Have you ever thought to visit any offbeat sea beaches in India? Do you plan to stay a couple of days near the offbeat beaches?

Many people love to spend a couple of days near clean sea beaches.

If you are a thalassophile, this article is for you.

Here are few offbeat sea beaches in India you’ll fall in love.  

If you look around, you can find many famous beaches in India. Among them Marina, Goa, Digha, Puri, and Kanyakumari are most popular.

Spend your summer vacation or holidays with the most stunning and lonely sea beaches.

Aren’t you excited yet?

Beaches with a black landscape or a golden sunset view with a rocky landscape may attract you.

Palms and coconuts surround a few beaches with a birdwatching atmosphere. 

Every single beach mentioned here is unique.

When you are planning to explore the best offbeat sea beaches in India, never miss these! 

Top Offbeat Sea Beaches in India to enjoy crowd-less circumstances

Each Offbeat Sea Beaches in India mentioned below are different. They all have some characteristics and natural beauty that are impossible to find anywhere else in India. Explore your peace by visiting these sites.

Cola Beach, South Goa

Lack of universality made southern Goa sleepier than the North side. Canacona, the village, has beaches. Fishing provides an attractive landscape. 

Cola Beach is sitting on its golden landscape. The modest waves crash the golden sands. It has endless blue and crystal clear water. The scene made the beach perfect. 

Cola Beach is one of the fantastic Offbeat Sea Beaches in India, located in South Goa. Goa is known for its excellent beach views. Northern beaches are almost buzzed with crowds. Compared to that, Cola, located in south Goa, is free from crowds.

Cola Beach is your ultimate peace destination for offering stunning beauty in a relaxing atmosphere.

Anyone looking for alone time should visit the place.

Cola Beach is a hidden gem now. The size of the sea is endless. The blue water spread as far as one can see. However, spend quality time with your near ones. The moment you make it to the crowd less place is romantic and peaceful. 

People interested in discovering nature’s stunning beauty should plan now. Satisfying the soul, it will give you a perfect vacation. 

How to reach Cola Beach? 

It would help if you caught a train and airplane to reach Goa. Once you reach Goa, look for a cab or taxi. Buses are kept from reaching you at Cola Beach. Remember, it’s in South Goa. 

Henry’s Beach, West Bengal

Kolkata, the city of joy, is located in West Bengal. It offers several Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. One of them is Henry’s Beach, far away from crowds. The beach is one of India’s most gorgeous Offbeat Sea Beaches. 

Bakkhali is its ultimate location. It’s in South 24 Parganas of Bengal. The destination is only 15 minutes away. From Kolkata, the beach is 130 km away (approx).

Everyone must take advantage of its charms. People keen to experience birdwatching from the beachside should add this place to their bucket. Spending time is the first goal. Besides that, you can see beautiful birds chirping. 

Unlike the other beaches, it doesn’t have golden sands. The beach water touches the white sand and crashes the rocks. 

The white land, clear water, blue sky, and different species of birds are the reasons to visit. It’s a perfect combination that anyone should explore.

The bank offers a view of a wide mangrove forest. Millions of red crabs made the area their home. 

Avoid sitting on the beach till late at night for safety. 

Pick your bags for Henry’s Beach. You have a golden chance to discover superb Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

How to visit Henry’s Beach? 

Reaching the Sealdah Railway Station is a must. From the station, board a train that carries passengers to Namkhana Station. Now look for a bus or taxi and step forward to Bakkhali. 

From here, the destination is only 15 minutes away. You can reach by walking or via roads with the same cab. 

Now move forward to the next Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. We hope you will love it. 

Cherai Beach, Kerala

Far away from the madding crowd, Cherai Beach is a precious creation of nature on Vypin Island.

Feel the boundless vives about just 20-25 kilometers away from Kochi. It’s one of the marvelous beaches of Kerala. One can enjoy the perfect sun, sea, sand, and greenery view. 

The beach is clean and offers a perfect background for photographs. You can try some outdoor yoga on the beachside.

The beauty of the beach is still unknown to many. But you will be fortunate to explore it. The reasons is that the ebach is among the lovely Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

Activities like swimming and boat rides are famous. Try this out to make a memorable beach shot. 

People called Cherai the Princess of the Arabian Sea. Considering the beach, a swimmer’s paradise is appropriate. 

The best part is the natural movement of Dolphins. As the beach water is clean, dolphins often give a glimpse. Lucky tourists got photographs of them. 

According to tourists, it’s among the top Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

Get relief from the extreme summer heat. Plan a summer camp and enjoy the day with astonishing views. Thick coconut trees are lined beside the bank. The spectacle increases the beach’s beauty. 

How to go to Cherai Beach? 

Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport. Take a taxi and ask him to reach you near Vypin Island. Residents will guide you to the exact location of Cherai Beach. 

Malpe Beach, Karnataka

Get familiar with Malpe Beach, one of the fabulous Offbeat Sea Beaches of India. The beach is located in South Karnataka. It’s a crowd less beach in the Arabian Sea. The endless water boundaries with clear water are eye-catching. Even the unique rock formation is a tourist attraction. 

There are four rocky islands near Malpe Beach. Take a long bath at noon. There is no age restriction. Just take care of children so they don’t go far from the bank.

Once you enjoy it enough, plan a ferry ride. St. Mary is one of those four rocky islands. The distance is quite short. 

Thus, you can enjoy some time on the ferry ride. And also get a glimpse of another best Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

Many water sports activities are available. Go for it to have some adventure. It’s truly a desirable tourist destination. Please help your heart by discovering the beach. 

Please remember to take candid photographs by sitting on the rock. Hence, you can hear the sound of calm waters hitting the rock heavily.

The sound is no less than a romantic song. Seems like a perfect visual scene in reality. 

How to discover Malpe Beach?

The nearest boarding point is Udupi Railway Station. The beach is only 7 kilometers away from the station. So get up and feel alive. 

Scroll a bit to find more Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. Many more are yet to look. 

Nivati Beach, Maharashtra

Bookmark Nivati as a secret Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. Nivatin is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Seated near a tiny fishing village. We consider it one of the pristine beaches still to be untouched. 

Nivati Seashore is entirely paradise. The beauty, majestic view, and calm atmosphere made it heaven. For a fun, adventurous, or romantic vacation, it’s a must-visit beach.

There is a fort beside the beach.The fort was made by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Take advantage of the chance to take a step here. 

This beach will be an ideal destination if you are planning a secret tour. The beach is good for keeping secrets. The beach itself is a secret, and it’ll keep yours too. 

The white sand beach and standing rocks are hard to ignore. The nearest areas are home to mini animals. They made it their kingdom. 

If you love photography, animals, and sea beaches, plan a tour here. Nivati Beach is one of the marvelous Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

Spend the afternoon and evening here. The blowy air and breathtaking sunset are things that you should not miss. Have your camera or phone ready. Take glorious pictures of this majestic view. 

There are no shops on the beachside. So carry your food and drinks with you. Lucky people get a glimpse of Dolphins. So head up early to discover the Dolphins. 

Local people come to the beach to catch fish. You can take photographs of the process if you are not habituated to the scene. 

The entire year is ideal for booking your plan. Avoid only monsoons. 

How to explore Nivati Beach?

First, go to Goa or Mumbai Junction. Then catch a train to Kankavali station. Any train from Goa or Mumbai drives to Kudal or Kankavali station. It’s the nearest station to Nivati. 

Are you looking for the next offbeat sea destination? You can follow the next point. We have 5 more Offbeat Sea Beaches in India below. 

Gopalpur Beach, Odisha

Are you tired of visiting Puri Beach? Explore Gopalpur Beach. The beach is a less crowded place. This offbeat destination will embrace you in its arms.

Unlike Cola Beach, it lies on golden sands. The milky water and golden landscape look greater.

Gopalpur Beach serves several delicious kinds of seafood. Foodies should explore the beach with unique food items. 

Once, it was a commercial port, but now it’s only a gorgeous sea beach. Choosethe sight as your dream Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. The beach will help you avoid crowds. 

Standing on the beach, people take a long breath. They leave their sorrows with the waves. 

During the British Raj, the place was for elites. It offers one of the cleanest water in Odisha. 

Palms and coconuts surround the beach with some food stalls.  

Sit in a corner, have some snacks, and wonder how beautiful the sea can be. The area holds a deep moral. The deadly silence and the stormy roar are its specialties. Explore its beauty. The following passage will help you in reaching. 

How to explore Gopalpur Beach?

Reaching the beach in Odisha is very easy. The nearest station is Berhampur. Choose a train from Howrah to Chennai. Once you reach Berhampur, you can book a taxi or toto to explore the beach. The beach is 242 kms away from Puri. 

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi Beach, among the delightful Mandvi Offbeat Sea Beaches in India offer superb sea view. 

Enjoy the golden sunset at Mandvi Beach. The beach is in Gujarat. Birdwatchers will love to explore such a place. The beach is home to many birds. The line of birds in the golden land looks astonishing. 

Most beaches offer horse riding. However, Mandvi offers a camel ride. Sitting on it, you can assume you are in a desert. 

Mandvi is famous for its 400-year-old ship-built industry. The ruler of Kharva started the art. The city has a culture of making wooden ships till now. Kutch region’s people live here, and the place took a significant part for them. 

Mandvi Beach, one of the great Offbeat Sea Beaches in India is only a few kilometers away from the city. It’s a wonderful place to visit that is still unknown to many. 

In the afternoon, tourists can visit the palace beside the beach. The palace has a historical value. The name of it is Vijay Vilas Palace. The building is a mixture of culture and architecture. 

Visiting the beach, you can rarely have human company. Instead of that, only seagulls and flamingos will be around you. Sunset is common. But we suggest staying on the beach till night. Explore the moonrise. It’s mesmerizing. 

A few boats can be seen on the beach. Fishermen used to place the fishing nets. If you have time, you can see how they do it. It’ll help you to get an idea about the local’s lifestyle.

Way to visit Mandvi Beach

By booking a flight, you can reach Gujarat. Get outside the airport and hire a cab to Kutch. The beach is only a few minutes away from Kutch.

Dumas Beach, Surat

The list of best Offbeat Sea Beaches in India is complete with Dumas Beach. Located 21 km away from Surat and connected with the Arabian Sea. It’s a rural beach untouched by tourists.

However, some say that paranormal activities are the reason for its crowd less atmosphere. Dumas is considered the 3rd most haunting place in India.

People who are interested in a fantasy world should choose the destination. 

This beach is unique for its black sand. It’s the only beach in the article that has a black landscape. According to folk, the area was once gets used for Hindu cremations. 

Apart from the beach, visitors can visit Dariya Ganesh Temple. While returning home, shop for local things. Fill your stomach with Indian, Chinese, or Punjabi Food. Everything is available. 

Many people reported hearing whispering sounds at night. Local people believe they are the spirits of those cremated there. However, most reports falsified the fact. 

Dumas is one of the scenic beaches with a dark landscape and paranormal mystery. The mystery and the place are both unknown to most. Go ahead and explore one of the mysterious Offbeat Sea Beaches in India.

How to reach Dumas Beach? 

There are several ways to reach Dumas, another Offbeat Sea Beaches in India. Visitors can reach Surat by train or airline from any corner of India. It’s just 18 kilometers away from the main city. Book a cab or taxi and go for a Dumas beach tour. 


Every beach, whether white, black, or golden sea shore, is outstanding. We always move around the people. Therefore we need some break from everything. Vacation or travel is the only way to feel refreshment. Visit the most beautiful offbeat sea beaches in India. They are waiting for people to explore. 

We told you about the beaches that people rarely know about. You can go by checking the reaching process. The list of offbeat beaches is long enough. Choose your nearest station and feel the vibes.