One of the major tourist attractions in India is Darjeeling. Darjeeling has few local people. But tourists have made it a crowded place over anytime. We make plans for the Darjeeling tour. But Darjeeling has a lot of places to travel. 

People need clarification while making the Darjeeling tour plan. But we have a perfect destination for you. 

Have you ever visited Tinchuley? We visited the location A few months ago and returned home with lots of memories and satisfied hearts. 

Why not recommend others to have Tinchuley Sightseeing? I’ll tell you how you can reveal one by one the famous spot of Tinchuley. Start planning as per the tour plans discussed here. 

Why Tinchuley Sightseeing Attract Tourists? 

The natural, calm, and quiet beauty of Tinchuley is its major attraction. Visiting such a place is a dream for most travelers. People are constantly searching for a place to live freely in nature.

Are you searching for this kind of atmosphere? Tinchuley Sightseeing is the perfect destination for you.

In this post, we will discuss how to complete Tinchuley sightseeing. What are its primary attractions? Who is perfect to reach the place? And others. 

The wide pine wood, tiny mountainous roads, several viewpoints, trekkings, and always flowing water of Tista made the place attractive. 

Poets, writers, lovers, adventurers, and photographers are attracted to its peaceful nature and delightful weather. 

Are you obsessed with offbeat places? It can be your ideal destination. Darjeeling is a must-visit place for any tour lover. However, it became commonplace. Do you think the same?

Darjeeling may become the common winter visiting place for any lovers, families, or bachelors. But exploring offbeat places near Darjeeling is a dream for many adventure lovers. 

The Writer spent an entire month publishing his next art. Even photographers stand on a site for a long day to get a perfect click. Tinchuley conveys the perfect beauty. It fills the visitor’s heart with wonder and joy. 

Here, in this post, we will discuss Tinchuley sightseeing. 

The first thing you need to do is to take a break from the cruel reality. Now you may ask how to escape from reality. Escaping from reality is difficult, but taking a break is very simple.

Packaging your bags and starting your journey toward Tinchuley is the best way. So are you excited to know what is next or what to see in the place? 

Top Tinchuley Places

Tinchuley is a small village situated upside the hill. It is smaller than the famous offbeat visiting sight, Sittong. The village welcomes guests with a unique atmosphere with clean and attractive homestays.

Wake up early. Taking a cup of tea or coffee will be more amazing. How romantic is it to view the mountains in a cloudy atmosphere? Don’t you want this kind of relaxation? 

Fresh up and get dressed and get a glimpse of Tinchuley sightseeing. 

Orange Orchards

Book a car or taxi. Start with the orange orchards. It is just 7 kilometers away from the center of Tinchuley. If you wish to see orange trees, it is a must-visit spot.

A family has owned the property. They made a factory to produce orange juices and pickles. They sold them at a reasonable price at the market. 

So foremost, you should discover the orchards and check their surroundings. 

Your next destination is Tinchuley Monastery. 

Tinchuley Monastery

The monastery is one of the major attractions of visitors. It is small in size. But it looks so amazing that you can’t ignore it. The small Tinchuley monastery is amidst woodland. 

Are you upset about reaching the place? Please don’t be upset. We are here to be with you till the end of the Tinchuley tour. 

You’ll reach the main road from orange orchards. There will be a rocky staircase. This rocky path will take you to the next destination. Walk through this way for a few minutes. Thus you can easily get into the site. 

It’s far away from civilizations. So you will have a noise-free area here. 

Choose an area where you can seat your camera and take a full picture of the residence. Click pictures until you click an outstanding image. Wait to back off from the ashram until entering its prayer room. It has a special room. Regular people and tourists come and pray for their wishes. 

It would be best if you were one of them. Do not worry; it doesn’t require any fees. 

So it was among the best Tinchuley sightseeing spots. 

It would be best if you were hungry now. So many places are still left to explore. We suggest you buy something when you go out to your next destination. The next place to visit is Tinchuley Sun Point. 

Tinchuley Sun Point

It doesn’t require booking a taxi or cab. Tinchuley Sun Point is a few miles away from the last sightseeing spot. A short walk will reach you at Sun Point. Go through the fern forest. You are walking through the stairway. It’ll lead you to a place where you can have a Kanchenjunga view.

Please reach here from 11a.m-noon. In time, the sky will be clear. A clear day reveals the beauty of the Kanchenjunga peak. 

Do you wish for a sunrise view middle of the accessive mountains? In that case, you should visit the spot early in the morning. The rays of the sun glitter the snowy mountain peaks. 

And trust me. This view is mind-blowing; it seems like a golden dome. 

Photographers used to sit here daily to get a complete view of the third-highest mountains in the world. 

You can also get an astonishing view of Sikkim and Kalimpong hills and a few valleys from the place. One is Teesta Valley. 

Stay as long as you want. However, keep in mind that you have to cover two more Tinchuley sightseeing spots and then have to return hotel room. 

Tea Garden

Tinchuley Sightseeing can’t be completed without a walk around the Tea Garden. We can not skip the tea garden because you are in Darjeeling. Everyone knows why Darjeeling is famous. 

Six tea gardens are a short distance from the previous spot, i.e., the Tinchuley viewpoint. So let’s, move towards it.

The tea gardens will show you how garden life is. It will show what is earning source of people lives there. 

You will watch the garden full of local people plucking the tea in a bucket behind them. They look amazing in their costume. Do you want to look like them? Then buy their costumes from the local market and see how unique you will look. Remember to click pictures and short reels. 

Visit the nearby factories to see how people collect tea and pack them. 

Please save time in one spot. Thus you lose chances to explore other stunning Tinchuley sightseeing spots. 

Gumbadara Viewpoint

Again, walk 15-25 minutes through the woodland and end at Gumbadara Viewpoint. It is another famous spot to explore in Tinchuley. You can see River Rangeet from here. 

From the key point, visitors see massive rocks. They hold a significant meaning. Professional climbers get their training from here. Adventure lovers also choose the spot to trek over the rock. 

As we said, there are six major tea gardens. One of them is Peshok Tea Garden. It would be best if you took advantage of exploring this place. A road is there beside the garden. On the road, you will see a place. People call the spot Lover’s meet viewpoint. 

The title has a significant meaning. Visitors see the Teesta and Rangeet River meeting from the Lover’s viewpoint. The confluence of these two rivers has been compared to lovers. 


We have covered all the Tinchuley Sightseeing spots through the article. This article is made for tourists’ convenience. You can explore Tincluley within one day. We have shared the possible way. 

We hope we can guide you on an effortless journey. You can explore all the mentioned places within one day. Go back to the hotel rooms in the evening. Fresh up your mind by having some snacks. Enjoy some time with your tourmates by talking to each other and sharing photos.

Go to sleep as soon as possible. You can get back to your daily life the next day.