Do you know why people love offbeat places near Sikkim? in this era offbeat tourism is getting popular day by day.

If you are a genuine orophile, Sikkim is ideal for you.

Sikkim is 22nd state of India and mainly popular for its organic farming and tourism industry.

Every year tons of travelers visit this eastern state of India.

However, in recent times, people have an interest to visit offbeat places to explore the hidden gem of nature.

Sikkim offbeat places are not exceptions.

The pine forest, fresh air, monasteries, natural beauty and the scenic panoramic view welcomes you.

Additionally, according to the announcement of “World Book of Records London”, Sikkim is now the first organic and crime-free state worldwide.

If you are planning to spend a couple of days here, you need to reach Gangtok. Gangtok is the capital of this organic farming state.

Beauty is all pervasive in Sikkim. If you plan to visit Offbeat Places Near Sikkim, this article guides you!

Here are 10 selective Offbeat places near Sikkim for you. You can enjoy hiking, trekking, rafting, boating or fishing. Uncountable outdoor activities here.

Do you prefer to spend a couple of few days from daily burst and workaholic life amid nature?

Let’s explore!

Selective Offbeat Places Near Sikkim for You

The north eastern India is ideal holiday destinations offering various natural wonders. Every wanderlust prefer real beauty and simplicity. Offbeat places welcomes you with unparalleled beauty.

The majestic beauty of the Himalayas, Mt. Kanchenjunga is the prime attraction. People love visiting offbeat places near Sikkim to get the astonishing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Beautiful sunrise, blue sky, green pines, white snow capped mountains, hilly rivers and waterfalls and more offers you heavenly feeling.

Do you know why offbeat places near Sikkim is getting popular? One of the major reason is the local culture.

Offbeat Sikkim scatters local cultures everywhere. To encounter the real beauty, here are 9 offbeat Sikkim places for you.

You’ll lost there where sky kisses Mt. Kanchenjunga.


Do you love spending time in nature’s calmness? Kaluk is suitable. The village is one of the picturesque offbeat places near Sikkim. 40 kms away from the main city, Gangtok, the site presents a glorious view.

Explore the area to get a close view of the great Mount Kanchenjunga.

The spot became a tourist attraction with a height of 5600 ft above sea level. The pride of Sikkimese is historically, geographically, spiritually and traditionally enriching the city. The culture and natural spiritual beauty made Kaluk a must-visit.

Try hiking from Kaluk to Rinchenpong. Visitors should take pictures of mountain ranges with puffy clouds. A memorable journey will connect your heart with the journey.

We can describe Kaluk as one of the greatest hill towns in India. The town has two beautiful monasteries. They include Gurung Monastery and Reshum Monastery.

Reshum monastery is also known as Maggi Dara. Local people call the monastery as Maggi Dara. You should be confident about hearing both names.

A monastery at the top of the hill looks sensational. We can consider the monastery as one of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim by looking at its built year (18th century).


Rolep is one of the picturesque villages of Sikkim beside a river. RoleP, of course, is a picture-perfect tourist spot. We drew pictures of huts in the middle of forests and the river flows beside them. The village, Rolep, shows the real picture of that drawing.

Would you not like to explore such a spot? The spot remains a secret of Sikkim. The abandoned circumstances seem like carrying the secret of nature.

RoleP is among those must-visit offbeat places near Sikkim that is just 20km away from Rongli, East Sikkim. Discovering eastern Sikkim is complete with seeing the bridge connecting Nathula Pass and China.

Whether you’re a peace seeker, birdwatcher, angler, or adventurer, Rolep satisfies everyone’s soul. You might come with a heavy heart. Leaving the place certainly holds all your pains and makes you feel alive.

RoleP is undoubtedly one of the greatest offbeat places near Sikkim. Besides that, the village is a paradise for people who love watching flying birds in their direction. If you have skill in angling, show your skill here.

A trout in Shokey Khola River satisfies your soul. Once you complete fishing, try a walk through the bridge.

Buddha waterfall, among top tourist attractions, makes Rolep famous. Tourists take baths. Imagine standing on the slippery rocks and getting wet by the whitish-flowing water. Remove your stress by visiting the stream.

Experience lush greenery, bathe at Buddha waterfall, and try fishing at Rangpo River. A variety of Himalayan birds overwhelms bird lovers.


Trekking at Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is a dream for many tourists, and Ravangla is its starting point. The village is one of the hidden gems of Sikkim. Ravangla is one of those lesser known t offbeat places near Sikkim.

Ravangla is also an ideal offbeat places near Sikkim for trekkers.

No doubt, Roleop is a tiny tourist town with lots of major attractions. The distance of Ravangla is 65 kms from the Capital.

Lying between Pelling and Gangtok, the park provides a clear view of Kanchenjunga, Pandim, and Siniolchu. Multiple colours of flowers bloom in the park. There is no way to ignore magical beauty.

Buddha Park blesses the village with an enormous statue of Gautam Buddha. Every traveler should eyewitness the statue. The statue is a perfect landmark for the Buddhist community.

The park has a meditation centre and museum that fascinates every traveller. People wait for clouds to come behind the statue. This kind of scene holds a breathtaking view for sure.

Visit two monasteries besides Buddha Park. Ralang and Bonn Monastery give inner peace.

Tea lovers visit Temi Tea Garden, just a mile from Ravangla Buddha Park. Learn the journey of the tea leaves transforming into a cup of tea.


What could be more amazing than exploring a hill station from every corner? Discovering offbeat places near Sikkim is incomplete with going through West Sikkim. Pelling is ideal for trekkers, nature lovers and people who seek calmness.

Do you know why Pelling attracts you?

The paradise Pelling sightseeing, monasteries, beautiful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga are the main reasons.

If you aim for Sikkim mainly for trekking, you can start the journey from West Sikkim. Choose Pelling as the starting point. True nature-lovers can’t ignore the beauty of the site.

Pelling is perfect for exploring several tourist places. Khecheopalri Lake is a pure lake. Birds used to pick the leaves that fell on them to keep the water clean.

We must admit the site is one of the fabulous offbeat places near Sikkim. Pelling satisfies tourist souls with its beauty.

Remember to see the Sunrise view from mountain ranges. The sun makes the snow-capped mountain peaks orange and fills the valley within a few minutes. The view is unforgettable.


No doubt, Sumbuk is among the mysterious offbeat places near Sikkim. The place locates in the southern district. Photography is a must-step for visitors. Spending a day with nature, filled with several birds and flowers, keeps all stress away.

Being untouched for years, Sumbuk has become home to many creatures.

It’s a hill town that has two major parts. One is Upper Sambuk, and the other is Down Sumbuk. Surrounded by flora and fauna, Sambuk became attractive. Birds search for greens. So they made it their home.

Travellers get the best holiday experience on the spot. Major attractions of Lower Sumbuk are Shivalaya Temple and Kolomple Rocky Mountain.

There are many temples in Sumbuk, but Shivala Temple or Mabdir is the most renowned.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, locals and tourist worship the god. The temple gets organized during any festival. And the Komolple Mountain gives a clear view of Sikkim and Bengal altogether.

The key highlight of this place as one of the offbeat places near Sikkim is the peacocks in its womb.

Now talk about Upper Sumbuk. Drive for an hour. Reach Upper Sumbuk. Phool Dnara as the top tourist attraction of Sikkim of Upper area: pines, Orchids, and Rhododendron allure peoples.

Visited people at the destination admit that birdwatching is their favourite activity. Water rafting at Rangeet River is also an adventure activity.

Winter is ideal for visiting the place. During winter, migratory birds makes Sumbuk as their home.

Get away from the mechanical city life and spend time among nature to feel fresh. Sumbuk will surely be a memorable destination. Hence get ready to explore northern Sikkim.


Never miss exploring Biksthang when you are close to Gangtok. Biksthang is the ultimate image of offbeat destinations. You can depict the image of vivid offbeat places near Sikkim by reaching the mentioned places.

Biksthang stands amidst wonderful mountains and nature and is 119 kilometres from the famous Gangtok. The long lines of pine and various fruit trees increase its beauty.

Mount Kanchenjunga seems so close. You can assume that you are touching the peak. Explore it by remembering the hill town as a lesser-known place. Get peace in a crowdless area.

The Rahu Ney caves around the area are good for horse riding. Even the dams near the cave offer boating.


Before visiting Gyalshing, know its meaning. The term stands for ‘King’s garden.’ People used to believe it to be the royal garden in the past. The garden was a part of Rabdentse Palace.

Gyalshing is also known as Gezing or Geyzing. Standing beside the Rangeet River, Trekkers find the visiting spot as their favorite.

We add Gyalshing one of the best offbeat places near Sikkim to explore in 2023.

Let me show you more interesting facts about going here. Gyalshing has a lake that is named Khecheopalri Lake. You can call the lake a wish-fulfilling lake. Tourists come to the lake and look at its still waters. Enjoy taking selfies sometimes.

The most important thing you can do is to make a wish that you want to come true. While returning, go to the Gyalshing market once, if possible. Gyalshing is a 100 years old bazaar, known as the oldest market of the state.

If you are a marketer and understand markets better, you must explore the bazaar. Try to find out the difference between the old and new markets.

Mendang, another attraction of Sikkim, is present in Gyalshing. Conveying the largest wall of Sikkim, Gyalshing became tourist’s favorite

Do you know why you should add the places on your bucket? Because it’s ideal for anything.

One can understand the meaning of village exploration by a long walk. Boating is the best outdoor activity that couples can try.

People who live in the city can find peace around nature. No matter what your age or mindset is. Both your eyes and soul will be satisfied.

Gyalshing is one of the top offbeat places near Sikkim. Make a trip Gyalshing soon if possible.

Offbeat places near Sikkim
Offbeat places near Sikkim


Who wants to explore a breathtaking landscape with a vast covered forest? Chakung is perfect offbeat places near Sikkim for you.

Lesser people know about this western land of Sikkim. We suggest spending at least a night at Chakung.

Leave for Chakung either from Gangtok or Geyzing. Chakung is 48 kilometers from the Capital of the city and 63 kilometers from Gryzing.

Chakung is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy a calm atmosphere amidst a long-spread forest.

There is a hotel named Hotel Kanchenjunga View. Book your room in that hotel to spend troubleless nights.

If you want to discover the authentic beauty of any village, you must wake up early in the morning. The group of birds sings at dawn. Bird’s chirping enters the sleeper’s ears and sounds majestic.

You’ll fall in love with this feeling, undoubtedly.

Follow the staircase goes to the jungle. The trees are so thick and long that the jungle looks darker even on the days.

You’ll end up at Nagdamba temple after 10 minutes of hiking. The temple is older than 100 years. The temple is one of the popular offbeat places near Sikkim.

Exploring Nagdamba temple, you can visit Pine Forest.

The place is so calm you can only hear the sound of birds. Even you can hear the footsteps.


Exploring offbeat places near Sikkim is complete with Lachung. Mostly the village remains cloudy. Have you seen the cloud movement through the mountain peaks? Seeing the passing moments of clouds is certainly a prideful moment.

While travelling Lachung, visitors will cross over several turns. Each turns into different astonishing views. Cover Yumthang Valley and zero points, two must-visit offbeat places near Sikkim.

The first destination is Zero Point which is just 26 kilometres away from the Lachung homestay. Yumthang Valley is two kilometres less than Zero Point. Zero point comes first. The temperature is low here, so the land remains snow-covered.

There you will see a small market where visitors buy local things. Most men stop here to take a cup of tea. Then a few minutes later, you will reach the destination. The area is abandoned from every side.

There are no trees or homes—only a road in the middle from different-sized mountains.

Zero point is the last road that visitors are allowed. Only military officers are allowed to cross zero points. The winds blowing on the location feel amazing. The vast plainland among hills looks perfect.

Consider yourself lucky if you can see thick snow covering the land. Lachung is no less than a paradise for travel lovers.

Now explore Yumthang Valley while returning from Zero Point. The valley conveys whitish water with such clearance. The water is so crystal that small stones under the water look visible. This wonderful scene in the green forest fills the soul with happiness.

  • October to June is the best time to visit this offbeat places near Sikkim.


If you want to discover you, spend a couple of days in offbeat places near Sikkim. Our own company makes us more happy these days. According to a report, people of 20’s century loved to spend time in abandoned places. They want calmness around them.

Why are you thinking, make a plan and pack you backpack for Sikkim offbeat places. This article may cover few offbeat Sikkim tourist spots that you can explore anytime.