Icche Gaon is one of the most popular offbeat tourist destination in this time. People who love to explore offbeat destination, make Icche Gaon in their bucket list.

Once upon a time, people knew only about Darjeeling as a North Bengal Hill Tour. Time passed, and people searched for new places with tranquility. Kalimpong, one of the nearest places to Darjeeling, has many offbeat destinations.

There is a tour destination called Icche gaon or Wishing Village. It’s one of the best offbeat destinations near Darjeeling. It offers everything together.

Only 44 kilometers away from NJP and 17 km distant from Kalimpong, This offbeat place is a Serene Hamlet. Every house in the hamlet is decorated beautifully.

Whether you want the glorious Kanchenjunga view or wish to feel the calmness of nature, Wishing Village is a picture-perfect destination.

Let’s take you to the place to explore peace of mind. Do you want some relaxation? Then, let’s go with the article to explore why you should choose this as a tour destination.

Learn How can you reach the spot? Where to stay? What is the right time to visit Echey Gaon? What things can you do there? And what places can you explore? through the article.

How can you visit Icche gaon?

Making up your mind about the destination is the first thing. Next, we think about the route. How we can end up at the place is the second and most vital thing.

As you plan to explore the Himalayan hamlet “Icche Gaon,” you must know the location. The primary center is NJP/ New Jalpaiguri. No matter where you start the journey, it would be best if you reached NJP. The distance is about 90 km from NJP.

Move towards Kalimpong from here. Echey Gaon is just 17 km away from Kalimpong.
The destination is easily accessible even from Bagdogra airport. People from a distance may visit the offbeat destination (Wishing Village) by airline.

Get a private cab or shared vehicle for worriless reaching. Decide it as per your budget. Shared cars cost less than cabs.

Planning to Explore Icche gaon?

Being an offbeat destination, Icche gaon is detached from luxury hotels. So instead of staying at hotels, stay at homestay. The homestays are decorated beautifully. These provide ample rooms, a large bed, a western washroom, and more.

You’ll have electricity for 24 hours. It doesn’t end here. It’ll give you a storm-free head as the authorities take responsibility for food. You can have both veg and nonveg items. Just let them know what you want to have as a meal.

Wish Tree Khamboo Homestay, Marigold Homestay, Niru, and Munal Homestay are some of the best places to stay at Icche Gaon.

What is the accurate time to land at Icche gaon?

Travelers can mesmerize themselves throughout the year in Icche Gaon. However, the preferable time is Winter. Try to go there between October- March. It’s the perfect time.

Sometimes, the temperature gets below 2 degrees Celsius. This ambiance is ideal for exploring the stunning beauty of Mount Kanchenjunga and other ranges.

Another best time to visit Icche gaon is Summer. In summer, the sky remains clear. The sunlight gives the Kanchenjunga a golden look. The mountain peaks remain visible over time.

Things to do in Icche gaon

The list of activities present in Icche gaon is incalculable. The main aim of most tourists is to witness the beauty of Kanchenjunga. Besides that, you can do the things mentioned below.

● Teesta River flows within the Echey Gaon. So first of all, one can sit on its bank and spend a peaceful quality time. Bathing in its water is very adventurous, especially for a group of friends.
● No wonder a village walking amidst natural bushes is the second thing to do in Wishing Village. Rustic people love it most.
● Sangchen Dorjee Monastery is one of the nearest places to visit in Wishing Village. Tourists visit here and wonder about the beauty of ancient paintings on its wall. So if you are an artist or love art, you must go for it.
● Icche gaon is famous for trekking. People who love to trek must visit the hamlet at least once.
● The location is ideal for birdwatchers. By trekking amidst the Silk Route, you can witness the diversity of Himalayan Birds.
● Within 15 kilometers from Echey Gaon, there is Cross Hill. It’s a pilgrimage site. So, visitors can make the tour as a pilgrimage tour.
● The calmness of the atmosphere is different. So those searching for some peace of mind must spend a few days in such a calm ambiance.

Why is trekking a must in Echey Gaon?

Do you wish to trek on a hill amidst nature? We have exciting news for you. You can experience this while on a tour here. As per your endurance level, you can choose a short or long trek. Both are available here.

It’s not a problem at all if you have not trekked before. Local guides explain total guidance to the tourists. Incredibly, such a narrow trail can reach you at the highest point of Kalimpong. So we request you not to miss the chance.

If you choose a short trek, you will end up with the last point. You’ll have a magnificent view of Mount Kanchenjunga from here. Try to reach at dusk. At dusk, enjoy the fiery red views of the mountain peaks.

Moreover, in the meantime, the point shows the instant lights of the entire Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Now, let’s see what influences tourists to have a long trek. People often choose to have it. The entire trek is 2.2 kilometers. The highest point gives a glimpse of the flow of the Teesta through the leafage. It takes us to the Sillery Gaon and Damsung Fort.

Damsung Fort was ruined during the Anglo-Bhutan War. It’s the last home of Lepcha King. So if you are at Icche gaon, you must not miss the trek.

Visiting Places near Icche gaon

We have already discussed the vital information with you. Now, you know how to reach Icche Gaon, the suitable places to visit, and the things you can do here and about the treks. Now, the only discussion left is about the places to explore here.

Let’s have a list of the places to visit in Icche gaon.

It would help if you started the journey from Kalimpong to explore Icche gaon. First, you’ll come across the Coronation Bridge. It is made over the Teesta River. The bridge unites Darjeeling and Kalimpong. The bridge is not a place to visit. But its beauty will definitely influence you to stare at it for long.

Locals call the bridge Baghpool. “Bagh” generally means Tiger, and “Pool” means bridge, as we know. Two tiger statues are there at the entrance of the bridge. That’s why people call the coronation bridge “Baghpool.”

Mangaldham Temple

Now, the first astonishment is the Mangal Dham Temple. It’s just 1 kilometer away from Kalimpong Bus Stand. It’s one of the most significant religious centers in West Bengal, as well as among the must-visit places in Kalimpong. Start your Icche gaon journey with a spiritual home.

The Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna Pranami built the Temple in 1993 in the memory of late guru Shri Mangaldasji. The temple walls are full of paintings. The paintings have been done by getting influenced by various scenes of Krishna Leela.

Moreover, we suggest you look at the outskirts. The ambiance is so calm that it satisfies people’s souls. There is a garden outside the Temple. The garden is decorated naturally with beautiful flowers with captivating fragrances.

Leave the Temple once you realize you have scrutinized the entire Temple. Then reach the Icche gaon and choose a homestay. Relax for a few hours and have your meal. No matter which homestay you choose, each one is very astonishing.

The village has only 35-37 families with their homes. Every home has a homestay. The balconies are furnished with natural plants. Take a cup of tea, plug in the earphones, and operate a slow song. It’s a perfect combination with a mountain panoramic.

Now, get the backpack. Taking the water bottle is a must because now we will take you to the beauty of Icche gaon through a trek.

Ramitey Dara

The trek will end up with various astonishing viewpoints. One of them is Ramitey Dara. This point is famous for its magnificent surrounding view. It’s a fascinating sightseeing destination of Icche gaon. The site is a showcase of the River (Teesta) and Kanchenjunga view altogether.

The soothing wind is unforgettable. You should know the best part of Ramitey Dara. It gives you a chance to explore the changing color of Kanchenjunga. Sometimes, it gets bright yellow, and on the contrary, it seems fiery red.

The tiredness will vanish with this unforgettable scene. Let’s move towards the next visiting spot in Icche Gaon.

Damsung Fort

Only 6 km away, there is a ruin of a fort named Damsung Fort. It’s a center of history and culture. So it’s a must-visit sightseeing in Icche gaon for all the tourists.

Lepchas built the fort in 1690. However, due to the Anglo-BHutan War in 1864, it was destroyed by the British. Take a visit to the place to explore the beauty of the fort even after it is ruined.

The scenic beauty of the mountain and the greenery surroundings make it look amazing. Tourists come here to spend a peaceful time with their loved ones. So we suggest you have a look at it.

Silence Valley

Have you ever thought about discovering a place with silence? Since you are at Icche gaon, you must take a visit to the Silence Valley, which is near Sillery gaon. Offering tranquility, the place has become a favorite Echey Gaon sightseeing destination to many.

Silence Valley offers a grassy woodland. It’s one of the most beautiful silent destinations in the world. The pine trees all around the valley make it look more attractive. Imagine the place vocalized by the birds. Now, make your imagination realistic by visiting the site physically.

Monsoon is the best time to spend time here. A natural lake gets formed during monsoon with natural rainwater. The name of the lake is Siyal Pokhari. It enhances the beauty of the valley additionally.

Moving forward to the next destination, we would like to introduce you to another viewpoint.

Jalsa Viewpoint

While on a trek to the Icche gaon, tourists come across a viewpoint named Jalsa View Point. The viewpoint is famous for two basic reasons. Foremost, it offers a majestic view of mountains. Next, it’s renowned for its Cinchona plantation.

It offers the most comprehensive views of River Teesta, including the Kanchenjunga View. Apart from these, Jalsa offers to visit a Bungalow. The Bungalow is known as Jalsa Bungalow. It was made by the British with colonial architecture.

We hope you’ll have one of the best times of your life here. Besides, you’ll be able to make unforgettable memories amidst nature.

My Final Thought

It is no wonder that Icche gaon is one of the popular tourist spot in West Bengal Tourism . Nature decorates itself. The place attracts tourists all over the corner throughout the year.

It has become one of the best offbeat North Bengal destinations. Offering scenic greenery, Kanchenjunga View, Tranquility,Echey Gaon or Wishing Village is a must-visit destination.

So pack your bags and get rid of a daily burst of life.