same time, some might think of it as two roads meeting together. 

Some even wonder if it is the border of India-Bangladesh, Bhutan, or Nepal. 

All of you are mistaken.

It’s a point where two rivers, Rangeet and Teesta, meet. 

The view is a treat to the eyes of travelers from nature. 

Two diverse colors of the river water meet together. It looks like two individual souls meet together and become one. It teaches us a lot. 

We learn to accept people how they are. Forcing someone to be the same as others ruins the beauty of uniqueness. 

Think about it. If Rangeet and Teesta held the same watercolor, could they produce the beauty of Lover’s Meet Point? They could never. 

Lamahatta’s exploration almost ends here. But the journey does not end until you reach your home. 

Now, please take a look at its history.

History of Lamahatta

Lamahatta is mainly a place of sherpas. Locals pronounce it “Lamatta.” Five thousand seven hundred feet is the ultimate altitude of the village. Tamang, Bhutia, Duppa, and other hill tribes are its permanent residents. 

The Indian government arranged a place for the Tibetan Lama to live. Since then, it’s their place. The site is called by this name for this reason. 

What does Lamahatta mean?

“Lama” locally means Buddhist Monk, and “Hatta” stands for hut. 

In this manner, it means a “Monk’s Heritage.” 

Cultivating and cattling is the primary source of their livelihood. 

Darjeeling-Kalimpong Road is well connected to its path. However, visitors came from Bangladesh. It’s close to the village. 

Villagers have successfully made it a tourist place with the help of the West Bengal Government. The Chief Minister invested more than 1.5 crore. 

Local villagers have made homestays for tourists. It became another source of their income. 

What time would I choose to visit Lamahatta?

Planning a trip to Lamahatta? It requires a perfect time. Travel lovers must relish the tour at the ideal time. 

You can visit throughout the year.

We suggest exploring the place’s scenic beauty in March, April, and May. These months are the ideal time for Lamahatta advent. 

Another time is there that you can choose.

Travelers who have visited Darjeeling or any nearest place should guess the time. Can you?

Like any other hill station, it also spreads its beauty between October and December. 

So yes, you can choose that particular time. 

March to May and October to December is considered the best time, as the weather remains pleasant.

This time, the sky reveals its actual beauty by wearing blue. So you can soothe your eyes with the view of the Himalayan Mountains.

You can also witness the rare birds’ presence and their orphean songs.

Is there any hotel to stay at Lamahatta? 

Lamahatta is an entirely offbeat place. It’s far away from Darjeeling crowds.

The atmosphere satisfies the soul. Therefore, visitors choose to spend a long time in this circumstance. 

Do you want the same? Then, you must find a roof before your head. 

Are you looking towards us to find the safest place for you? 

If it is yes, then let us tell you the truth. 

You can find no luxurious hotels at the location. 

Basic hotels are there. You can stay at Lamahatta Residency or Pine Haven Resort.

They serve western bathrooms, balconies to view the mountain peak, and food as your preference. 

The homestays give an ace to them by providing the same facility. 

I want you to choose any homestay. It costs very little and behaves very well.

Five tents are attached to the washroom, cupboard, and twin bed. Each tent can hold two people.

Couples must go for it to have a unique experience in the lap of nature.  

How to get to the village, Lamahatta? 

Almost everything is fixed to make a trip. But how would you reach the place without knowing the route? Have you thought about it? 

Think about it now.

It would help if you reached New Jalpaiguri Junction or Siliguri Junction by train. You can even take flights. The nearest airport is Bagdogra. It’s the only airport in North Bengal. 

After reaching the nearest railway station, book a shared vehicle.

The distance from Siliguri to Lamahatta is only 72 km. It’ll take 3-4 hours to reach your destination. 

Visiting Lamahatta from Darjeeling, ittakes two and a half hours. It’s merely 2kms. 

Visitors can also reach Lamahatta from Kalimpong. It’s 41 kms which takes 2 hours only to reach. 

A chart is given as follows of available trains and flights. 

By Air

FromToFlight NameDeparture TimeArrival timeTravel Duration
CCU – KolkataIXB – BagdograAIR-INDIA EXPRESSI563408.259:451 hour 20 minutes.
CCU – KolkataIXB – BagdograINDIGO6E678507:4008:451 hour 5 minutes
CCU – KolkataIXB – BagdograSPICEJETSG378116:2517:451 hour 20 minutes.

By Train

FromToTrain NameDeparture TimeArrival timeTravel Duration
Howrah Jn (HWH)New Jalpaiguri (NJP)12041 SHATABDI EXPRESS14:2522:558 hours 30 minutes
Howrah Jn (HWH)Siliguri Jn (SGUJ)22301 VANDE BHARAT EXP05:5513:257 hours 30 minutes
Sealdah (SDAH)New JalpaiGuri Jn (NJPN)13175 kanchenjunga06:5018:5512 hours 05 minutes.
Kolkata (KOAA)New Jalpaiguri (NJP)13181 KAZIRANGA EXP09:0518:559 hours 50 minutes


Overall, Lamahatta is all about a romantic ambiance.

While you are planning to explore North Bengal mainly Darjeeling offbeat, Lamahatta must be in your bucket list.

The silent environment, crowd less spot, sky-high pine trees, lake, monastery, and rare season flower plants give the destination an unique form.

Sunrays and fog peep through the vast forest and try to touch the soil. The hide-and-seek game of clouds and the ground is worth seeing.  

Thanks to you for showing interest and completing the article.

I hope you get all the information you need to travel to Lamahatta. Contact us if you face any difficulties.

We request you to be next to us to explore the world better.